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Red Storm Volleyball Club


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									Red Storm Volleyball
       Pursuing Excellence
Program Philosophy

• Provide technical, tactical and physical training to each

• For younger players, we will provide a solid base of
  fundamental skills

• For older players, we want to reinforce the
  fundamentals as well as push them to reach their
  highest potential

• Teaching and training of individual skills and the correct
  techniques of each skill

• Competition is a tool for gaining feedback on how each
  player is progressing in her skill development

• Success in terms of wins and losses is not the most
  important factor; learning the skills, how to be a good
  teammate and how to work hard are the most important
                   13S and 14s
• Players should begin to perfect their volleyball skills at this

• The skill set has now moved beyond serving and passing as
  primary skills and we begin to focus on the other skills such
  as attacking and blocking

• Coaches must continue to reinforce and fine tune individual
  skills as success or failure will come from individual
  execution or lack thereof
               15s and 16s

• This is a very important age for the development of
  each player in terms of how they are truly going to

• Coaches at this age must develop a concept of training
  tempo and intensity

• Players at this age must start to develop an
  independence of purpose and decide why they have
  chosen this sport.
                17s and 18s

• This is the toughest age group for club as players are
  either trying to play at the collegiate level or simply
  trying to finish their high school career on a strong

• Commitment is the single largest obstacle at this age.

• Fielding a competitive and committed team to travel to
  tournaments is the ultimate goal
  Player Expectations

• Each player must come into the gym with an open
  mind, a willingness to learn and to be taught

• We are a teaching program and we will ask players to
  refine or change their techniques – sometimes when
  this happens the player will feel that they are getting
  worse rather than better – it is important to understand
  that this is normal
 Player Expectations,
• We expect players to hustle and do their best at all
  practices and competitions

• Even though we realize that players participate in club
  to improve individually, we ask that they also develop a
  parallel commitment to their team and teammates

• Attitude, commitment and dedication are the
  cornerstones of any successful program
       Expectations of
• First and foremost, the coach is a teacher.

• Coaches should be serious and task oriented

• We do not expect them to be babysitters or best friends
  of the players

• We will continue to provide opportunities for the
  coaches such as coaching clinics.

• We will embrace the Master Coach system
         Expectations of
• Adhere to the Parent/Player Contract

• We understand that it can be hard at times to relinquish
  control of your child’s growth as a player.

• We ask that you trust the coaching staff and directors to
  help your daughter become the best she can be. This will
  not come without failures and tears, but we will continue to
  grow through the process of falling and getting back up
       Expectations of
        Parents, cont.
• Avoid approaching a coach at a tournament about
  playing time.

• We ask that you wait 24 hours before talking to anyone
  so that the emotions can die down.

• Please do not call Donna or Beverly at home. If you
  call our cell phones, please leave a message and we will
  return your call within 24 hours.
       Expectations of
        Parents, cont.
• Please practice good sportsmanship at all competitions.
  Please refrain from outbursts at the officials, coaches or
  others players. This will not be tolerated.

• We ask that you be supportive of the program and
  your daughter and recognize that we all have her best
  interest in mind.
       Program Rules &
• Practices and workouts are mandatory and we expect
  all athletes to attend all practices unless they are ill or
  have a scheduled conflict such as with a school team.
  We will be keeping attendance at practices.

• Although we do not close our practices, we do believe
  that players will be less inhibited if they feel that they
  can make mistakes without being critiqued by family
  and friends
       Program Rules &
• All teams will have work duties either before or after
  practice as well as at tournaments

• All athletes MUST stay at the playing site until all
  duties have been completed

• Drugs, alcohol & tobacco have no place in youth
  athletics and will not be tolerated at Red Storm
       Program Rules &
• The practice environment is a place to work and
  improve your skills.

• Please remove all jewelry before arriving at practice.

• CELL PHONES must be turned off before practice.

• All bags should be neatly lined up on the sidelines
  BEFORE practice.

• Hair MUST be in a secure pony tail before practice so
  there is no need to fix it during practice

• Each team will be participating in a minimum of 6
  tournaments and a maximum of 9 tournaments.

• We will be entering tournaments associated with

• We will NOT be entering the Bayou Region Bid
  Qualifying tournament

• We will discuss entry into AAU Nationals in June with
  each team individually
                  Club Fees
• Are based on tournament entry fees, gym rental, coaches’
  pay and expenses for practices and tournaments &
  membership fees
• We make every effort to keep our fees affordable especially
  in these tough economic times
• Our desire is to pay our coaches well so that we can retain
  them from year to year and continue to offer cutting edge
  education and training to them
• Our fees combined with the fees of USSTA are extremely
  competitive and we believe offer our players the most
  comprehensive program.
 Tournaments & Club
• We have chosen tournaments for each team

• Please be sure to pick up a handout with your age
  group’s tournaments listed along with corresponding
  club fees.

• For age groups in which we are fielding two teams, the
  teams will be chosen in the beginning of January

• The two teams will be referred to as Black and Red

• Cutting edge training for all athletes

• Vision training

• Speed and Agility Training

• Age Appropriate Weight Training

• Hyperbaric Treatments
       Payment Options
• *1 Year Membership (December 2, 2009-December 2, 2010)

•      In School: 2 workouts per week

•      Summer: 3 workouts per week

• included with the 1 Year Membership: unlimited vision training
  and ½ price hyperbaric treatments

• Option 1:    Payment in Full: $1100 ($9.16) per session (due
                    December 7th)

• Option 2:    $300 First Payment (due December 7th)

                       4 Payments of $250 due 1/7, 2/7, 3/7, 4/7
      payment options
• *6 month Membership (December 2, 2009-May 31,
•      2 workouts per week
• Option 1:   Payment in Full: $650 (due December 7th)
• Option 2:   $300 First Payment (due December 7th
                    2 Payments of $200 due 2/7, 3/7
• *If you decide that you want to continue after this
  date, you will have to pay the USSTA regular price for

• It is very important that you refer to the website
  www.redstormsports.org for all of your information
  such as practice schedules, tournament schedules,
  ordering apparel, etc.

• E-mails will be sent out periodically but not for general
  information; they will be used for quick changes
  and/or individual team information

• Any Nguyen and HighSchoolStudio.com

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