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       Opens on: July 10th 2009
                                                                        DSP BLACKROCK WORLD ENERGY FUND
        Closes on: July 31st 2009                                              An Open Ended Fund of Funds Scheme

                                                        INVESTMENT OBJECTIVE:
                                                        The primary investment objective of the Scheme is to seek capital appreciation by
Entry Load:              2.25%.
                                                        investing predominantly in the units of BlackRock Global Funds – World Energy
Exit Load:              Nil*.
                                                        Fund (BGF – WEF) and BlackRock Global Funds – New Energy Fund (BGF – NEF).
Min. Investment:        Rs. 5000/-
                                                        The Scheme may, at the discretion of the Investment Manager, also invest in the
MIN. S.I.P.:            N.A.
                                                        units of other similar overseas mutual fund schemes, which may constitute a
Benchmark:              70% MSCI World Energy
                         30% MSCI World                 significant part of its corpus. The Scheme may also invest a certain portion of its
                                                        corpus in money market securities and/or money market/liquid schemes of DSP
                                                        BlackRock Mutual Fund, in order to meet liquidity requirements from time to time.
  25000                                                 ASSET ALLOCATION PATTERN:
          DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund                     The fund manager will invest between 50-100% of funds available in Units of BGF –
  20000                                                 WEF or other similar overseas mutual fund scheme(s). The fund manager also has a
                                                        liberty to invest up to 0-30% of its net asset in Units of BGF – NEF or other similar
  15000                                                 overseas mutual fund scheme(s) and 0-20% of its net asset will be invested in
                                                        Money market securities and/or units of money market/liquid schemes of DSP
  10000                                                 BlackRock Mutual Fund.

                                                        COMPANY PROFILE:
                                                        DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd. is the investment manager to DSP
                                                        BlackRock Mutual Fund. The philosophy of DSP BlackRock Investment Managers
                                                        Pvt. Ltd. has been grounded in the belief that experienced investment professionals,
 Ap 7
 Ap 8
 Ap 9
 Ap 0

 Ap 1
 Ap 2
 Ap 3
 Ap 4
 Ap 5
 Ap 6
 Ap 7
 Ap 8

                                                        using a disciplined process and sophisticated analytical tools, can consistently add


                                                        value to client portfolios.
Performance of BlackRock Global Funds -                 DSP BlackRock AMC had average Assets Under Management of Rs. 17396 crs. as on
World Energy Fund as on 16th July 2009                  30th June 2009 and holds twelfth positions among the thirty-five members fund
                                                        family in terms of average AUM.
                    Fund Benchmark
                                                        FUND MANAGER:
Mean Return 1Y Weekly -34.99          -31.05            Mr. Vinit Sambre
Total Return 6M            14.63         --             B.Com, FCA
Total Return 1Y           -35.79         --             Mr. Vinit Sambre has worked in the financial services sector for over 10 years as an
                                                        analyst and fund manager for various leading mutual funds. Mr. Vinit Sambre is the
Total Return Ytd           13.33         --             dedicated Fund Manager for the overseas investments of the Scheme.
Performance 2008          -46.41      -38.05            RISK PROFILE & SUITABILITY:
Performance 2007           40.19       29.79            The risk associated with this fund is comparatively high as compare to any equity
                                                        diversified funds, as the major portfolio of this fund will invest in the funds, which
Performance 2006            8.11       17.86
                                                        involves in the energy sector. Investments in companies in energy industries may
Performance 2005           49.49       28.74            involve risks including changes in commodities prices, changes in demand for
Performance 2004           36.57       28.10            various natural resources, changes in energy prices, greater currency fluctuations
                                                        and international political and economic developments.
Performance of BlackRock Global Funds -                 Investors with a long time horizon who are willing to accept more risk in pursuit of
New Energy Fund as on 16th July 2009                    greater return than diversified equity fund, which typically invest in a portfolio of
                                                        stocks that pursue the funds’ stated objectives and have a long-term view.
                            Fund    Benchmark
Mean Return 1Y Weekly -36.63            -24.03          COMMENTS:
                                                        DSP BlackRock World Energy Fund feeds into BGF – World Energy Fund and BGF -
Total Return 6M            13.16          --            New Energy Fund providing access to the investors to invest global energy
Total Return 1Y            -39.93         --            companies. Some economies are still struggling with GDP growth in the short to
                                                        medium term, emerging economies such as India and China are growing at a
Total Return Ytd           10.55          --
                                                        healthy pace and the demand for oil from these economies is expected to be a
Performance 2008           -54.07       -40.71          major component of the overall demand for oil. The other point that one should
Performance 2007           56.52         9.04           consider is that the per capita consumption of oil in these two economies is
                                                        significantly lower than that of the developed economies, therefore one can expect
Performance 2006           31.63        20.07           that demand may increase with time, as a result international oil companies might
Performance 2005           21.09         9.49           benefit in long run.
                                                        DSP BlackRock World Energy Fund provides Indian Investors with a unique
Performance 2004           31.63        14.72
                                                        investment opportunity to take advantage of the price movement in the energy
Performance 2003           46.71        33.11           sector by investing into energy companies globally as well as companies that are in
                                                        the new/alternate energy space.
Source: Bloomberg
Source: Bloomberg
*Exit Load: Holding period from the date of allotment: < 6 months: 1.00% >= 6 months but < 12 months: 0.50% >= 12 months: Nil
  Investment Research Team
  Rajesh Jain                                             Head (Research)

  Fundamental Research
  Saurabh Jain                                            Team Leader                                                 
  Saurabh Rana                                            Team Leader                                                 
  Arun Gupta                                              Sr. Research Analyst                                        
  Priyanka Ahluwalia                                      Sr. Research Analyst                                        
  Jaisheel Garg                                           Sr. Research Analyst                                        
  Manish Choudhary                                        Sr. Research Analyst                                        
  Ankita Nanda                                            Research Analyst                                            
  Surabhi Mehra                                           Research Analyst                                            
  Preeti Saxena                                           Research Analyst                                            
  Dinesh Joshi                                            Research Analyst                                            
  Harsh Gupta                                             Research Analyst                                            
  Kamla Devi                                              Research Analyst                                            

  Technical Research (Commodity / Equity)
  Dr. R.P.Singh                  Head - Technical (Commodities)                                                       
  Rakesh Bansal                  Head - Technical (Equities)                                                          
  Ajit Mishra                    Sr. Technical Analyst                                                                
  Parminder Chauhan              Research Analyst                                                                     
  Suruchi                        Research Analyst

  Derivative Research
  Nitin Murarka                                           Head - Derivative Research  
  Vineet Sood
  WATCH OUT FOR OUR OTHER REPORTS                         Sr. Research Analyst (Strategies)
  Kunal Sharma                                            Research Analyst            
  Morning Mantra Bisht
  Dhirender Singh– Equity                                                             
                                                          Research Analyst DGCX Daily Commodity Watch
  Morning Mantra – Commodities (Metals and Energy) Derivative Daily
  Commodity/Currency Research Team
  Morning Mantra – Commodities (Agri)                 Mutual Fund Weekly Update
  Vandana Bharti
  Daily Currency Report           Sr. Research Analyst              
                                                      Currency Afternoon Buzzer
  Tejas Seth
  Evening Buzzer – Equity         Sr. Research Analyst              
                                                      Daily Metal and Energy Report
  Amit Pandey
  Evening Buzzer – Commodities    Sr. Research Analyst (Strategies) 
                                                      Daily Commodity Hindi Reports
  Sandeep Joon
  Mutual Fund Portfolio Monitor   Research Analyst                  
                                  Research Analyst                  
  Rupa Mehta covering major stocks with their short term, medium term and long-term trends
  Weekly Report
  Shitij Gandhi                   Research Analyst                  
  Subhranil Dey                   Research Analyst                  
  Priyanka Chauhan                Research Analyst`                 

  Mutual Fund
  Anant Sharma                                            Sr. Research Analyst                                        
  Bhaskar Mandal                                          Research Analyst                                            

  Support Team
  Simmi Chibber                                           Research Executive                                          
  Shivanand Upadhyay                                      Content Editor (Hindi)                                      
  Pramod Chhimwal                                         Graphic Designer                                            

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