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									The Kauffman Fellows Program

To Identify, develop, and network
    emerging leaders in the
venture capital industry globally
    Kauffman Fellows...
Making a BIG Impact Globally
Changing the Face
of Venture Capital
             Fellows’ Track Record
           of Success Continues…
Nearly 80% are still in venture capital (vs.
 50% for the industry on average)
70% of those remaining in VC are General
9 are CEOs of entrepreneurial companies
11 have started their own funds
       Kauffman Fellows Program
       Continues to Accelerate …

110                         110               Fellows

90                     89
70           68
      2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
           By 2010 …
Industry Leadership
250+ Kauffman Fellows around the globe
100+ General Partners
20+ new venture firms formed
20+ entrepreneurial companies founded
200+ Kauffman Mentors
Most quality VC firms globally have
        To Identify potential leaders …
 “Matching” Channel
   200+ applications reduced to 30+ Finalists
   Matching Events …
   Followed by four weeks of additional interviews by
 “Affiliate” Channel
   Firm nominations, application, interviews
   Most Kauffman Fellows, and many previous
    Finalists, join through Affiliate Channel
 One Class, formed with domain cohort groups
               Developing Leaders
 24-month Apprenticeship at a VC Firm
 Individually Tailored Development Plans
 Mentoring By Seasoned Partners
 Industry-Targeted, Active Learning, and
  Intentional Networking Learning Modules
 Leadership: Inter-personal Skill Development
 Executive Coaching & Peer-to-Peer Education
 Integrated International Components
 Capstone Field Project
 Kauffman Fellows Co-Deans

– Steve Kaplan
– Neubauer Family Professor of Entrepreneurship and
  Finance –
    University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

– Brian Dovey
– General Partner, Domain Associates
– Teaches Entrepreneurship Class at San Diego State
                Networking Leaders
 An Incomparable Network of Fellows, Mentors, and
  Strategic & Affinity Partners
 Current Network: 164 Fellows and 165 Mentors
 Addition of Strategic & Affinity Partners
    DLA Piper, Dow Jones, Grant Thornton, VML
    Comerica Bank, Entrepreneurs Foundation, PDC, Probitas
    And more to come
 Trusted, confidential relationships -- and deals from
  the start …
        Benefits for VC Firms

• Top caliber talent
• Inclusion in a premier emerging leadership
• Enhanced syndication & deal flow
• Development of talent within the firm
• Use of KFP leadership tools firm-wide
• Planning for succession
                   Fellows 1-12 Mentor Firms
 Archangel Informal
 Edinburgh, Scotland
    Accel                                   Sweden
                                      Partners Ventures
                                      Munich, Germany

      Ventures                           Novartis
     Heidelberg,                        BioVenture
      Germany                        Basel, Switzerland
                     Fellows 1-12 Mentor Firms
                                                              Itochu Corp.
                                                           CSK Venture Capital
                                                              Tokyo, Japan

Gemini Israel
    Funds,                                                        Granite Global
Tel Aviv, Israel

                                                                  Shanghai, China
Capital India,                                                   HSBC Private
                                   INDIA                         Equity Limited
  IDG India
                                                                Hong Kong, China
                IDG Vietnam
               Ho Chi Minh City,
         Fellows 1-12 Mentor Firms

                   Fellows 1-12 Mentor Firms

Databank Private
  Equity, Ltd.
 Ghana, Africa
            Fellows 1-12 Mentor Firms

                                  Fellows 1-12 Mentor Firms
                                                        MIDWEST                                       BOSTON
                          NORTHWEST                                                               3i          Novartis BioVenture
                           Accelerator           ARCH             RiverVest
                                                                                               Advent                Prism
BAY AREA                     ARCH              Blue Chip            Sprint                     Battery            Seaflower
Aberdare Ventures           Olympic            CID Equity     T2 Venture Capital        Fidelity BioScience    SV Life Sciences
Angels Forum/Halo Funds                      EDF Ventures      Venture Investors        Flagship Ventures      Spectrum Equity
Applied Ventures                           KC Equity Partners Wind Point Partners        Highland Capital             TVM
Alta Partners                                Morgenthaler                                   OneLiberty         VIMAC Ventures
                                                                                           MPM Capital         Weston Presidio
BA Ventures                                                                                Morgenthaler        Highland Capital
Blueprint Ventures
Bridgescale Partners
Charles River
CMEA                                                                                                           Acumen
Draper Fisher Jurvetson                                                                                        Apax
Emergence Capital Partners                                                                                     Ascend
Gabriel                                                                                                        Battelle Ventures
Granite Global
Intel Capital
In-Q-Tel                                                                                     PA/MD/VA          Cardinal
Kleiner Perkins                                                                               Gabriel          Domain
Morgenthaler                                                                                   Global          Flatiron
NEA                                                                                         Environment        J.P. Morgan
Skyline                      SOUTHERN CAL                                                      Fund
Sofinnova Ventures
                                                                                                               L Capital Partners
                             Clearstone                                                      MASA LS
Spectrum Equity                         TX, CO, NM, AZ                                                         Oak
                             Domain                                                         Mid-Atlantic
SV Life Sciences                        ARCH                                                                   ProQuest
                             Sofinnova                                                          NEA
TL Ventures                             Austin Ventures                 SOUTHEAST                              Radius
Unilever Tech. Ventures                                                 Alliance Tech      Safeguard Sci.      Sprout Group
                                        Centennial Ventures
                                        Flywheel Ventures                Intersouth           S.R One          Tullis-Dickerson
Venrock                                 RCT-Arizona                      Kitty Hawk          Red Abbey         Venrock
Weston Presidio                         Sequel Venture Partners                               Valhalla         Whitney & Co.
Woodside Fund
           Minimum Application
• Graduate degree -- preferably in business,
  medicine, science, healthcare or technology
  (which, under certain circumstances, can be

• Five years full-time work experience

• US citizenship NO LONGER a requirement
                          Fellows Criteria
•   Entrepreneurship or Venture-Building Experience/Proclivity
•   Relevant Professional Experience
•   Domain Expertise
•   Venture-Building Analytical Skills
•   Comfort Level with Ambiguity
•   Demonstration of Calculated Risk Taking
•   Giving Back to Others/Community
•   Personal Maturity
•   Leadership Experience/Potential
•   Communication Skills
•   Clear Strategic Thinking
•   Interpersonal/Organizational Awareness
•   Confidence and Insight for Self-Directed and Introspective Learning
•   Unquestioned Integrity
       Fellows 8, 9,10, 11 & 12
Of the 97 Kauffman Fellows in Classes 8, 9, 10, 11
  & 12:
• Range of 3-20 years operating experience (10+
  years average) in IT or Life Sciences
• 74 have MBAs
• 26 have Ph.D.s; 12 MDs; 6 JDs
• 89 different start-up companies are represented
  in total
• 208 patents held
• 1 received a UN Peace Medal and 2 studied
  under Nobel Prize Winners.
      Class Selection Process

• Class is made up of a wide variety of diverse
 professionals from around the world
• Class selected to create optimum learning
                   Fellows 13 Timeline
                    Matching Process
                  Application now open year-round
• If submitted by June 15, 2007     Considered for Fall Matching Event
• If submitted by Oct. 31, 2007     Considered for Spring Matching Event

• Fall Semi-Finalist Interviews       September 25th, 2007
• Spring Semi-Finalist Interviews     January 29th, 2008

• Fall Matching Event                 October 24th - 25th, 2007
• Spring Matching Event               March 5th – 6th, 2008

• Leadership Development/
  Affinity Conference                 July, 2008
         Fellows 13 Timeline
          Affiliated Process

• Application Deadline   January 31, 2008

• Interview Process      March/April 2008

• Leadership Development/
  Affinity Conference   July, 2008
                Kauffman Fellows Program

If submitted by June 15, 2007     Considered for Fall Matching Event
If submitted by Oct. 31, 2007     Considered for Spring Matching Event

Fall Semi-Finalist Interviews     September 25th, 2007
Spring Semi-Finalist Interviews   January 29th, 2008

Fall Matching Event               October 24th – 25th, 2007
Spring Matching Event             March 5th – 6th, 2008

                 For more details and bios of all
                       Visit our website:
                 Fellows Mentor Firms
•   3i                             Waltham, MA/Menlo Park, CA
•   Aberdare Ventures              San Francisco, CA
•   Accel Partners                 London
•   Accelerator Corp               Seattle, WA
•   Acumen Fund                    New York, NY
•   Advent International           Boston, MA
•   Alliance Technology Ventures   Atlanta, GA
•   Alta Partners                  San Francisco, CA
•   Angels’ Forum/ Halo Funds      San Francisco, CA
•   Amadeus Capital                London
•   Apax Ventures                  New York, NY / Palo Alto
•   Applied Ventures               Santa Clara, CA
•   Archangel Informal             Edinburgh, Scotland
•   ARCH Venture Partners          Chicago, IL / Seattle WA
•   Ascend                         New York, NY
                      Fellows Mentor Firms
•   ATV                           Palo Alto, CA
•   Austin Ventures               Austin, TX
•   Battelle Ventures             Princeton, NJ
•   Battery Ventures              Menlo Park, CA/Wellesley, MA
•   Bridgescale                   Menlo Park, CA
•   Blue Chip Venture Company     Cincinnati, OH
•   Blueprint Ventures            San Francisco, CA
•   Canaan Partners               Rowayton, CT
•   Cardinal Partners             Princeton, NJ
•   Centennial Ventures           Denver, CO
•   Charles River                 Menlo Park, CA
•   Clearstone Venture Partners   Santa Monica, CA/Menlo Park, CA
•   CMEA Ventures                 San Francisco, CA
•   CID Equity Partners           Columbus, OH
•   Creandum                      Stockholm, Sweden
                    Fellows Mentor Firms
•   CSK Venture Capital           Tokyo, Japan
•   Databank Private Equity       Accra, Ghana
•   Delta Private Equity          Moscow, Russia
•   Domain Associates             Princeton, NJ / Laguna Niguel, CA
•   Draper Fisher Jurvetson       Menlo Park, CA
•   EMBL Ventures                 Heidelberg, Germany
•   Emergence Capital             San Mateo, CA
•   Enterprise Development Fund   Ann Arbor, MI
•   Fidelity BioSciences          Cambridge, MA
•   Flagship Ventures             Cambridge, MA
•   Flatiron Partners             New York, NY
•   Flywheel Ventures             Santa Fe, NM
•   Gabriel Venture Partners      Annapolis, MD/Redwood Shores
•   Gemini Israel Fund            Tel Aviv/Menlo Park, CA
•   Global Environment Fund       Washington, DC
                 Fellows Mentor Firms
•   Granite Global                      Menlo Park & Singapore
•   Highland Capital Partners           Lexington, MA
•   HSBC Private Equity (Asia)          Hong Kong
•   IDG India                           Bangalore, India
•   IDG Vietnam                         Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
•   Intel Capital                       Santa Clara, CA
•   In-Q-Tel                            Menlo Park, CA
•   Intersouth Partners                 Research Triangle Park, NC
•   Itochu Corporation                  Tokyo, Japan
•   J.P. Morgan Capital Partners        New York, NY/San Francisco,
•   Kansas City Equity Partners         Kansas City, MO
•   Kitty Hawk Capital                  Charlotte, NC
•   Kleiner Perkins, Caufield & Byers   Menlo Park, CA
•   L Capital Partners                  New York, NY
•   MASA Life Sciences                  Washington DC
                  Fellows Mentor Firms
•   Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds   Reston, VA
•   Mitsubishi                   Tokyo, Japan
•   Morgenthaler Ventures        Cleveland, OH
•   MPM Capital Ventures         Munich & Boston
•   New Enterprise Associates    Reston, VA / Menlo Park, CA
•   Novartis Venture Fund        Basel, Switzerland, Cambridge, MA
•   Oak Investment Partners      Westport, CT
•   Olympic Venture Partners     Seattle, WA
•   OneLiberty Ventures          Boston, MA
•   ONSET Ventures               Menlo Park, CA
•   Prism Venture Partners       Boston, MA
•   ProQuest                     Princeton, NJ
•   QB F/QIC                     Brisbane, Australia
•   Radius Ventures              New York, NY
•   RCT                          Tucson, AZ
                 Fellows Mentor Firms
•   Red Abbey                    Lutherville, MD
•   RiverVest Venture Partners   St. Louis, MO
•   Safeguard Scientifics        Wayne, PA
•   Scale Venture Partners,      Foster City, CA
•   Sequel Venture Partners      Boulder, CO
•   Sequoia Capital              Bangalore, India, Foster
    City, CA
•   Skyline Ventures             Palo Alto, CA
•   Sofinnova                    San Francisco, CA
•   Spectrum Equity Investors    Boston, MA/ Menlo Park
•   Sprint                       Overland Park, KS
•   Sprout Group                 New York, NY
•   S.R. One                     West Conshohocken, PA
•   Storm Ventures               Menlo Park, CA
•   SV Life Sciences             Boston, MA
•   T2 Venture Capital           Chicago, IL
                Fellows Mentor Firms
•   TL Ventures                     Wayne, PA
•   Tullis-Dickerson & Co.          Greenwich, CT
•   TVM                             Boston, MA
•   Unilever                        Santa Barbara, CA/London
•   U.S. Venture Partners           Menlo Park, CA
•   Valhalla Partners               Vienna, VA
•   VantagePoint Venture Partners   San Bruno, CA
•   Venrock Associates              New York / Menlo Park, CA
•   Venture Investors               Madison, WI
•   VIMAC Ventures                  Boston, MA
•   Wellington Partners             Munich, Germany
•   Weston Presidio Capital         Boston, MA / San Francisco
•   Whitney & Co.                   Stamford, CT
•   Wind Point Partners             Southfield, MI
•   Woodside Fund                   Redwood Shores, CA
Strategic Partner Alliance
 Strategic Partners

    Affinity Partners

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