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                   A Member Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America

                                                            April-May 2011 Vol. 13 Issue 4

More pictures of our members
Posing with Richard Petty

 Richard Petty NASCAR Driver posing with Frank Rigo, National Secretary of the Paralyzed
  Veterans of America and Secretary of the your Arizona Chapter. This Picture was taken
   at the Barrett/Jackson Car Auction Held in Scottsdale in the month of January 2011.
                                 Arizona Chapter,
                          Paralyzed Veterans of America

Gordon H. Moye, President                                      In This Issue
John Tuzzolino , Vice President
Frank Rigo, Secretary                            Board of Directors…….………..….……..….pg. 2
Dianne Brunswick, Treasurer
Benjamin Garcia, Immediate Past President        Notes from the Executive Director.....…..….pg. 3

Board of Directors                               “As I see it”...………………….………...…….pg.4
Arthur Hardy, Sr.
Dan Koston                                       Barrett/Jackson Auction……………………
Larry Lattomus
John Lawrence                                    Arizona’s Trap Shoot………..….…….…… 6
Sue Wudy
                                                 “Berkshires' Bits & Pieces”………….……….pg. 7
National Director
Arthur Hardy Sr.                                 APVA Poker Runs………...………………….pg.8

Hospital/ Services Coordinator                   PVA Scholarship Program…..……………….pg.9
Peter Quinn
                                                 Success on the Job……..……...……….….pg. 10
Executive Director
                                                 Calendar……………………………………
Peter R. Quinn
                                                 Membership Report………………………….pg.11
Admin. Assistant/Office Manager
Patricia Beran
                                                 Birthdays………………………………..Back Page
PVA National Service Office
Ron Heard, NSO                                   Classifieds……………………………...Back Page
Robert Miller
Diego Suazo
Jacqueline Berkshire, Secretary

PVA National Service Office
3333 N. Central Ave., Ste. 1055
Phoenix, AZ 85012
 Fax- 602-627-3315

5015 N 7th Ave. Suite 2
Phoenix, AZ 85013                               The views expressed in the articles of the Desert Oracle
Office: (602)-244-9168, Fax: (602) 244-0416     are the opinions of the author and not necessarily the
1-800-621-9217                  opinion of the AZPVA. Any article not attributed to an
Office Hours: M-TH 7:30 am – 3:00pm             individual / group was compiled with available
                                                information by APVA staff/members. The Desert Oracle
Friday 7:30 am—3:pm                             does encourage our readers to submit their articles,
Published 6 x per Year                          interests and/or rebuttals.

                                              Page 2
Notes From the Executive Director                                           Peter R. Quinn

 The Chapter has been a busy place since the last newsletter. We are soliciting bids for the
 work needed around the building. The most detailed will be the new ramps and the
 parking lot updates. We will be updating the entrances so that all the access points will be
 at a minimum ADA compliant. We will be setting up new handicapped spots under the
 covered parking so that the rear entrance will be Arizona friendly. The more time we
 spend here the more it becomes the home the Chapter needs and can use for all our

 The Trap Shoot was successful and we would like to express our appreciation to Hilda
 Fox, Andy MacDonald and of course Patricia Beran, John Tuzzolino and Mark Williams.
 Mark is a new associate member who not only helps out at the Chapter in a big way but
 volunteers regularly down at the Phoenix VAMC. We appreciate all of their efforts in
 putting on a triumphant event.

 The Barrett-Jackson auction was a great outing for PVA. The Richard Petty car was
 purchased, returned to PVA and sold again. These folks had their hearts and checkbooks
 out for PVA. We had board members, NSO’s and members there to support the auction
 and to show the people real examples of where their donations were going. We would like
 to thank the people that took the time to support a great cause.

 The National Veterans Wheelchair Games fundraisers in Tucson, led by Joe Chitty and
 Steve Hymers hosted their Sixth (6th) Annual Poker Run on the 26th of March. They had a
 great turn out and as usual their hard work really paid off. These folks have over the years
 been the best group of volunteers to enable veterans and staff from the Arizona Chapter
 to attend the Wheelchair Games. The games are in Pittsburgh, PA this year.

 On the 27th of March we attempted our first Poker Run in Maricopa County. Let’s just say
 that it was a successful learning experience that we will improve upon next year. Again
 our thanks to Joe Chitty for his advice and all the gratitude we can muster to
 Mark Williams for all of his work, understanding and time he has donated to the Chapter.

 The renovated SCI/D Clinic in the Phoenix VAMC has been completed. We are curious of
 what you think so feel free to call the Chapter or the Service Office with your thoughts.

 All request for funding from the Chapter for 2012 FY need to be in writing at the Chapter
 by June 30, 2011. If you want to ask National PVA to be on one of their event schedules
 we need to place the application in by Jun 1, 2011. Please contact President Moye if you
 are planning to submit for a national grant.

 It has supposedly stopped snowing in the rest of the lower 48 so we must be getting ready
 for summer. Be careful and stay hydrated.

                                             Page 3
  As I see it…………………
                                                                                    Larry Lattomus

Spring is springing or soon hopes to, For some, the advent of Spring is synonymous
with house cleaning or at least getting things in somewhat better order. For some of you,
probably most of you, this is big news. We, at AZPVA, took spring cleaning seriously. We
have “New Threads”. Yes, we have spanking new offices in a brand new very accessible
location, much closer to the VA hospital and central Phoenix. For some of us, and me
personally, this has been a long coveted goal come to fruition.

These new offices did not come about easily. As most people know, these last 4-5 years
have been difficult for many people and businesses. PVA National and the local Chapter
were not exempt from financial stress. Budgets were tightened, former benefactors withheld
support, fundraising was difficult, an unfavorable lawsuit decision, and less profitable APVA
events. However, during the last three chapter presidential administrations, along with the
executive director’s frugality, and the Board’s overview, your Chapter has not only
weathered the storm but has become stronger financially than we have been in years. Peter
Quinn deserves much credit.

Now here is the “Kicker”. We are no longer renters, contributing to someone else’s equity.
We are now property owners, building equity for APVA, with the expectation that within 10
years we will own the property outright, debt free! Kicker number two: we have twice as
much space than before, divided into two separate office quarters which will allow us to
soon lease out the other spacious office for rental income. We hope this excites you as
much as it does us.

Other advantages. We are less than 50 yards walking distance from both the trolley and bus
stops. If you drive, we have virtually unlimited parking. The location itself is in an area easily
accessible from either Camelback or 7th St.

Now, having “new threads” is nice, but we hope that new opportunities will be presented
and become more possible. Also, we hope that as more of you become curious and stop by
to check out your “new threads”, you might just become inspired to a.) attend a few Board
Meetings, b.) ask how you can help us in our activities, c.) join a committee of your choice,
d.) consider running in this year’s elections, e.) or simply offer some suggestions that help
us be a more responsive chapter. Whatever, we look forward to seeing you and hearing
what’s on your mind.

Our Location: 5015 N. 7th Ave. (7th and Camelback) 602.244.9168 or 800.621.9217
Our next Board meeting: April 2nd 10.30 A.M. in Marana’s Ora Mae Harn Park this-
Month – “New Blood, New Roads” …………….4-wheel with us

                                 Page 4
Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction
Established in 1971 and headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Barrett-Jackson Collector
Car Auction provides products and services to classic and collector car owners, collectors and
automotive enthusiasts. The company produces the “World’s Greatest Collector Car Events” in
Scottsdale, Palm Beach, Florida, Orange County, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.

The World’s Greatest Car Auction for Collectors, is held each year in Scottsdale, AZ .National
PVA sent out an invitation to our Members to join in the festivities at the Auction. In the Pictures
below are some of our members posing with Richard Petty PVA Race Car Driver.

         Richard Petty with Gordon H. Moye              Richard Petty with Robert Miller PVA NSO Officer

                                                          Some of our PVA member in a group Picture
          Richard Petty with Toby Clement

                                             Page 5
The Arizona Chapter’s Annual Trap Shoot
Was again held at the Ben Avery Clay Target Shooting Range located west of I-17 and
Carefree Highway. February 17th-19th. This is a two day shoot open to wheelchair and non
wheelchair participants. to compete for prizes and show off their shooting skills. After the
Saturday afternoon competition, the Awards Banquet was held at the Anthem Country Club. In
Anthem, AZ.

A “Huge Thank You” goes to Hilda Fox for all the work she does at these events. I for one,
could not do what she does!. Also a big thanks to Andy McDonald, PVA Sports Director, who
now lives in Tempe, AZ. We are hoping to see more of Andy through out this year.

The winning Trap Team was San Diego, with the Arizona Team coming in second. Helen
Kisthardt of Tucson was High Overall winner. Below are some pictures of the Shoot and the

                                                        Trap Shooters like to hang out

                                                Hilda Fox Receiving the “Hilda Fox” Award
Berkshire’s Bits & Pieces                                              Jackie Berkshire

----A veteran needs at least a 30% service connected disability before he is entitled to have
a dependent on his award.

----If a Non-Service Connected veteran is enrolled at the VA hospital as “Priority Group
4” (catastrophically disabled or who is receiving Aid and Attendance or Housebound benefits),
he/she SHOULD NOT be paying co-pays for any VA doctor/hospital bill incurred AFTER
6/5/10. If you have already paid or have received bills for the aforementioned timeframe,
please contact Fee Basis at the VA Hospital where you are enrolled. If your situation is not
corrected at that time by Fee Basis, please contact the Phoenix PVA National Service Office
at 602-627-3311 and ask to speak to a Service Officer for assistance.

----On March, 1, 2013, VA will no longer issue “paper checks” to veterans for their compensa-
tion or pension. Veterans who are now receiving VA paper checks, need to contact the VA to
set up Direct Deposit for their monthly payments. To change payments over to Direct
Deposit, a veteran can go online to or call 1-800-333-1795.
If the veteran does not have a bank account, the VA will issue those veterans a pre-paid debit
Also, please note if a veteran’s receiving his/her VA payment for the first time AFTER May 1,
2011, those payments will AUTOMATICALLY be received electronically.

*****If you rent, are 65 or older, a disabled veteran receiving comp. or pension, and do not make
more than $3,751 (single) or $5,501 (married) a year, you may be eligible to receive a refund of
up to $500 on property taxes paid by your landlord.

For this purpose, your VA comp. or pension does NOT count towards your income, nor does
Social Security income, Railroad Retirement, Welfare, Workmen’s Comp. or Unemployment.

If you meet the above mentioned requirements, you will need to have your landlord disclose the
amount of the property taxes paid on property by completing an AZ Dept. of Revenue Form 201.

For more information, contact Sun City Taxpayers Assn. at 623-933-7530. This is for all of the
Valley, not just Sun City residents.

*****Falcon Dunes Golf Course, located just south of Luke Air Force Base (15100 W. Northern
Avenue), has 2 specially adapted golf carts available for use at their course. For further infor-
mation, call Falcon Dunes at 623-535-9334.

Here is a link where an individual can request their discharge papers on line or print the form
and mail or fax their request. According to Scott Hillard in VBD this takes about two (2) weeks
to get a DD 214. I went through ordering a copy of
my DD214 and the process took less than ten (10) minutes.

                                          Page 7
Poker Runs Arizona Fundraisers for the National Wheelchair Games
The Arizona Chapter, PVA Members in Tucson and Phoenix held their Annual Poker Runs
on the same weekend celebrating “Bike Week”.

Tucson March 26th, 2011: This was Tucson’s 6th Annual Veterans Poker Run which was a
huge success boasting 100 plus riders with the Harley Girls and HOOTER Girls there to help
raise money. The monies raised will help support 16 wheelchair athletes this summer
attending the games in Pittsburgh Pa. Go Arizona team!!!!!
Phoenix March 27th 2011: This was Phoenix’s first stab at sponsoring a Poker Run.
Phoenix did not have the near 100+ riders, but can boast of saying everybody had a “Blast”
                                and see you next year! Phoenix also wants to give a “Big
                                Thank you” to all our Volunteers. We truly appreciated every
                                thing that you did! Thanks again to Mark Williams, we could
                                not have done this without you.


  Jace Wells-Lynn, Volunteer and Rider

BNSF “Wild Hogs” posing with volunteers

                                                   Where else can you go for lunch, listen to a live band,
                                                   watch real live bull riding and stay as long as you want?
                                                   Answer: Again, Buffalo Chips
     Buffalo Chips, Cave Creek, AZ :
      Last stop with Lunch & Raffle       Page 8
                    *******Attention all Members********


The purpose of the PVA Educational Scholarship Program is to provide assistance to
PVA members and members of their immediate family to meet their educational goals.
The 2011-2012 scholarships will be in the amount of $1,000 for full-time students and
$500.00 for part-time students for an academic year. The scholarship awardees’ will be
required to verify their status as a full-time or part-time student in an accredited college or


The scholarship program is open to all PVA members, their spouses and unmarried
children under age twenty-four (24) and who are dependent (as defined by the IRS) on the
member for principal support.

Submission Process

Individuals who wish to apply for the program can download the application at http:// or send
a request to Paralyzed Veterans of America, Attn. Scholarship Program, 801 Eighteenth
Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20006, Phone (800) 424-8200 Ext. 775 or 776, or via e-mail or . An application packet will be returned to the
requestor for completion. Completed applications MUST be returned to PVA in six copies
NO LATER THAN June 17, 2010. Accompanying documents will include an official
transcript or official completion certificate or diploma for EACH school listed in the

A personal statement must be attached to the application and may not exceed two pages.
The statement should contain intended courses of study and long- and short-term goals. A
copy of the personal statement must be attached to each of the six copies submitted.

A letter of recommendation from a faculty member or other school official should
accompany the application. Letters should be forwarded directly to PVA for inclusion with
the application.


                                    Page 9
Continuation of “Success on the Job: Your First Day”
Do your very best to give the image you want to make on your new job with
your appearance. Some employers have dress codes: adhere to them strictly.
There are certain jobs or careers where certain attire is expected, and adhere
to the dress standard for your job or career. It makes sense but you would be
surprised at what decisions people make.
Dress the part.
Wear suitable clothing that is always clean and neat.
It is not required that you spend a lot on your clothing if you cannot afford it. You may even
want to visit a thrift store to find quality purchases that will make you feel polished, and con-
Tips to Consider:
 Be positive and stay positive
 Be on time and reliable
 Be attentive and observe and do not be afraid to ask plenty of questions so you can
     learn what you may not be most familiar with.
   Read materials you are given and with good understanding
   Avoid taking personal calls and make a point to keep your home life separate from your
     work life
   Make an effort to contribute your share in assignments which requires a team effort
   Do not gossip (never good)
   Aim to be seen as the can-do co-worker who works hard
   Ask for help when you need help rather than set yourself up to fail or fall short of a su-
     pervisor or co-worker’s expectation
   Learn as much as you can about the job, and bone up on the company, position require-
     ments and skills needed to do the best job
Next Issue: Federal Jobs by College Major: Sampling of jobs one can compete for in view
of a variety of college degrees
If you have an interesting “story” about what you have done to overcome barriers and re-
turn to work and would like to share, then write a 2-3 paragraph piece you wish to share in a
PVA newsletter. I then will obtain your permission in writing to print your contribution so
others might benefit from what you have been through and accomplished.
You can email your story to me and make sure you give a method of how to reach you.
Send to me at: or Fax: 562-826-5267
Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury or Spinal Cord Disease who may be receiving SSDI or SSI
and wish to work might consider calling a Paralyzed Veterans of American Certified Voca-
tional Rehabilitation Counselor.
Contact information:
Joan Haskins, M.A.,CRC
Vocational Rehab Counselor
Office: 562-826-8000 Ext: 4607
Toll-Free:1-888-771-8387 Ext: 4607

                                                     Page 10
                         2011 Calendar of Events
       When                            What                             Where                     Who

   Month of April                PVA Awareness                     Various places           Jackie and Pat
                                     Month                        Around the Valley

      April 2,                 Board of Directors                    Marana, AZ              APVA Office
       2011                     Meeting & BBQ                                                602-244-9168

     April 24th                   Easter Sunday

      May 8th                     Mothers Day
       2011                    (don’t forget Mom)

      June, 11                 Board of Directors                    Prescott. AZ            APVA Office
        2011                    Meeting & Picnic                                             602-244-9168

                                            Page 14
     June 19th                     Father’s Day
       2011                (don’t forget dear ole Dad)

      July 4th              Celebrations through out
       2011                          Arizona                                                 Office Closed

                                         MEMBERSHIP REPORT
                                          The Arizona Chapter
                  The Arizona Chapter voting membership stands at 527 as of March 2011.
                        National and APVA records show our voting membership as:
                     299- Service Connected 225- Non-Service Connected
The Arizona Chapter encourages each of our members to contact the Chapter and let us know how you are
doing, and if we can help you in any way. If you know of any of our members who have passed away, or if
you have an address/phone change, please contact the Chapter as soon as possible. Also, if you would like
to receive the Desert Oracle Newsletter by e-mail, please call or e-mail the office with your e-mail address.

        Do you know a veteran with spinal cord dysfunction who isn’t a member of the APVA?
                            Let us know at the Chapter office by calling
                     602-244-9168 or 1-800-621-9217 e-mail:

                                                      Page 11
   Tony Alagna            Kevin Waisner                     John Gerving         George Stewart
   Ludwig Kaftan          Tony Gonzalez                      Catherine Baker     Michael Brookhouser
   Jack Mathieson         Jessie Clark                       Ronald Trozzi       Allen Topel
   Todd Borgstadt         John Tumidajski                    Michael Henderson   Kenneth Bower
   Thomas Beaumont        Robert Endsley                     Robert Peterson     Leslie Coulter
   Edward Mc Grath        William Christensen                Marian Chavez       Frances Huynh
   Gene Ackerman          James DeJong                       Pamela Foley        Bernie Sinor
   Manuel Jaramillo Jr.   John Grams                         Maurice Valeriano   Christopher Idle
   Teresa Fiorie          Donna Decker                       Gatano Gabriel      Michael Supulver
   Arthur Munoz           Charles Petty                      David Janey         Ricky Gleason
   Craig Anderson         George Proudfoot                   Jerry LeClair       Rene Lopez
   Wayne Ford             Dennis Sutterfield                 George Lovell       Frank Bailey
   Steve Compson          Ronald Schomber                    Norma Rodriques     Joe Finger
   Charles Hill           Roger Delpier                      Johnny Minton       Kim Griffith
   John Rourke            Kevin Bair                         Brian Perry         John Infanti
   Noah Brown             Bernard Bjurstrom                  Shelly Powell       Edward Hutchison
   Lot Christensen        Jean Dougherty                     Eugene Murphy       Norman Corpstein
   Louise Thornton        Ronnie Lucier                      Thomas Stillwell    Nancie Scalercio
   Darrell March          Teresa Fernandez                   Mark Leonard        Randall Britton
                                                             Stanley Kinard      Stephen Gambetta
                                                             Chuck Ameda

                                            FOR SALE

56th & Sweetwater

Accessible 3 bedroom 2 bath home with wide hallways, doors and roll-in shower in Master
with large sitting area. 3 car garage with room for van. Maple floor throughout main
area. $315,000. Patty Stelton, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, 480-951-1010.

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