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  1.           INTRODUCTION             3
  2.        PROJECT AT GLANCE           4
  5.          SIZE OF THE UNIT          7
  6.         FORM OF THE UNIT           8
  7.         LOCATION FACTOR            9


   As we know that the world has became smaller. If we need any thing we
are just in need to do some small formalities and the work is done. One of the
emerging services which are available for the public at large is the food
services. Their may be many restaurants opened in the market which
provides you this service at your door step. You are just required to have one
phone call and within a few minutes the food will be in front of you and you will
be enjoying it.

   The business of restaurants in India is growing faster since last few years
and is forecasted to grow more in near future too. So many peoples are in
mode of having their own restaurants, but it is not so easy. As TAJ
RESTAURANT provide its service to the people of Rajkot to its full ability. It is
the restaurant for a family enjoyment with full facilities. It takes great care of
the customer satisfaction and demand.

   The restaurant TAJ RESTAURANT was started in the year 1993. It is
suited opposite to Chaudhary High School Kasturba Road, Rajkot 360 001. It
has covered area under about 600 Square feet. As the restaurant is situated
in the heart of the city they are achieving big goals. Now a day the restaurant
has firm the ground with all the hard works and efforts and are climbing the
ladders of success.

                        PROJECT AT GLANCE

   The project at glance means profile of the company with exceptional contribution
of success TAJ RESTAURANT provide its services to the people in Rajkot to its full
ability. A TAJ is a restaurant for a family enjoyment with full facilities and good
surrounding atmosphere. It takes great care of its customer’s satisfaction and demand.
They provide the best quality food to their customer. It is one of the best restaurants in
Rajkot. Its concept of this project is really the best project in Rajkot.


Firm Name:                   TAJ RESTAURANT

Location:                    Opp. Chaudhary High School,
                             Kasturba Road,
                             Rajkot – 360001.

Nature of Business:          Restaurant

Year of the Establishment:   1993

Form of the Organization:    Private Ltd.

Size of the Unit:            Small

Proprietor:                  Mr. Vinod Kakkad

Area covered:                600 Square feet.

Bankers:                     Citizen Co-operative Bank.

Accounting year:             Financial year.

Initial Capital:             5 lacks.

Telephone No.:               0281-2457217.


   The idea for the establishment of the TAJ RESTAURANT came up in the
mind of the proprietor father from their huge success of TAJ MAHAL
RESTAURANT which was located on Dharmendra road, Rajkot providing
loading and boarding facilities to the people. After that he wants to develop
the business by giving luxurious facility to the people. So they started the TAJ

   Mr. Vinodbhai Kakkad who is the proprietor of the restaurant worked very
hard with the great support of their family members. After visiting various
places in Rajkot and considering various factors they decided to start
restaurant in Rajkot. It was given the name “TAJ RESTAURANT”, which
means victory and providing king’s food to the people. The initial investment
of the restaurant was 5 lacks. But now it has gradually increased.

                        SIZE OF THE UNIT

   There are three types of the industries. They are as follow:-
   A. Small Scale Industry.
   B. Medium Scale Industry.
   C. Large Scale Industry.

   Small scale industry has the total investment of Rs. 5lacks and more but
sales of Rs. 5, 00, 00,000 to 10, 00, 00,000

   Where as, in medium scale industry the total investment is of Rs. more
than 5 lacks and the sales of Rs. 10, 00, 00,000 and more.

      TAJ RESTAURANT is a small scale unit.

                     FORM OF THE UNIT

   There are various types of forms of ownership organization which are as

             Sole proprietorship
             Partnership
             Private Limited Co.
             Public Limited Co.
             Co-operative society
             Joint stock Co.
             Multi National Co.

   The TAJ RESTAURANT is a Sole proprietorship.

                        LOCATION FACTOR

   They decided to locate its restaurant in the mid of the Rajkot so as to get
maximum numbers of people attracted towards them and other factors were
also received conveniently. Generally an entrepreneur will locate the unit at
the place from were he can get the total cost of service to be provide at the
minimum rate. At the time of the establishment of the unit selection of the
proper location is very important decision.

        Infrastructure:-

       As the company is located on the Kasturba Road, an infrastructure
facility is available in this area. Facilities like Power, water, etc. was easily
available in this area. The company could easily get its heavy line of electricity
from PGVCL.

        Electricity:-

       The company gets the required power supply from Puschim Gujarat Vij
Company Ltd. [PGVCL]. The total requirement of the unit is about 27 horse
power. The unit gets uninterrupted power supply at the location as per their

        Water:-

       The daily need of the water of the unit is 2000 liters. This has been
sourced by the company’s own bore well. Hence permanent water supply is
ensured. There is no shortage of water.


  Every business enterprise is established with some definite objective. The
main objective of any company is to earn profit. But over and above there are
other objectives also such as satisfaction of customers, providing best quality
of food, giving best entertainment facilities to the customer, etc.

       The objective of TAJ restaurant is the customer satisfaction by
providing value added services in food unit.


       The proprietor is a person who establishes with his own risk or gets the
finance for the establishment from their relatives. He is a person who thought
of the company for the first time.

       The proprietor of the TAJ restaurant is Mr. Vinodbhai Kakkad.


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  1.         INTRODUCTION           13
  2.        WHAT IS SERVICE         14
  3.        SERVICE DETAILS         15
  4.      SERVICE TO CUSTOMER       16
  5.           FACILITIES           17


   The product is a bundle of all kind of satisfaction of both material and non-
material kinds. A product supplies two kind of utility, (1) Economic Utility, (2)
Supplementary Utility, in the form of social-psychological benefits.

   The product may be a good, a service or the combination of both as good
and service or just an idea. A product is all things offered to a market. Those
things include physical objective, design, brand, package, label, price, service,
supportive, literature and satisfaction not only from physical product and
service offered but also from ideas, personalities and organizations. In short,
a product is the sum total of physical, economic, social and psychological

                        WHAT IS SERVICE?

   A TAJ is known as a service unit because it provides its service to the
society in the form of providing foods.

  What Service Means?
        Service has got different meaning or can be understood in different

                 o Service means an action helping someone:
                 o The action of work for someone.
                 o A system supplying a public need.
                 o Reddy to assist someone when required.

              From the above all meaning any meaning can be considered or
     is applicable for the service company. But the perfect meaning can be
     the combination of all the meanings.

              TAJ is perfectly suitable with this meaning because it helps
     public by providing facilities, satisfying public need and ready to assist
     them whenever required.

                        SERVICE DETAILS

   A Service is the most important part and major key for the success of any
unit. Without a service, marketing cannot be imagined. Service is one tool in
the hands of the marketing through which it gives life to all marketing
programs. So, the main responsibility of the marketing would be to know its
service well and to take proper service decision.

   While taking the service decision the following points are to be covered,
         Requirement in the market.
         Market Size
         Competitors.
         Chance of future growth.

   The TAJ has a range of Punjabi, Chinese, Continental food, Ice-cream and
soft drinks is vary satisfying but inter related needs of one market segment.
They are specially known for Chinese because the feature of this product is
very different and the people of Rajkot are habituated with the Chinese and
Punjabi food.


       The TAJ provides various types of services to its customers. They
provide services from soup to deserts. They don’t give a chance of facing any
difficulties by their customers. The services provided by them are as follow.

       They are providing table services to their customers. As mention above
they serve every thing from soup to desert to their customers. When any
customer enters they serve them with water first and secondly they give them
menu. Then they take the order of the customer as per their desire. Then they
provide them their selected food. And if they want any soft drinks along with it
they also provide them various types of soft drinks. At last they give them the
finger bowl to wash their hands and mouth freshener to their customers. So all
this services are provided to them on the table.

       If any customer wants to take the food at home they do provide them
the parcel facility also. They packs the food well in the silver paper and then in
a plastic container. So the food remains hot till they reach home. They do not
charge any extra money for the parcel facility.


       Facility means the comfort available from any thing apart from basic
needs. Facilities can also be said as the item meant for luxury. The TAJ
restaurant provides facilities like

            Plays Birth Day song on your birthday.
            They provide the special food items to the family concern.
            They even provide the special Parcel service to their customers.
            They have a Banquet hall along with the restaurant.
            The hall of the restaurant is fully A/c.
            They do provide free parcel service also their customers.


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   1.        INTRODUCTION          20
   3.         TYPE OF FOOD         22
   4.        PRICE OF LUNCH        23
   5.     STORAGE DEPARTMENT       24


       The key department of restaurant is kitchen department. On the basis
of kitchen the restaurant is running. If the very nice service is providing by
service department but the food is not that much good. The customer does
not prefer that restaurant.

       The kitchen department has to be kept clean everyday. They have to
use best items for making food. They have to taste quality and try to maintain
quality. And the main cooks are having the experience and ability to make
best food.

       “TAJ” has well maintained kitchen. And cooks are able & experience.
They provide the food as per the menu to their customers. They also provide
the special food during the festivals. They are always going to purchase
quality product. They buy the vegetables from the local market only. But they
maintain their choice of good quality vegetables.



       KITCHEN          STORE KEEPER



                           TYPES OF FOOD

   “TAJ” is multi cuisine Restaurant. So, there is not a single type of food. But,
there is a multi type of food. They are providing different food dishes. The
objective of Restaurant is to aware people toward continental food. They
provided following food dishes:

   §   Punjabi
   §   Chinese
   §   Continental
   §   Ice creams
   §   Soft drinks

   They are looking for introducing the Fresh Juices. Hopes for that it starts
as early as possible. But they are not getting enough customers for Fresh
Juices. So they are waiting for the best time to come. As an when they will
feel that they can earn for Fresh Juices they will start it.

                        PRICE OF LUNCH

      As we know that the price is the only element of a unit which generates
revenue. Price is also important part from the customers’ point of view also.
So the price should be such that neither the unit faces any problem nor the
customers think it is expensive. TAJ has been successful in maintaining the
balance between their margin of profit and the costumers’ satisfaction is also
maintained. They do not have any grudges against it.

YOUR FIRST MOVE                         Kuchh Khas SABZIAN TREATS
                                                       Half Plate   Full plate
Fresh lemon soda           25/-         Dal Tadka           28/- 41/-
Fresh Lime Water           20/-         Dal Butter Fry      26/- 46/-
Soft Drinks                20/-         Palak               26/- 46/-
Mineral Water              22/-         Palak Mutter        26/- 46/-
.........................               Alu Mutter          26/- 46/-
SOUPS                                   Dum Alu             26/- 46/-
Tomato Soup (Full)          34/-        Iira Alu            26/- 46/-
Tomato Soup (Half)          24/-        Suka Bhaji          26/- 46/-
Sweet Corn Soup (Full)      41/-        Nargisi Kofta       26/- 46/-
Sweet Corn Soup (Half)      26/-        Veg. Kofta          26/- 46/-
Ministrone Soup (Full)      41/-        Mutter Panir        32/- 52/-
Ministrone Soup(Half)       26/-        Palak Panir         32/- 52/-
Hot & Sour Soup (Full)      41/-        Navratna Korma      34/- 56/-
Hot & Sour Soup (Half)      26/-        Veg. Kadai          34/- 56/-
Manchow Soup (Full)         41/-        Veg. Makhanwala     34/- 56/-
Manchow Soup (Half)         26/-        Veg. Jaipuri        34/- 56/-
Manchurian Soup (Full)      41/-        Mixed Vegetable     38/- 66/-
Manchurian Soup (Half)      26/-        Veg. Kolhapuri      38/- 66/-
Sweet Corn Veg. Soup(full) 48/-         ............................
Sweet Corn Veg. SoupHalf 29/-           TAJ RECOMMENDS
......................                  Paneer Tikka Masala 42/- 76/-
From the SANDWICH BOARD                 Veg. Hydrabadi       42/- 76/-
Bread Butter               20/-         Veg. Hangama         42/- 76/-
Buttered Toast             25/-         Panir Toofani        42/- 76/-

Bread Butter Jam       25/-        Panir Makhanni      42/- 76/-
Cheese Sandwich        35/-        Panir Kadai         42/- 76/-
..........................         Mushroom Masala     42/- 76/-
SATH SATH                          The touch of CONTINENTAL
Green Salad            25/-        French Fries                30/-
Tomato/Cucumber Salad  25/-        Veg. Cutlets               40/-
.............................      Baked Macroni with cheese 56/-
DAHI RAITAS                        Baked Veg. with cheese     56/-
Butter Milk            16/-        Baked Macroni with Pineple 61/-
Plain Raita            16/-        Baked Veg. with Pineple    61/-
Masala Butter Milk     20/-        Baked Veg. with Corn       61/-
Lassi/Salted           22/-        Baked Pineaple             65/-
Lassi/Salted           22/-        Veg. Sizzler               115/-
Veg. Raita             33/-        ................................
Pineapple Raita        38/-        TIDBITS (Only on Weekdays)
.............................      Dry Manchurian             68/-
HAMARE TANDOOR SE                  Dry Panir TIka Masala      77/-
Roti                   11/-        Veg. Pizza                 49/-
Papad Roasted          10/-        Pizza/Italian/Cheese       54/-
Buttered Roti          13/-        Chinese Pizza              54/-
Papad Fried            11/-        Chinese Bhel               54/-
Masala Papad           15/-        Veg. Suzwan Noodles        54/-
Buttered Paratha       19/-        Veg. Suzwan Fried Rice     60/-
Nan                    20/-        Spring Rolls               75/-
Stuffed Paratha        24/-        ................................
Buttered Nan/Kulcha    24/-        RICE PULAO
Stuffed Kulcha         40/-        Plain Rice                 33/-
Cheese Nan/ Garlic Nan 44/-        Plain Ricd (Half)          19/-
.............................      Veg. Pulao/Jira Rice       40/-
From the Choicest CHINESE CORNER   Jira Rice (Half)           24/-
Veg. Fried Rice           44/-     Veg. Biryani               45/-
Veg. Noodles/Haka Noodles 49/-     Kahmiri Pulao (Sweet)      47/-
American Chopsuey         49/-     Handi Biriyani             50/-
Veg. Manchurian           50/-     Hyderabad Biriyani         50/-
Panir/Manchurian Fried Rice 65/-   .................................
Mixed Fried Rice          75/-
Tea Per Cup                 13/-
Coffee Per Cup              15/-
Cold Coffee                36/-
Cold Coffee Ice cream      52/-

                    STORAGE DEPARTMENT

       “TAJ” is having storage department in which they store different raw-
material. Like Vegetables, Grains & Pulses & Dry-Fruits, sweets, etc.

       The storekeeper has to visit storage department and check the stock,
otherwise it will create difficulty for cooks and thus mismanagement can taken
place. But, “TAJ” has proper management of kitchen & storage department. It
is strength of the unit.


Sr. No.            Particulars           Pg. No.
  1.              INTRODUCTION             27
  2.           MANPOWER PLANNING           28
  4.        TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT       31
  6.           WAGES DISTRIBUTION          33
  7.           EMPLOYEES BENEFITS          34
  8.           TIME KEEPING SYSTEM         35
  9.         INDUSTRIAL RELATIONSHIP       36


      Personnel Management is the management of human resources in an
organization and is concerned with the creation of harmonious working
relationship among its participants and bringing about their utmost individual
development. Such management is concerned with leadership in both group
and    “individual   relationship”   and   “labour   relations”   and   “personnel
management”. It effectively describes the process of planning and directing
the application, development and utilization of human resources in
employment. In fact, personnel management undertakes all those activities,
which are concerned with human element in an organization. Whatever
functions are listed therein, the main objective of these functions is to bring
together expertise in a scientific ways and to create attitudes that motivate a
group to achieve its goals economically, effectively and speedily.

   Personnel Management is a specialized branch of general management
which is connected with established and maintaining the personnel relation
with human beings. So, personnel management performs the crucial work for
managing “MEN”.

   Personnel department is necessary for the required number of person at
right place for the right job and utilizing their capacity to the optimum level and
also providing them relevant facilities to achieving goals.

   In this department we can get the information about the ‘Person’ who
worked in the organization. We have study different types of activity like
Recruitment, Selection, Introduction, Training, Promotion, Transfer of the
Employee, Facilities provided to them and worker and other benefits given to
the employees.

       All the activities, which are concern with the human being, are
discussed under this department.

                         MANPOWER PLANNING

   Planning is the primary and most important function of management in
every organization. Planning has been focused on every activity of the

      “Manpower planning is the process of determining manpower
requirement meets these requirements in order to carry out the integrated
plans of the organization”.


            ♥ It facilitates in increasing the size of the business.
            ♥ It results in reduction of labour cost.
            ♥ It answer efficient work force.
            ♥ It promotes good industrial relation.
            ♥ It helps the organization to act according to national policy on
            ♥ It helps in recruitment and selection.

   TAJ restaurant has implemented the manpower Planning.


   Recruitment forms the first stage in the process which continuous with
selection and ceases with the placement of candidates. It is the next step in
the procurement function, the first being the manpower planning. Recruitment
makes it possible to acquire the number and types of people necessary to
ensure the continued operation of the organization. Recruiting is the
discovering of potential applicant for actual or anticipated organizational
vacancies. In other words, it is a ‘linking activity’ bringing together those with
jobs and those seeking jobs.

   Recruitment is the process of selecting efficient and trustworthy person
willing to apply for the job. Recruitment aims to develop and maintain proper
manpower renounces. There are mainly three methods for recruitment which
are as follow.

                DIRECT METHOD

                INDIRECT METHOD

                THIRD PRATY METHOD

    A TAJ has adopted direct method of recruitment that involves mostly
advertisement in newspapers, trade journals, technique magazines, etc. it
takes place when there is vacancy. They are also trained for the job. It is
known as “IN HOUSE TRAINNG” for 15 to 45 days. So as they are completely
aware about the work they are to perform on the job. There is also an
authorized person who checks the person’s ability to work.


   The selection procedure is concerned with securing the relevant
information in a number of steps or stages. The objective of selection process
is to determine whether an applicant meets the qualification for a specific job
and to choose the applicant who is most likely to perform well in that job. It is
a very complicated and is based on the nature of the unit. It is concerned with
securing relevant information about an applicant like education, date of birth,
age and his qualifications.

   In TAJ restaurant the selection procedure is only used while selecting
qualified person. It involve in the following steps.
          1. Application received.
          2. Screening of the application.
          3. Interview.
          4. Merit list.
          5. Post or Placement.

   Generally length of the process is depends upon value of post. Unskilled
person is directly selected.


       Every organization needs to have well-trained and experienced people
to perform the activities that have to be done. If the current or potential job
occupants can meet this requirement, training is not important. But when this
is not the case, it is necessary to raise the skill level and increase the
versatility and adaptability of employee. Inadequate of job performance or a
decline in productivity or changes resulting out of job redesigning or a
technological break-through requires some types of training and development
efforts. As the job becomes more complex, the important of employee
development also increases.

       In a rapidly changing society, employee training and development is
not only an activity that is desirable but also an activity that an organization
must commit resources to it if they want to maintain a viable and
knowledgeable work force.

       Training is the act of increasing skill of an employee for doing the work
properly. It is a corn stone of sound management. It also enables the person
to develop and rise within the unit and increase their market value, earning
power and security. As mentioned earlier they provide 14 to 45 days in-house
training to the employees. Restaurant has more then 40 enthusiastic and
trained manpower available round the clock.

       “Training is the organization procures by which people learn knowledge
and skill for a definite purpose.”

       A TAJ restaurant has also given training to me when I went to visit the
unit as a student of B.B.A. They guided me well and give me their precious
time for me. So I am very much thanking full to them.


   Once the employee has been selected, trained and motivated, he is then
appraised for his performance. Performance appraisal is the step where the
management finds out how effective it has been at hiring and placing
employees. If any problems are identified, steps are taken to communicate
with the employee and to remedy them. A “performance appraisal” is a
process of evaluating an employee’s performance of a job in term of its
requirements. Heyel observes; “It is the process of evaluating the
performance and qualification of employees in terms of the requirement of the
job for which he is employed, for administrating and placement, selection,
financial and other activities. There is no place for injustice with the

   In TAJ the employees are considered as most valuable assets and
therefore it believes in perfect and accurate performance appraisal system.
They believe that employees’ efficiency, productivity and great performance is
a ladder to success. They have an efficient performance appraisal system for
evaluating the employees’ performance.

                    WAGES DISTRIBUTION

   Wages on the widest sense mean any economic compensation paid by the
employer under some contract to his workers for the services rendered by
them. Wages, therefore, include relief pay, financial support and other
benefits. But in the narrower sense, wages are the price paid for the services
of labour in the process of production and include only the performances
wages or wages proper. They are composed of two parts-the basic wages
and other allowances. The basic wages is the remuneration, by way of basic
salary and allowances, which is paid or payable to an employee in terms of
his contract of employment for the work done by him. Allowances, on the
other hand, are paid in addition to the basic wages to maintain the value of
basic wages over a period of time. Such allowances include holiday pay,
overtime pay, and bonus and social security benefits.

   There are some types of wages like Time Wages, Piece Wages, Balance
or Debt Method. In TAJ the salary in paid on the basis of time wage method.
They give the employment to the person having experience and good
qualification in the field of the restaurant management.

                    EMPLOYEES BENEFITS

   Management is concerned with attracting and keeping employees, whose
performance meets at least minimum levels of acceptability; and at keeping
‘absenteeism’ and ‘turn over’ to tolerable levels. The provision of ‘benefits’
and ‘services’ are important in mentioning the employees and reducing and
keeping turn over and absenteeism low.

   It is important to note that ‘financial’ incentives are paid to specific
employees. ‘Employee benefit and services’ on the other hand, are
available to all employees based on their membership in the organization. The
purpose of such benefits and services is to retain people in the organization
and not to stimulate them to greater effort and higher performance. They
foster loyalty and act as security base for the workers.

   A TAJ provides following facilities to its employees:-
    Leave with pay.
    Accommodation facilities.
    Friendly working environment.
    Free food the employees.
    Bonus to the employees on Diwali.

                    TIME KEEPING SYSTEM

   In TAJ the time keeping system for the employee is from morning 11:30
a.m. to noon 3:30 p.m. and from evening 7:30 p.m. to night 11:30 p.m. These
timing may even change depending upon the work they are allotted. In the
unit, workers are having working hours divided into two shifts as mentioned
above. The restaurant remains open daily so employees have daily working

   The timing for the employers is from 11:00 to 15:30 and from 19:0 to 23:30
by night. In between they have the break time. They can do what they like to
do in this time period.


   Industrial relations refers to a dynamic and developing concept which is
not limited to the complex of relations between trade unions and management
but also refers to the general web of relationship normally obtaining between
employers and employees a web much more complex than the simple
concept of labour capital conflict.

   Industrial relations do not constitute a simple relationship, but are a set of
functional, inter-dependent complexities involving historical, economical,
social, psychological, demographic, technological, occupational, political, legal
and other variables, and call for an interdisciplinary approach to their study.

   In TAJ restaurant the industrial relationship is good. It’s an ideal family
relation because atmosphere is familiar and there is no communication gap
between owners and workers.


Sr. No.         Particular        Pg. no.
   1.         INTRODUCTION          39
   2.         PRICING POLICY        40
   4.     MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS     42


   Today it is fashionable to talk about the new economy. We hear that
business are operating in a globalize economy, that things are moving at a
nanosecond pace; that our markets are characterized by hyper-competition;
that disruptive technologies are challenging every business; and that business
must adopt to the empowered consumer. Marketing management occupies a
significantly places whether it is a new of an established unit. To fulfill overall
objectives, an efficient marketing department is a prime condition.

   Good marketing plays a significant role in increasing the sale of the goods
in the market. Marketing management is the process of planning and
executing the concept of pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods
and services to create the satisfied individuals and organizational objectives.

    The important of marketing has increased in view that it has become a
media of communicating between the customers and industry. Today best
marketing and good channel is the key to success for the company.

   Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individual and
groups obtain what they need and want creating and exchanging value and
product with each other. A TAJ has adopted customer oriented marketing.

                           PRICING POLICY

   Price is the one element of the, marketing mix that producers revenue; the
other element producer costs. Price is the easiest marketing-mix element to
adjust; product features, channels, and even promotion take more time. A
price also communicates to the market the company’s intended value
positioning of its products or brands. Pricing policy is one of the important
factors that can affect directly to the unit and also to its customers.

   Pricing policy means policies related to the price of a product. An
organization is having price option for a particular product. A number of
factors affect such pricing decision. A firm may choose various kinds of pricing
methods, for their various products.

   In TAJ the pricing policy is mostly decided according to the general
practice of the market price. The price of the item depends on the market
price and also a bit to its profit margin. The price of all the types of food items
is fixed from the first and remains stable.

   TAJ under takes various types of aspect which are as follow:

        ♀ Price of raw materials.
        ♀ Cost of preparing.
        ♀ Salary and wages overhead.
        ♀ Advertising and promoting expense.
        ♀ Taxations.
        ♀ Government strategies.
        ♀ Packing expenses.
        ♀ Reasonable profit margin.


   One of the best thing that the owner of the company can take as a reward
beside its income is the consumers’ satisfaction. If the customers are satisfied
they will come again to the restaurant and will also bring more customers to
the business. This will definitely lead to increase in the profit and it also
increases the good will of the company. As we know that satisfaction comes
from the service they provide to us. On the basis of it only we can judge the
level of satisfaction we get.

   So TAJ provides the best services to their customers and tries to solve the
problems immediately if the customer has any problem. They also provide
table service to their customer. They play some soft music in the dinner hall.
And if possible they try to serve their best service to the customer by not
disturbing them and at last asking their opinion about food.

                 MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS

      The term market share is used frequently. Essentially it refers to the
preparation of the total sales of a product during a stated time period in a
specific market that is captured by a single unit. Market share can refer to
entire industries, narrow segments or particular geographic areas and also
can apply to past, present and future time period.

      The analysis of market is needed to compare the company’s sale with
the industry’s sales. Comparing a company’s sales forms as performance
evolution, but it does not tell how the company is doing relative to its
competitors. This is nothing but a detailed study of market share analysis,
which indirectly helps in accurate forecasting of demand for the product or
service for a successful marketing plan.

       As TAJ is a part of vast service industries, its market share is 3%.


Sr. No.             Particular            Pg. No.
  1.              INTRODUCTION              45


   Financial management is that managerial activity which is concerned with
the planning and controlling of the firm’s financial resources. Though it was a
branch of economics till 1890, as a separate activity or discipline it is of recent
origin. Still, it has unique body of knowledge of its own, and draws heavily on
economics for its theoretical concepts even today.

   The subject of financial management is of immense to both academicians
and practicing managers. It is of great interest to academicians because the
subject is still developing, and there are still certain areas where controversies
exist for which no unanimous solutions have been reached as yet. Practicing
managers are interested in this subject because among the most crucial
decisions of the firm are those which relates to finance, and an understanding
of the theory of financial insights of make those decisions skillfully.

   Finance manager has to play a major role in planning a business concern
need for finance or fund, raising necessary funds, packing them into effective
use, etc. as it is the life line of the business. It is necessary to set up
systematic management for sound management of funds. It is said by the
Henry that the “money is an arm or leg. You can either use it or lose it.”

   In TAJ there is separate department for the different types of work as for
estimating the capital, distributing of profit, finding new source of fund, cash
&bank balances, and recording of A/c., fixing the prices and controlling the
financial activities.



   To raise finance at right time and to utilize it most effectively there are the
primary functions of financial management which can be safely delegated to
other officials of the business, the top management only monopolized the
financial decisions. This underlines the important of financial management.

   Broadly, interpreted finance functions are basically same in all types of
business organizations. The financial considerations are same irrespective of
the size of the unit. Of course the nature of financial organization has changed
to suit the size of the unit.

   The management of finance is the most important function of an
organization and the existence of the organization depends on the efficient
use of financial resources. Therefore, the proprietor of TAJ himself supervises
the financial activities carried out by executives of finance.


   Working capital refers to the funds locked up in materials, work in progress,
finished goods, receivable and cash, etc. since these assets are known as
current assets, in very simple term, “working capital may be defined as capital
invested in current assets.” According to Hoagland, “working capital is
descriptive of that capital which is not fixed. But the more common use of the
working capital is to consider it as the difference between the book value of
the current asset and current liabilities.”

   Working capital plays an important role in any organization. The
management of working capital is done in such a way so that the firm does
not face financial crisis because the scarcity of finance will create disturbance
in the working of the unit.

   In TAJ the working capital is Rs. 1, 00,000. The proprietor of the restaurant
does the management of working capital. It is major concern of the financial
manager such as the accomplishment of the value of maximization of goal
depends essentially on prudent working decision.

                         SWOT ANALYSIS

  The over all evolution of the unit’s strength, weakness,   opportunities and
threats is called SWOT ANALYSIS.

  The strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of TAJ are as follows.

      S: - The strength of them is their location, customer satisfaction and
          best quality with good service.

      W: - The weakness is over population.

      O: - The great opportunity of expanding the mind set of the people and
          also their earning potentials and development.

      T: - They fear the continuously upcoming new units which wear down
          the pricing.

                         FUTURE PLANS

   As every unit has their future plans to achieve and we also know that it is
continues process which goes on goes on without stopping. If one of the plan
is completed other one is already ready to be implement.

   The future plan of “TAJ” is to introduce the “New Fresh Juices”, in near


   Project is the result of valued suggestions. In the world, every individual is
striving for perfection. No one is perfect but constant endeavor for excellence
leads towards perfection.

   The world is changing rapidly especially in the area of business. However
top becomes a world leader one should not remain unaware of the self-

   I would like to suggest that they should provide the entertainment facilities
to the employees, uniform to the employees and also medical facility to the

   I would also like to suggest that they should go for more publicity and
should increase the facilities like party hall, play room for children, dance hall,
some indoor games, etc.


   From the discussion we had done with the members we come to the
conclusion that the unit owns considerable status in the Rajkot city. It is highly
significant that it has grown with the help of its own power. They have not
done any collaboration with any other company. They have also maintained
their quality to the maximum level. They had made the optimum utilization of
their resources.

   The result of their unit is the efficient management, efforts of the every
person concerned, good co-ordination among the employees and managers.
Thus in the context of the above achievements it is said that “TAJ
RESTAURANT” has a bright future.


   Training in service unit and thus getting the information regarding various
aspects is truly a practical asset. But in order to give practical training a true
and clear meaning for the preparation of best and complete report, the
theoretical concepts must be at least clear in our minds. To have the complete
knowledge regarding various theoretical concepts. I took the help from the
following books by well known authors.

    Marketing Management by Philip Kotler.
    Personnel Management by C.B.Memoria.
    Financial Management by I.M.Pandey.
    Forms of Business Organization by Sherlaker.

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