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Visible Light Communication (VLC) - A Potential Solution to the
Global Wireless Spectrum Shortage


Company’s new report, “Visible Light Communication (VLC) - A Potential
Solution to the Global Wireless Spectrum Shortage”, provides the key
information and analysis on Visible Light Communication technology and
market. Visible Light Communication or VLC is a method by which Light
Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are used to transmit data using visible light as a
transmitting medium. With the increasing usage of data over mobile phones
and other wireless devices, spectrum shortage appears to be a real problem
for which VLC can be offered as a potential solution. This solution is
explained in detail in the report.

VLC technology can be used in a number of applications or end user
segments like wireless networking, intelligent traffic management systems,
home networking system, powerline communication and underwater

Scope :

- In-depth explanation of the solution from Visible Light Communication for
the potential problem of wireless spectrum shortage.
- Key VLC market segments such as PowerLine Communication, Underwater
Communication, Visible Light ID system, Optical Communication,
Ubiquitous Networking and Intelligent Traffic Management Systems have
been covered.
Table of Contents :

1.1 List of Tables 6
1.2 List of Figures 7
2 Introduction 8
2.1 GBI Research Report Guidance 8
3 Visible Light Communication - Overview 9
3.1 VLC - Technology Overview 9
3.1.1 Next Generation Wireless Technology 10
3.1.2 Complementor to RF and IR-Based Communications 10
3.1.3 Cost Savings on Installation 10
3.1.4 Development of Biologically Friendly Technology 10
3.2 VLC as a Potential Solution to the Spectrum Crunch 11
3.2.1 Overview of the Problem 11
3.2.2 Offloading as a Solution to Manage Data Traffic Growth 15
3.3 VLC Technology Standards 16
3.3.1 VLCC 16
3.3.2 JEITA 16
3.3.3 IEEE 18
3.4 VLC Patents Scenario 18
3.5 Technology Comparison 19
3.5.1 RONJA 19
3.5.2 Infrared Communications 19
3.5.3 Radiofrequency Communications 20
3.6 VLC Development Timeline 21
3.7 VLC Working Process Flow 22
4 VLC Technology - Market Dynamics 24
4.1 Market Drivers 24
4.1.1 Last Mile Connectivity 24
4.1.2 Reduced Power Consumption and Energy Savings 24
4.1.3 Increased R&D funding 25
4.2 Market Restraints 25
4.2.1 Rise of Wi-Fi Smart and Bluetooth 4.0 25
4.2.2 Higher Costs for VLC Based Devices 25
4.3 Market Challenges 26
4.3.1 Increasing Data Rates 26
4.3.2 Providing a Suitable Uplink 26
4.3.3 Naturally Inherent Defects 26
5 VLC Technology- Market Segments 27
5.1 Ubiquitous Networking 27

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