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Refining Industry to 2016 - Increasing Margins and Rise in Product
Demand Set to Drive Capacity Expansions in Asia and Middle East


Company's report, “Refining Industry to 2016 - Increasing Margins and Rise
in Product Demand Set to Drive Capacity Expansions in Asia and Middle
East provides key information and analysis on the market opportunities in
the refining market. The report provides the latest information on the
refining capacity, throughput and utilization rate in various geographies. It
gives detailed assessment of the market forces influencing the refining
industry. The report also provides analysis of key countries in various
geographies which includes India, Japan, China, Germany, Italy, Russian
Federation, the US, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Brazil, Mexico and
Venezuela. It also provides information on the competitive overview of
various geographies. This report is built using data and information sourced
from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house
analysis by Company's team of industry experts. The global refining industry
is witnessing a rapid increase in the refining capacities of National Oil
Companies (NOCs) across the globe. NOCs tend to cater to both the domestic
demand and export issues. The prime objective of NOCs is on meeting the
domestic petroleum product demand.

Scope :
- Qualitative analysis of market drivers, key trends and factors affecting the
future growth of refining industry.
- Region wise (Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America,
South and Central America) refining capacity from 2000–2010, forecast
forward for 6 years to 2016.
- Refining capacity of the key countries in each region from 2000–2010,
forecast foreword for 6 years to 2016.

Table of Contents :
1.1 List of Tables 5
1.2 List of Figures 7
2 Introduction 9
2.1 GBI Research Report Guide 9
3 Global Refining Industry 10
3.1 Industry Overview 10
3.2 Global Refining Industry Growth, 2000-2016 13
3.3 Global Refining Capacity and Petroleum Product Demand 15
3.4 Global Refining Industry Market Share Analysis 17
3.5 Global Refining Industry: Key Trends and Drivers 18
3.5.1 Global Refining Industry, Major Trends 18
3.6 Global Refining - Factors Challenging Future Growth 19
3.6.1 Regulatory Issues and High Investment Costs 19
3.6.2 New Capabilities to Process Heavy-Sour Crude 19
3.6.3 Uncertainty in the Market Dynamics 19
3.7 Refinery Costs and Margins 19
3.7.1 Gross Refining Margins Overview 19
3.7.2 Gross Refining Margins Trends 19
3.7.3 Gross Refining Margins Trends, US Gulf Coast, 2004-10 20
3.7.4 Gross Refining Margins Trends, US West Coast, 2004-2010 22
3.7.5 Gross Refining Margins Trends, US East Coast, 2004-2010 24
3.7.6 Gross Refining Margins Trends, North West Europe, 2004-2010 26
3.7.7 Gross Refining Margin Trends, Singapore, 2004-2010 28
4 Asia-Pacific Refining Industry – Regional Market Scenario 30
4.1 Asia-Pacific Refining Industry, Market Overview 30
4.1.1 Growth of Refining Industry in Asia-Pacific, 2000-2016 31
4.1.2 Asia-Pacific Refinery Throughput and Utilization Rates, 2000-2009 33
4.1.3 Key Upcoming Refineries in Asia-Pacific, 2011-2015 34
4.1.4 Asia-Pacific Refining industry – Competitive Overview 35
4.2 Asia-Pacific Refining Industry, Key Issues and Challenges 37
4.2.1 Lower Refining Margins for Asia-Pacific Refiners due to Regulated Price
Structure 37
4.2.2 High Sulfur Content in Crude Feedstock is Forcing Refiners

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