Scavenger Hunt   Scavenger Hunt    Scavenger Hunt

                                  SCAVENGER HUNT
Scavenger Hunt

                   Using Scavenger Hunt Template
                 • This game was originally designed to work as an
                   introduction to the Blackboard course management system.
                 • If you intend to use the game for Blackboard, make sure you
Scavenger Hunt

                   download the graphics images to enhance your slide.
                 • If you are designing the game for another use, you would
                   have to find your own graphics.
                 • To use this template, go to the master game board slide #2.
                 • Adjust the game board size to the number of questions you
                   want – use the Table function
                 • Then copy slide #3 the same number of times as the
Scavenger Hunt

                   questions on the master game board.
                 • Fill in the text (or graphics) as you need on each slide.
                 • Delete this slide (#1) after you are done. Save the file.
Scavenger Hunt

                   Blackboard Scavenger Hunt

                 • Advance to next slide to begin your
                   Scavenger Hunt.
Scavenger Hunt

                   – Click on each [Blackboard] icon for Scavenger
                     Hunt directions.
                   – [Go to the Word documents in Lesson 1 to help
                     you perform the activities.]
                 • Email your instructor and let her know when
                   you have completed all the activities.
Scavenger Hunt

                   – A successful Scavenger Hunt is worth 3 points.

                  Note: the above instructions within [ ] pertains only to the Blackboard game,
                  you may substitute your own instructions and remove this note when done.
Scavenger Hunt
                                          Scavenger Hunt
                 Replace each icon with appropriate       text or graphic for   the activity.

                 And link each cell   to the Slide with   the instruction for   the activity.
Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt

                                                                                   Final Step

                                                Click on the Icon
Scavenger Hunt
                 Match the title of each slide to the game

                 • Put instructions for the activity on
                   the slide so that they are linked to
Scavenger Hunt

                   the game cell.
Scavenger Hunt

                               Click to return to the board

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