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Extra credit Assignment by xiagong0815


									                                       Extra credit Assignments:

Extra Credit No.1: Attend a Classical Music Concert 10 pts- There are local concerts that you can attend
to earn extra credit. You can look for your own Orchestra concert, or I can provide you with some
concerts to attend. In order to get full credit for these assignments you must complete: A 2 page paper
about the performance, and submit a copy of the program and a ticket. If no ticket was used, you must
have your parent sign your program saying you attended the performance.

The 2 page paper will consist of what was being performed, musical qualities (how the musicians
prepped and worked during the performance), your opinion about the music recognizing melody, and
harmony, and ambience (sound) and an overall opinion (in detail) about your experience going to the
performance (did you appreciate the music/performance why or why not, how did the audience
respond to the music and or group, recognize how much team work is involved when playing, etc.).

The paper MUST talk about the music and performance/performers above anything else. The paper is
double spaced.

Note: Some concerts are free and some aren’t so pay attention.
      This Assignment can only be done ONCE for credit.

Possible Concerts: Pasadena Community Orchestra: Friday November 5th at 8 pm.
                   3700 E. Sierra Madre Boulevard
                   Pasadena, CA

                   Cal State Fullerton Wind Symphony or Symphonic Band:
                   Sunday October 10, 4pm or Saturday October 16, 8 pm
                   Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton CA 92831

Note: These are just some concerts I have found, you can find your own via the internet at other
       universities or community band/orchestra groups.

Extra Credit No. 2: Research a Composer and Present 5 pts- Write a 2 page paper double spaced about a
well known composer and give a presentation in class. The paper will consist of their bio, the works they
contributed to classical music, and an analysis of a famous work they composed. To analyze a work, you
can listen to a recording of the piece discuss the instrumentation, the melody, harmony, anything
musically related. For the presentation, you must bring the piece to class for everyone to listen to and
discuss. Presentation is 2-3 mins.

Note: This assignment can only be done ONCE and at anytime. See me for presentation dates and
information about different composers.

Extra Credit No. 3: See me Perform in Concert! 20 pts- Come see me perform with the Corona
Symphony Orchestra. Same guidelines as in Extra credit assignment No.1 and can be done only ONCE.
Date: Saturday October 23, 2010
      Northpoint Church
      988 West Ontario Avenue
      Corona CA, 92882

                                      Absents or Excused Absences

If you are absent for any reason in this class, you can make up in-class assignments by listening to a
piece of classical music and writing a one page paper about the music. The paper must include what
piece you listened to, the composer, any musical aspects (melody, harmony) and an opinion about what
you thought of the music, what you liked and what you didn't like. You must explain in detail why you
liked it and why you did not like it if you did not. What did the music do for you if anything how did you
feel about it before listening and after? Also, document the time and date you listened to the music.

The grading for this assignment varies depending on how much effort you put into writing and listening.
The paper MUST include all topics mentioned in the first paragraph and is to be typed with single
spacing. This assignment is eligible for full credit of the in-class assignment missed. Also, you must cite
where you got the music, i.e. radio (KUSC 91.5), internet, cd, Pandora music on ipods, etc. These
assignments are due the next class period.

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