Company Abbreviation by CodyJohnston


									                          COMPANY ABBREVIATIONS
Land Registration Offices and Registries of Deeds have adopted several standard abbreviations
for companies when entering names into the Grantor/Grantee Indices (GGI) through LORIS or
LIN-NS. When searching the GGI for company or enterprise names, the following abbreviations
must be used or search results will not be accurate.

                                  WORD                    ABBREVIATE TO
                    Association                     Assoc
                    Brothers                        Bros
                    Company                         Co
                    Compagnie                       Co
                    Condominium                     Condo
                    Cooperative                     Coop
                    Co-operative                    Coop
                    Co operative                    Coop
                    Corporation                     Corp
                    Developments                    Devel
                    Development                     Devel
                    Incorporate                     Inc
                    Incorporated                    Inc
                    Incorporation                   Inc
                    Limited                         Ltd
                    Limitee                         Ltd

•       When entering search criteria, use the theory that less is better. Start with a broad search,
        then refine.
•       The Registry will never abbreviate the first word of any company name
•       Never search under ‘The’ as the first word in a company name

Document # 28 / October 3, 2003

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