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					Vail Valley Soccer Club
        Proposed Budget FY
    June 1, 2011 to May 31, 2012
VVSC Major Sources of      Membership - $137,565
Income                  -Player Fees
                        -Fundraisers (i.e. raffle, coffee, camps)
1.   Membership
2.   Vail Valley Cup       Vail Valley Cup - $66,150
3.   Sponsors           -Team Entry Fees
4.   Soccer Camps       -Lodging Commissions
                        -T-shirt and Other Retail Commissions

                        •   Sponsors & Grants - $10000
                        -Corporate and Individual Sponsors
                        -Town of Vail; Vail Valley Cares

                           Soccer Camps - $9,000
                                     Wages & Benefits - $99,070
                                  -Director, Registrar, Head Coach, and Coaches
VVSC Expenses                     -Training for Coaches

1.   Wages & Benefits                Operations/Administration -
2.   Operations/Administration        $62,210
3.   Vail Valley Cup              -Field Usage Fees
4.   Scholarships/Financial Aid   -CYS League Fees
                                  -Credit Card Fees
                                  -Administrative Expenses
                                  -Camp Costs

                                     Vail Valley Cup- $29,768
                                  -Referees and Associated Costs
                                  -Medals, Pins
                                  -Majority of Labor is Volunteers from the Membership

                                     Scholarships/Financial Aid
    Player Fees
What do they include?
o   Team Coaches and VVSC Director of Coaching fees
o   Practice and game field usage fees and maintenance
o   Entry fee for tournaments (One tournament for each U15-U18
    team and the Vail Valley Challenge Cup for U10-U14 teams)
o   CYS fees
o   Referee fees
o   Coaches continuing education courses
o   Administrative staff
o   Limited insurance coverage through USYSA
o   Operational overhead
Fees for 2011/2012
    Sample Breakdown of Fee

 U13  age group annual fee $705
 18 games

 Approximately 70 practices

 Breaks down to $8.01 each practice
  and game
Sample Team Cost-U13 Division
   League fees range from $450-500 per year
   Ref Fees range from $535-$1134 per year
   Coaches pay is $3500 per year
   Insurance is $8.50 per player
   Tournament entry is $600
   2011/2012 Field rental for club is $2500
   2011/2012 Indoor field rental is $6720
   Total U13 Division approx. annual cost is $5400
         How do we Fundraise?
   Raffle
   Selling Coffee and other similar fundraising
   Vail Valley Cup
   Grants from local and national organizations
   Member and Corporate Donations
   Fan Gear
   Camps
How do we not have to fundraise?
   Our membership fees only covers 65% of our
    operating costs.
   The tournament and other fundraising efforts
    help make up the difference.
                  How can you help?
   The success of the Club and Club events hinges upon parent volunteers.
    Every member is expected to provide 3 hours of volunteering.
   Families will have the ability to “opt-out” of required volunteer hours, by
    paying a $150 fee prior to the start of the fall soccer season.
                         Volunteer opportunities
   Team Managers are needed for each team to help organize and communicate
    between players, families and coaches.
   Tournament Volunteers are used at every field throughout the Vail Valley
    over the tournament weekend as Field Marshals.
   Tournament committee chairs: Concessions, Registration, Field Marshalls,
    Lodging, Marketing/Sponsors (each age group will be assigned a committee
    chair to be filled)

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