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   The newsletter of Apollo Medical Partners

                                                                                                                  Issue 3: Winter 2003

LIFT off!                                                                                                                            (fourth from
                                                                                                                                     right, back
Community Solutions for                                                                                                              row) with
Primary Care (CSPC), a                                                                                                               doctors and
joint venture of which                                                                                                               staff from
Apollo is a member, is                                                                                                               the Princes
working towards financial                                                                                                            Park Surgery
close on two NHS LIFT                                                                                                                and the
schemes, one at Barnsley,                                                                                                            Apollo
the other Camden and                                                                                                                 Centre for
Islington.                                                                                                                           Health.
    The first of three primary                                                                                                       Holding the
care facilities costing                                                                                                              award is Sam
£10million will be on site in                                                                                                        King, Princes
the Barnsley area shortly                                                                                                            Park
afterwards.                                                                                                                          receptionist
    Worsbrough, Goldthorpe and
Thurnscoe will be the first three
“one-stop shop” surgeries to be
built and they will bring many
services traditionally associated
with hospitals to the local
community, including minor
                                    Eastbourne wins
surgery suites, E.N.T. treatment
and psychiatric nurses.
    Both NHS LIFT schemes
will involve a 20-year
                                    best design award
commitment by CSPC to
develop and manage primary          Partnership is awarded “Best Designed Primary Healthcare Facility”
care facilities in the Barnsley,
and Camden and Islington
                                    at the annual Building Better Healthcare Awards held at Café Royal
                                    The Partnership between the                                               of this year’s award.
Nacton helpdesk                     Apollo Centre for Health and                                                   Graham Willoughby said:
A helpdesk has been set up          Princes Park Surgery has been                                             “We’re pleased with the
to assist with and develop          recognised as the best designed                                           recognition from the NHS. Our
the management of our               primary care facility in the                                              aim is to provide a more integrated
existing portfolio.                 country this year by the NHS.                                             approach to healthcare in the
    Louise Boardley, with a             At the annual Building Better                                         Eastbourne Community. As well as
customer service background, is     Healthcare Awards held at                                                 full GP and local NHS services, our
now the first point of contact      London’s Café Royal in September,                                         patients have access to a range of
for all our portfolio clients.      the “Best Designed Primary                                                private practitioners such as a
    For information the new         Healthcare Facility” award was                                            physiotherapist, osteopath and
direct line for this service is     presented to Graham Willoughby,                                           reflexologist among others.”
01473 654914.                       manager of both the Apollo Centre        The judges, who included Sir          David May, Head of Primary
                                    and Princes Park Surgery.            John Egan, president of the          Care at Eastbourne Downs PCT,
... and a northern                      The awards are jointly           Confederation of British Industry,   commented: “We are delighted to
                                    organised by NHS Estates and HD      were impressed by the close co-      hear the news of this award. We
England office                      Magazine (a journal for healthcare   operation of the NHS, GPs and the    are working hard with our
Apollo Medical Partners has         design and development). They        private sector in the development    partners in primary care to
opened a new office at The          honour excellence in design and      of an integrated and flexible        develop high quality primary care
Priory, Aberford, Leeds,            facilities management in response    healthcare campus. The judges        facilities and believe this is the first
LS25 3DW, telephone 0113            to Tony Blair’s “Better Public       concluded that the campus at         of a number of which we can be
393 5200.                           Buildings” initiative.               Eastbourne was a worthy winner       justly proud.”

Offices                      Asket Drive surgery
expand for
new recruits                 reaches completion
During the past year we         ASKET DRIVE
have welcomed a number
of new people to the
corridors of Apollo.
                              Park Edge Medical Practice
Indeed we have had to         Contractor:
extend the offices to         Galliford Try
accommodate the them.
                              Pearce Bottomley
recently joined Apollo as
a non-executive director.
With an NHS
background, including        The construction of a new
being a former chief         surgery scheme at Asket
executive of the Maudsley    Drive in Leeds has just
Hospital, he will be         reached completion.
supporting the Apollo            The five GP practice which
team working closely on      occupied a small converted shop
the Apollo Centre for        and flat premises in Dib Lane,
                                                                     Asket Drive under construction (above) and nearing completion (below)
Health in Eastbourne and     Leeds, moved half a mile to their
others elsewhere.            new surgery in Asket Drive on
   GERRY OAKLEY, who         27th November.
joined in August, is the         The scheme of a little under
Business Development         1,000 square metres comprises
Manager for Apollo           5 consulting rooms, 1 trainer
Centres for Health. His      room and 1 trainee room
background in medical        allowing them room to expand if
sales to healthcare          necessary.
professionals, both in the       The local Primary Care Trust
private and NHS sectors,     will be occupying four rooms on
places him well to           the first floor to provide services
concentrate initially on     including physiotherapy and
our Eastbourne project.      podiatry. Additionally, on the
   The development           ground floor is a proposed
team has welcomed            pharmacy unit.
ranks. He will be involved
with NHS LIFT schemes
both in London and
Barnsley, as well as core
development work. Tony
was previously working in
Tower Hamlets for the
PCT and altogether has
spent 24 years of his
working life in the NHS.
our most recent recruit.
He lives in Harrogate and
his first task has been to
open a new office in
Yorkshire as a result of
the increasing workload
we have in this area.
Richard’s remit will be
Barnsley LIFT and core
surgery developments
                              The architect’s perspective of Asket Drive

                                                                           Left: the stone-breaking
                                                                           yard was replaced in the
                                                                           last quarter of the 19th
                                                                           Century with a new

                                                                           Below: the interesting
                                                                           geometrical design of
                                                                           the inmates stair does
                                                                           not hide the austerity of
                                                                           the workhouse.

                                                                           Bottom: this stained
                                                                           glass panel of the arms
                                                                           of the city of Wells is in
                                                                           the central Gothic
                                                                           window of the
                                                                           Guardians’ room in the

Grim life at the Workhouse
Much of Apollo’s time is spent       hammer. They were required to
in the planning, design and          reduce five hundredweight of
construction of brand new            rock to stones small enough to
primary care buildings.              slip through a grate in the wall
Occasionally, however, a little      and down a chute outside.
piece of history is unearthed             The inmates’ rather bleak
during the refurbishment of          staircases with simple metal
old (sometimes listed)               fittings were in stark contrast to
buildings.                           the Master’s stair which had a
    The Priory in Wells, which is    moulded wooden handrail and
listed Grade II, dates from 1837     balusters.
and was designed by Samuel T              Most of the interior walls
                                     were simply limewashed but the
                                     quarters of the officers were
An important part                    elegantly stencilled. The
                                     Guardians’ room was finely
of the social                        furnished with a Painswick
history of                           chimney piece, decorative
                                     plaster cornice and an expensive
Wells has been                       oak table. This was typical of the
recovered                            hierarchy of the workhouse.
                                          A cell was found in the
                                     basement for miscreants which
Welch as a Workhouse. Careful        was only 4ft square, unlit (apart
study of the building, coupled       from a small opening in the door)
with the ability to record           and unventilated. Also
discoveries during work, has         discovered was the men’s ‘Dead
revealed the misery of life in the   House’ showing evidence of two
Workhouse for male and female        mortuary slabs against the walls
tramps. An important part of the     and gas light fittings.
social history of Wells has been          The workhouse was in use for
recovered.                           nearly a century until it closed in
   The tramps slept in male and      1933, when it became a hospital
female dormitories. To earn a        for geriatric patients, eventually
bed for the night the male           closing in the 1980s.
tramps had to work in the stone-          The building is now used as
breaking yard. This contained a      offices by Mendip PCT and other
long bench with six 1ft sq metal     tenants, including Somerset
plates on which the stones were      Partnerships NHS Trust and
broken down with a lump-             Mendip Council.

     IN BRIEF                 Climb every mountain!
                              Johnny Dryburgh’s assistant in
Training                      Scotland, Jean Cowan, has a
                                                                                                                          Our intrepid
Since our last issue Stuart   very unusual hobby, namely                                                                  Jean Cowan,
Clarke, Apollo’s assistant    Monro-bagging.                                                                              prepares to
portfolio manager, who is         For those unfamiliar with this                                                          brave the
studying Property and         pastime, I will explain. A Monro is
Surveying part time, has      a Scottish mountain of over
been busy with exams.         3,000ft with a drop of 150m
During the summer he          between it and the next proper
took and passed               summit.
Principles of Surveying,          Named after the man who
Building Measurement          first catalogued them, Sir Hugh
and Economics.                Monro was a founding member
   Meanwhile, Debi            of the Scottish Mountaineering
Knott has been quietly        Club and published his tables of
beavering away at ‘A’         Scottish mountains over 3,000ft
level psychology in her       in1891.
spare time and told me            He unleashed a new and
recently that she had         worthy cause on an unsuspecting
passed it with a B!           walking public.
   Well done Stuart and           Jean had unknowingly walked
Debi.                         48 Monros by September 1995
                              when she eventually purchased a
Hatchlings                    copy of the Monro Tables. The
                              1997 revision lists a total of 284.
                                                                    hard scrambles, are particularly
                                                                    challenging and intimidating to
                                                                                                        attain their peaks.
                                                                                                            With a current tally of 269 and
Mrs David Burton                  This somewhat focused her         climb. For Jean, suffering from a   only 15 to go, it seems Jean will
recently gave birth to a      mind to the task afoot. Some of       poor head for heights, the          soon achieve her aim to conquer
son, Alexander James.         the Monros, renowned for their        ultimate reward has been to         them all!
Mother and son are
thriving. Apparently                                                                                      APOLLO MEDICAL
Alexander has yet to
master the art of sleeping
and has a fine pair of
                              Prevention is                                                                  PARTNERS

                              better than cure
lungs which he exercises
rigorously day and night
much to his father’s
   North of the border,                                             The main emphasis at the
we are happy to                                                     Apollo Centre for Health in              Chief Executive Officer:
                                                                                                                   Clive Eminson
announce that Cammy                                                 Eastbourne has been to                   Chief Operating Officer:
Halliday, from our                                                  introduce a variety of                         David Burton
Scottish office, and his                                            medical disciplines that are               Editor: Roz Nockold
wife, Angela, have                                                  required in the community.                    Ipswich office:
become the proud                                                    Some of these include                      Camilla Court, Nacton,
parents of twin girls, Lucy                                         diabetes, retinal screening,                       Ipswich,
and Victoria, weighing                                              cardiology, speech therapy,                       IP10 OEU
5lbs 8oz and 3lbs 13oz                                              dentistry and falls                         Tel: 01473 659912
respectively.                                                       prevention.                                 Fax: 01473 659913
                                                                        A good example is the Fall              Eastbourne office:
Christmas                                                           Prevention Programme for the
                                                                    senior citizens of Eastbourne. In
                                                                                                                  Wartling Road,
                                                                                                                   East Sussex,
is coming                                                           the words of the adage                           BN22 7PF
                                                                                                                Tel: 01323 434100
                                                                    ‘prevention is better than cure’,
                                                                                                                Fax: 01323 434123
           We at Apollo                                             the programme has been
              would like to                                         designed to reduce the incidence             Northern office:
               wish all our                                         of falls among elderly adults. By                The Priory,
               colleagues                                           determining, identifying and                 Leeds LS25 3DW,
               and                                                  modifying the factors that put               Tel: 0113 3935200
               readers a                                            them at risk, improving mobility
                                                                                                                  Scottish office:
               very Merry                                           and strength and helping to                   28 Speirs Wharf,
               Christmas                                            maintain independence, the               Glasgow, Scotland G4 9TG
 and a Happy New Year.          Improved mobility forms part        likelihood of falls should be               Tel: 0141 332 1608
                                                                                                                Fax: 0141 353 6522
                                of the prevention programme         reduced.

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