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How to Make Money from Google Adsense for Domains using free .CO.CC domain
name ?

For Newbies who have Google Adsense account and don’t know what is Google Adsense
for Domains ( AFD ), please find the Screenshot below which will explain what I am
referring to.

In order to make money from Google Adsense for Domains, you need to have a Google
Adsense account. You can then make money from it using free methods without spending
a dime by registering a free domains and using Google Adsense for Domains.
Before registering make sure that the domain name is keyword targeted otherwise there is
no meaning on that domain name or no advertisers out there.. better add some good
keyword domain names for AFD.

Firstly you need to go to the URL    CO.CCand register a new domain. That domain is
free in first year.
Then you need to sign in your Google Adsense account and in the    Adsense Setup tab,
choose AdSense for Domains. Then you need to choose Add New Domains and type
your domain that you've just registered in    Add Parked Domains . Choose
Language for your domain(s) and press        Add Domain(s). It would appear a table: 1
Domain successfully added. Now you need to copy data from that to         Domain

My Site Earning 119.11 dollar

Next step is as follows:

You login to Domain Settings and click to Setup choose Zone Records :


Host: your domain name

TTL : 1D
Type: A

Value : You need to copy details from Google Adsense setup above


Host : your domain name with www.

TTL : 1D

Value : You need to copy details from Google Adsense setup above

How to Promote Google Adsense for Domains ?

First of all read the adsense policies

The terms in the URL may not contain or be related to any of the following:

*Pornography, adult, or mature terms. This includes, but is not limited to, any terms
that refer to or suggest nudity, partial nudity, sexual imagery/acts, lewd/graphic or
profane language.
*Violent or racially intolerant language or any other form of hate speech directed
against an individual, group or organization
*Excessive profanity
*Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia
*Gambling or casino-related content
*Weapons, such as firearms, ammunition, balisongs, butterfly knives and brass
*Beer or hard alcohol
*Tobacco or tobacco-related products
*Prescription drugs
*Promotion of an illegal activity or an activity that infringes on the legal rights of
*References to tragedies or other sensitive current events
*Any other terms that are illegal, promote illegal activity, or infringe on the legal
rights of others.
*Domains submitted for the AdSense for domains program may not violate any
trademark (and related rights), copyright, trade secret, patent or other intellectual
property right of any third party.
*Domains may not be involved in litigation or under dispute.

Google Adsense for Domains terms and conditions says you are not supposed to make
live links for Adsense for domains.

Also, not allowed on adsense for domains are traffic from Autosurfs, Redirects, PPC

One may think of promoting AFD url by using and other short urls to
redirect AFD URL. But it is a redirect so against Google Adsense for Domains terms and

Google had made policy that you cannot use the online advertising of any kind to drive
traffic to the domains like you can do in arbitrage. Nor you can deceptively drive traffic
to pages participating in AdSense for domains.

Redirects are banned and also you cannot frame it.

But the traffic from Search Engines i.e., Organic traffic is allowed...

A) My tip (Be careful i am not responsible for any kind of bad happening)

Setup say 100 autoblogs and after a month when all of these sites are indexed, move them
to Google Adsense for domain for 10 days and then back to blogs the next 10 days, so on
and so forth. what guys can you say.. ? I have tried on 10 blogs and the result is
promising.. adsense for domains is kicking !!

No illegal, no scamming, no trick.. all traffic from search engines when all sites are

There is one more thing Google removes your site as soon as it gets into this Programme
which can lead to less visitors. So, you will need to build up more content so that Google
indexes your site and you get visitors again. It you leave it to adsense for domains for a
long time then yes, it will de-indexed.. that’s you need to be doing it every 10 days. No
need to change anything on the blog... just leave it on your sever and change name
servers from time to time...

Adsense for domains are for both clicks and as well as impressions. That's why you have
to have super high paying niches like loans, mortgage, acne, colon, mesothelioma,
finance, forex, hosting, personal injury, etc...

B) Second option will be to promote it in forums , blogs and rest of the places but with a
dead link and not a live link. A link which is not clickable is called a dead link.


If you want to visit above website, you will have to copy it and paste it in the url box. It
means google takes it as direct hit but not ref link.

C ) You can also promote your some of your good traffic blogs by put the
domain as a text in the header without giving it href..

D) You can also youtube for this..For ex uploading a video and giving it title as watch my

E) You can create a separate page in your high traffic website and put an image with your
Adsense for domain URL embedded in it. You can give some ebooks for free on that
page & promote the page. Here you doing the following:
   1. No live link for Adsense for Domains.
   2. Promoting the page which contains your free ebook.

Thus the visitor will come to your page in search of ebook and will happen to see the
image ( with your adsense for domain site embedded ) on that page and out of curiosity
will type the URL manually and you will get paid for impressions.

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