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					                Service Sector Visit Report
                   HOTEL ADITYA
Prepared by        :       Sangani Rohit P.

STD.               :        S.Y.B.B.A.

Roll No.           :        35

Seat No.           :

Academic Year      :        2009-10

                           :: College ::

                       R.P.Bhalodiya College

                          :: Submit to ::

                       Saurashtra University

                          :: Guided By ::

                           Savan Rupala


     I am the student of S.Y.B.B.A and studding in
R.P.Bhalodiya College, Rajkot. I have a subject namely
practical study in which. I have to prepare a project report.

     It can never be possible to make in today’s competitive
business world only on the basis of theoretical knowledge.
Practical study is very important for practical purpose.

     This training programme is assigned by Saurashtra
University to the S.Y.B.B.A. concerned the main object of
servicing training is to provide practical knowledge about
functioning department of the organization visit.

                 General Information
                 Service Department
                 Marketing Department
                 Personal Department
                 Finance Department

     For this training purpose and to achieve the object of
particular knowledge, I have visited Hotel Aditya. At Rajkot,
I have finished training and prepared project report it.


     I undersigned Sangani Rohit the student of S.Y.B.B.A.
here by declare that the project work in this report every
information get my hard and own work. It has been carried
out under the supervision of Mr. Savan Rupala of
R.P.Bhalodiya College, Rajkot.

    This work has been submitted out of college &
Saurashtra University for my examination.


    Place: Rajkot

                                 Signature of Student


      I am heartily thankful to Mr. Savan Rupala who has
given his best Co-operation in collection of information
during my project training their behavior towards me deep

     I am also thankful to our B.B.A in charge Hasmukhbhai
who has given us guidance for preparation this company
project report.

     To Mr. Savan Rupala

    Lastly I am thankful to entrance staff of this unit & the
manager as they have provide me good response &
guidance information of different segment and kind Co-
operative during my project training in this unit.

                                        You’re faithfully


Sr.No.           Particular     Pg.No.
  1.     General Information      6
  2.     Service Department       17
  3.     Marketing Department     23
  4.     Finance Department       33
  5.     Personnel Department     43
  6.     Future Plan              55
  7.     S.W.O.T. Analysis        56
  8.     Suggestion               59
  9.     Conclusion               60
  10.    Bibliography             61


Sr.No.             Particular       Pg.No.
  1.     Introduction                 8
  2.     Hotel Aditya at Glance       9
  3.     Hotel Highlight              10
  4.     Location Purpose             12
  5.      Size and Managing group     13
         of Organization
  6.     Hotel Facilities             14
  7.     Services of the Room         15
  8.     Tariff                       16


      Hotel Aditya is one of the best hotels in Rajkot. It is a
high quality business hotel. It established on year 1994 at
Bhupendra Road, Opp.Rajshri Cinema, and Rajkot. Pioneer
of this hotel is Mr. Arvindbhai Lakhani.

     The Hotel Aditya, at Rajkot a landmark in the
hospitality sector of Saurashtra offers much more then just
accommodation. The hotel is the first class full service
business hotel.

     The hotel with 28 well appointed rooms with ample
seating including the splendid Gardenia Floor having a lush
& rich garden with 19 rooms surrounding it, offers all the
requirements of a Modern Business Traveler.

      Hotel Aditya in Rajkot is a 3 star approved with 4 star
facilities Hotel in Rajkot.

                Hotel Aditya at Glance

     The organization is reputed for its transparency, its
corporate culture and its contribution to the nation and
society. Dynamic young profession with zeal and
commitment to customer satisfaction and a pragmatic
approach to marketing manage the organization.

     Hotel Aditya Situated in the midst of prominent
business & commercial area of Rajkot city. Hotel Aditya is 5
km. from the Airport & 3 km. from the Railway station.
Hotel Aditya in Rajkot is the ideal destination for corporate
Gathering, Strategic Planning Sessions & Boards Meeting.

     The accommodation options at Hotel Aditya in Rajkot
are a plenty to offer a wide choice to the tourists. The
comfort and luxury at Hotel Aditya in Rajkot make you feel
at home feel away from your home. Hotel Aditya in Rajkot
offers quality business services and facilities including a business
center, executive lounge, health room & recreational room.

                   Hotel Highlight

                  Name of the Hotel 

                      Hotel Aditya

               Year of the Established 

The hotel was established in 1994 at Rajkot as Hotel Aditya

                       Location 

Easily Accessible from the Airport [3 kms] & The Railway
                     Station [3 kms]

                       Address 

         Buppendra Road, Opp. Rajshri Cinema
                   Rajkot 360 002.

                Telephone & Fax No. 

                   Fax: +91-281-229901

               Form of Organization 
       The form of organization is sole proprietor.

                       Service 

Rooms – Executive rooms, Elegance rooms, Gardenia
rooms and Suit rooms.

Regent Room – party room for 300 persons.

Board Room – meeting for up to 25 persons.

                      Website 


                       E-Mail 


                   Location Purpose

     One of expert in this field remarks, “The location of
plant should be filed in such a manner that people
interested in this success, can sell good most profitability
and can manufacture with least expenditure.”

     The Hotel Aditya is situated at Buppendra Road, Opp.
Rajshri Cinema Rajkot. This company situated hears for
some reasons are as follows.
   Midst of prominent business & commercial areas
     of city.
   Just 5 kms. From Airport
   Just 3 kms. From station
   Before hotel, its own building of owner

  Size and Managing group of Organization

 Size of Organization:

According to Indian Company act, there are three main
types of industry.

   Small Scale Industry
   Medium Scale Industry
   Large Scale Industry

Hotel Aditya has under the category of “Medium Scale

 Managing Group:

   Managing Director: - Mr. Arvindbhai Lakhani
   Manager          : - Mr. Pravinbhai

                    Hotel Facilities

 Business Facilities:

     A Fully Equipped Business Center with Secretarial
Services Available. 24 Hour Copier/Fax/Postal/Internet/E-
Mail Services. We accept all Major Credit Cards.

 Facilities & Services:

          The Hotel has extremely Spacious rooms
    Equipped with Modern Amenities. All Rooms offer
    satellite T.V., Direct Dialing S.T.D. / I.S.D. Facility. We
    Provide 24 Hours Room Service, Safe Deposit Vaults,
    Doctor on Call & Courtesy Express Laundry Services,
    Food Parcels, Terrace Garden for Evening Leisure & Get
    To Gather for 300 Persons.

       Services of the Room Reservation

     “The action of helping for someone, system supplying a
public need & ready to assist someone when required”.

      Hotel Aditya is perfectly suitable with this meaning
because it helps public by providing its facilities, by
satisfying public need and also ready to assist them
whenever required.

Advance Booking: - Through Direct Contact, By E-Mail, by
contact, Telephone Contact, By Indirect.

Present Booking Telephone: - Through Direct Contact, By

Regent Room Booking: - Direct Contact

Board Room Booking: - Through Direct Contact, By
Telephone, By E-Mail.


Room Type                   Single               Double
None. A/C.                   1550                 1950
Eco. A/C.                    1700                 2000
Rag A/C.                     2000                 2500
Super A/C.                   3500                 3500
Suit Room                    4000                 4500
Ex. Mat./Person               500                   -

 Term and Condition:

All rooms are subject to 4% Luxury Tax.
Sales Tex on Food & Beverage will be applied as
Any charges in Tax structure will be levied as
All rates are subject to change without prior notice.
Check out time 12:00 noon.
In the absence of arrival detail, reservation will be
 deemed as guaranteed up to 1500 Hours only.


Sr.No.           Particular   Pg.No.
  1.     Introduction           19
  2.     What is Service?       20
  3.     Hotel Service          22


      There are two types of business unit. One is concern
with production and another is concern with providing
different service. Both of these earning profit, through
exchange of product and providing service with price.

      The Hotel Aditya provides different service to the
consumer through which they are earning profit. They must
care of their consumer and providing their best service. The
motto of “Hotel Aditya” is earning profit by good service to
their customer & Society.

     Hotel Aditya provides good service to their customers.
They provide good hotel service at very reasonable to their
customers. The credit of hotel is very nice & they have good
conduct with company of Rajkot.

                   What is Service?

     Simple meaning of service is to provide something to
the society. Hotel Aditya is providing hotel service to the
society so, it is known as service industry.

 What Service Means?
      “The action of helping someone working to someone,
system supplying a public need & ready to assist someone
when required”
      From the above all meaning any meaning can be
considered or applicable for the service industry or firm.
      Hotel Aditya is perfectly suitable with this meaning
because it helps public by providing its facilities, by
satisfying public needs & ready to assist them whenever

 Front Office Service:-
     Generally this office is known as Reception. Hotel
Aditya is known as a Front Office. Front Office employee is
directly conducted with the customer. This employee is also
one kind of represented it firm. These works are advance
booking of room, present room booking, and customer
service; all service of the hotel to its customer. Try to fulfill
requirement of the customer.

 Process of Room Reservation:-

     The room reservation process is very simple to
understand for customers. There are two type of room

    1. Direct method:
         In this method customer directly contact with
    hotel to its front office & reserve the room.

    2. Indirect method:
         In this method customer reserve room through the
    phone, internet & pay through check. The regular
    customers pay on its time.

                     Hotel Service

     Hotel Aditya is providing different types of hotel
services to their customers. Service which is provided by
hotel is follow.

      All Rooms offer satellite T.V., Direct Dialing
       STD / I.S.D. Facility.
      Provide food from the well known restaurant
      24 hours room services
      Money changing facilities
      Travel counter
      Doctor on call
      Laundry service
      All major credit cards accepted
      Vehicles parking facilities
      Courtesy airport transfer
      Provide food & beverage through the other


Sr.No.            Particular   Pg.No.
  1.     Introduction            25
  2.     Marketing Mix           26
  3.     Product Decision        27
  4.     Pricing Policy          28
  5.     Promotion Decision      29
  6.     Advertising             30
  7.     Sales Promotion         31
  8.     Competitors             32


      Marketing is the basic reason for the existence of a
business organization. Marketing is the spring board of all
activities. The success of a business depends largely on the
effectiveness with its marketing strategy are formulated &
implemented. Marketing is said to be the eyes & ears of a
business organization. Business it keeps the business in close
with its economics, political, social & technological
environment & informs it of events that can influence its
activities as per requirements of the market.

     Marketing Management represent an important
functional area of business management efforts for the flow
of goods & services from the products to the consumers. It
looks after the marketing system of the enterprise. It has to
implement marketing strategies, programs and campaigns.

      “Marketing Management is the analysis, planning,
implementation & control of programs decision to create,
build & maintain beneficial exchange with target buyers
for the purpose of achieving organizational objectives.”

    In Hotel Aditya, they did marketing activities with
good effort. They find out needs and wants and thus satisfy

                       Marketing Mix

     Marketing Manager is mixes of all marketing
ingredient & he operate a mix of all marketing elements &
resource. Marketing mix offer an optimum combination of
all marketing ingredients. So that we can have realization of
company goals such as profit return on investment, sales
volume, Market share & so on.

     “Marketing Mix is the set of marketing tools that the
firm uses to peruse it marketing objectives in the target
                  - Philip Kotler

The basis of marketing operation is the co-ordination of four
key variables namely,

      Product
      Price
      Place
      Promotion
                       4 P’s Marketing

        P          P                     P      P
        R          R                     L      R
        O          I                     A      O
        D          C                     C      M
        U          E                     E      O
        C                                       T
        T                                       I
                   Product Decision

      The Product is the most tangible & important signal
component of marketing programme. The product policy &
strategy is the corner stone of a marketing mix. Product is
the engine that pulls the rest of the marketing programme.

     “Product is a bundle of benefits which are being
offered to a consumer.”

      The product may be goods, a service, goods plus
service, or just an idea. A product is all things include
physical product and service, supportive, literature, and
satisfaction. Not only from physical product and service
offered but also from ideas, personalities and organization.
In short, a product is the sum total of physical, economic,
social and psychological benefits.

 Product Mix & Product Line Decision

     Product mix is the list of all product offered for sale by
a company. It is defined as,” Product mix is the composition
of various features of product.”
     The product management evolves product mix in
consolation with marketing manager. Different types of
rooms are the product mix.

     Product Line means a single company provided
various products. If the company wants to expand their
business, they have to provide no. of products. So, there is
single company provide no. of products. It is known as
product line.
                       Pricing Policy

     Pricing decision has strategic importance in any
enterprise. Pricing governs the very feasibility of any
marketing programme because it is the only elements in a
marketing mix accounting for demand & sales revenue,
other element are cost factors.

     Economist defines price as the exchange value of a
product or service expressed in money. To the consumer the
price is an agreement between seller & buyer concerning
what each is to receive.

     While deciding the price of product or service,
following factors are considered.

  1.   Maintenance
  2.   Estimated cost
  3.   Wages paid
  4.   Electricity expenses
  5.   Promotion expenses
  6.   Number of factors
  7.   Other cost

                  Promotion Decision

      The marketing mix activates or product planning and
distribution are performed mainly with in business or
between a business and the member of its distribution
channels. However, through its promotional activities, a firm
communicates directly with potential customers and as well
we see, it is not a simple process.

     Basically, promotion is a attempt to influence, and more
specifically promotion is an element in an organization
marketing mix that serves to inform persuade and remind
the market of the product and the organization selling it, in
hopes of influencing the recipient’s feeling, belief or

     “Promotion consists of those activities that are designed
to bring a company goods and services to the favorable
attention of customer.”

     There are four forms of promotion are as follows.

 Personal Selling
 Advertising
 Sales Promotion
 Public Relation & Publicity
 Call Center

     Hotel Aditya makes promotion activity. So they can
increase their sales volume.


    Advertising is one of the most important forms of
promotion activities. The main purpose of advertising is to
promote sales & for this every organization adopt

     Advertisement     can    define     as,” Mass, paid
communication presentation and promotion of goods,
service or ideas by an identified sponsor. It is paid
communication, because the advertising has to pay for the
space or time in which his advertising.”

     Advertising is nothing but a paid from of non-personal
presentation or promotion of ideas, goods or services by an
identified sponsor.

    Hotel Aditya gives advertisement is newspapers,
magazine, internet etc.

 Publicity:

      As we known that good & favorable publicity can
provide a lot of benefits which is way publicity is also not
less important.

     Publicity is also called marketing public relation. Public
is not paid by the organization. Every firm tries to create
good public relation so as to give good publicity. Hotel
Aditya does some social activities which makes betters
public relation.
                     Sales Promotion

     Now a day in competition are sales promotion activities
become most powerful in any of the organization to promote
the sale? Hotel Aditya also tries it best for sales promotion.

     Sales Promotion is an important instrument in
marketing to lubricate the marketing efforts. Today Sales
Promotion is a necessary and not merely a luxury or a

      Sales Promotion is refereed to the promotional
activities other than personal salesmanship, advertise &
publicity. Which stimulate consumer purchasing and dealer
effectiveness? E.g. exhibition, display, free sample etc. It is a
plus ingredient in the marketing mix. Where as advertising
and personal salesmanship are essential and basic
ingredients in the marketing mix?
Sales includes following points:

 Credit facilities:
     Credit facilities is the most effective way through which
sales can be promotion and rally of customer are interest in
credit purchases.

 Other Efforts:
    Hotel Aditya is giving certain incentives to customers.

 Travel Agent:
    Hotel Aditya also has travel agent & they give
commission to their agent.

    In the market there are many hotels. As we know that
competition is increasing day by day. So, firm have to about
the competition. There are many competition of Hotel
Aditya which is as follows:

 Hotel Ankur
 Kavery hotel
 Hotel KK
 Hotel Royal


Sr.No.               Particular             Pg.No.
  1.     Introduction                         35
  2.     Organization of finance department   36
  3.     Finance Planning                     37
  4.     Capitalization                       38
  5.     Finance Sources                      39
  6.     Management of Fixed capital          40
  7.     Management of working capital        41
  8.     Profit                               42


     Finance is the lifeline of business. It is the pivot around
which all economic which all economic activities revolve.
Financial decision has to get vital role in any organization. It
is essential to set up a systematic management for sound
management of funds.

     Finance management is that manage real activity,
which is concerned with the planning and controlling of the
firms financials resources. A capable financial management
can lead the unit to the path of highly profitability with
limited financial turning.

    According to Solomon,” Financial Management is
concerned mainly with such matters as, how a business
corporation raises its finance and how it makes use of it”

     In companies, there is a separate finance department
and the financial manager has to perform the following
      Distribution of profit
      Cash & Bank management
      Estimating the requirement of finance
      Finding out new sources of finance
      Recording of accounts
      Fixing the price
      Maintenance of accounts
      Controlling the financial activities

      Organization of Finance Department

      Finance management is mainly concerned with the
procurement of resources & its effective utilization in the
business. To raise finance at right time and to utilize it most
effectively are the primary function of the business, the top
management only monopolizes the finance decisions.

     Broadly, interpreted finance functions are basically
same in all types of business organizations. The finance
considerations are irrespective of the size of the firm.

     The management of finance is the most important
function of an organization and existence of the organization
depends on the efficient use of finance resource. Therefore,
the owner of Hotel Aditya himself supervises the financial
actives carried out by executive of finance.

                   Financial Planning

     Planning is very necessary for the smooth of the
business. Planning means deciding in advance what is to be

     Financing planning means deciding in advance the
financial activities to be carried on to achieve the basic
objective of the firm. The success or failure of any business
enterprise depends up on the formation of financial
planning if the financial planning is prepaid carefully,
accurately and without any fault, than enterprise will get
success in its business. If involves the setting of objectives
and identification of the variable affecting the objective.

     In Hotel Aditya they also are doing financial planning.
The top management does the financial planning every year.


     The term “Aditya” plays a vital role in any
organization because more in the turn over and more is the
profit. It is necessary to know from how much capital they
had started the business and hoe where they are.
Capitalization is an important constitute of financial
planning. Capitalization means the total accounting value of
capital employee in the business for all martial purpose.

     “Capitalization means the total accounting value of the
capital stock, surplus in whatever from it may appear and
funded long-term debt”

     Capitalization can be divided in two parts.

 Over Capitalization:
     A company is said to be over capitalized when it’s
earning are not large enough to yield a fair return on the
amount of its issued securities & long term borrowing.

 Under Capitalization:
     A company is said to be under capitalized when the
rate of profit is exceptionally high in relation to the return
enjoyed by similarly companies in the same industry or it
has too little capital to conduct business.

                  Financial Sources

     Sources to finance mean that from where to collect
funds and from where money comes for industries and also
at sometime in which way it comes at the time of
requirements. Generally there are two source of finance i.e.

    (1)   Internal Sources
    (2)   External Sources

     Hotel Aditya has both internal and external sources of

             Management of Fixed capital

     Fixed capital refers to the funds investment in such
fixed or permanent assets as land, building, machinery, etc.
They are helped in the production process. Large fixed asset
does not mean that the firms are very well but there must be
proper use of fixed assets.

     There must be proper and appropriate provision for
depreciation of on fixed assets. The financial manager is
responsible for maintaining proper management of fixed
assets. Financial manager has to take proper decision for the
investment in fixed assets.

        The fixed assets of the Hotel Aditya is Rs. 5, 00,000/-

        Management of Working capital

     Working capital refers to the funds locked up in
materials, working progress, finished goods, received to the
funds locked up in materials, working progress, finished
goods, receivable and cash, etc. Since this asset is known as
current assets, in very simple terms, “Working capital may
be defined as capital invested in current assets.”

      According to Hong land,” Working capital is decretive
of that capital which is the fixed. But the more common use
of the working capital is to consider it as the different
between the book value of the current assets and current

     Working capital plays as an important role in any
organization. The management of working capital is done in
such a way so that the firm dose not faces financial crises or
the secrecy of financial will cricket distribution in the
working of the unit.

    In Hotel Aditya Working capital is Rs. 3, 00,000. Top
management dose the management working capital. It is a
major concern of the financial manager such as the
accomplishment of the value of maximization of goal
depends essential on prudent working decision.


     Over and above the other objective of a business the
basic objective of any organization is making profit. The
entire existence of business of the business depends on its
profitability. Profitability of a firm means consist ratio and
percentage of total profit earned on an annual bases. It is
always observe to be well maintaining in every firm.

    Hotel Aditya is successfully in earning a profit of 18 to
25% only.

      Account:

         Hotel Aditya maintains its account by double
entry system and accounting is computerized. This is
managed by the accountant of the firm.


Sr.No.               Particular          Pg.No.
  1.     Introduction                      45
  2.     Manpower Planning                 46
  3.     Recruitment & Selection           47
  4.     Training & Development            49
  5.     Salary & Distribution             50
  6.     Performance Appraisal             51
  7.     Promotion & Transfer Policy       52
  8.     Employee’s Benefits & Service     53
  9.     Time Keeping System               54


     “Personnel Management is that part of the
management function which is primarily concerned with
human relationship within an organization. Its objective is
the maintenance of those relationships on a basic which, by
consideration of the well being of the individual, enable all
those engaged in the undertaking to make their maximum
personnel contribution in the effective working of the
      - Indian Institute of Personnel Management, Calcutta

     “Personnel Management is the Planning, Organizing,
Directing, Development, Remuneration, Compensation,
Integration and Separation of human recourses to the and
that individual, organization & social objectives is
                             - According to Edward Flippo

     Personnel Management involves procedures and
practice through which human resources are managed
toward attainment of the individual social and organization.

    In short, Personnel Management function that helps
managers Plans, Recruit, Selection, Training, Development,
Remunerate and Maintaining members for organization.

                 Manpower Planning

     Planning is the starting point of any managerial
activities. It is an important function of management in
every organization. Planning has been focused on every
activity of the business like vise, marketing, finance,
personnel etc.

     “Manpower planning is the process of determining
manpower requirements and the means for the meeting
these requirements in order to carry out the integrated
plans of the organization.”

    There are many advantage of manpower planning
which are as follow.

     It reduces labour cost.
     Best use of skills of employees.
     It provides training facilities.
     Improvements in all levels.
     It is useful for making employee skill unto date.
     It is evolution tool.
     Useful to managerial succession.

    From the above advantages we can say that Manpower
planning is much useful to the management.

               Recruitment & Selection

 Recruitment:

      Recruitment is a process to discover the source of
manpower to meet the requirement of the staffing schedule
and of employ effective measures for attracting that
manpower adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection
of effective selection of efficient personnel.

There are 2 method of recruitment which is as follows.

        Direct Method
        Indirect Method

There is several of recruitment.

                   Sources of Recruitment

        Internal Sources                 External Sources
  1.   Present Employees           1.   Mgt. Consultant
  2.   Employee Referrals          2.   Advertisement
  3.   Formal Employee             3.   Campus requirement
  4.   Previous applicant          4.   Trade association

     Hotel Aditya adopted directly method of requirement
& they recruit employee from the Internal Source of

 Selection:

     Selection is a process of choosing right person of the
right job. The objective of the selection process is to
determine whether an applicant meets the qualification for a
specific job & choose the applicant who is most likely to
perform well in job.

     This information is accrued in a number of steps or
stages. It is a very complicated and it is generally based on
the nature and technology of the unit. It is concerned with
securing relevant information about an applicant like
education, date of birth, age his qualification etc.

     “Selection is the process of picking individual from
pull of applicants with necessary qualification.”

              Training & Development

 Training:
     Training is one of the important aspects of manpower
development. Traveling is normally viewed as a short term
educational process utilizing a planned, systematic and
organized procedure by which non-martial personnel
acquire the technical knowledge and skills necessary for
increase, and organizational effectiveness.

     In simple words, training is a process of developing or
imparting skills, knowledge and changing attitudes so as to
increase individual and organizational effectiveness.

     In the words of Wayne Cascia,”Tanning consists of
planning programs undertaken to improve employee
knowledge, skills, attitudes, and social behavior so that the
performance of the organization improves considerably”.

      At the Hotel Aditya, the employees are given effective
training when the employee joins the organization So that,
they can work properly & smoothly.

 Development:
     The management is the dynamic life-giving element in
business. The caliber & performance of manager will largely
determine the success of a business. Therefore this report
also takes care for the development of manager. The resort
provides special training to them to improve their

                  Salary Distribution

     In the organization, employees give their services with
the object of earning money. Employees are rewarded in the
form of salaries for their services. Salary is important to
attract the employees.

     At, Hotel Aditya, the salaries of the employees are
determined on the basis of their performance, experience &
qualification. The Hotel employees’ knowledge persons of
the hotel field and their salaries are above Rs. 2,000 to 10,000.

               Performance Appraisal

     For personnel management a Performance appraisal is
an important tool. Performance appraisal means personal’s
performance in the company.

      Once the employees have been selected trained and
motivated; he is then appraised for his performance.
Performance appraisal is the step where the management
finds out how effective it has been at hiring and placing
employee. A Performance appraisal consists of evaluating an
employee’s performance of a job in terms of a job in terms of
its recruitment.

      “Hotel Aditya” consider its employees as it’s most
valuable and therefore it believes in perfect and accurate
performance appraisal system. They believe that employees’
efficiency, productivity and great performance is a ladder to
success. Hotel Aditya has an efficient performance appraisal
system for evaluating their employees’ performance.

           Promotion & Transfer Policy

 Promotion:

     Every organization has its own promotion policy.
Promotion means the assignment of a position at higher
responsibility to own individual. Generally promotion
covers a change & calls for grater responsibility & usually
involves higher status. It is a vertical movement. It provides
motivation to a person.

      At, Hotel Aditya the employee is promoted on the basis
of his performance.

 Transfer:

     Transfer is horizontal movement of company employee
from the job, section, and department, present position to
another at same or another place, where his responsibility &
salary is same.

         Employee’s Benefits & Services

    In today companies gives benefits to their worker or
employees. The Hotel Aditya provides following facilities.

      Festival gift
      Bonus
      Lone
      Provident funds
      Overtime
      Vehicle

               Time Keeping System

      Time keeping is important for the business man &
employers. There are many benefits that a firm is able to
avoid because of discipline in time management system.
To get these benefit that affects the system of time like
production capacity, demand for material etc. After studying
all these factors, time schedules are adjusted.

     Time keeping is the relevant data mentioned by all
manufacturing units to its employee. The system can be used
to improve employee relation & cost control. It is time check
for every workman to know his output.

     Hotel Aditya is working in everyday, but as per
required 3 shifts which are as follows:

      Morning shift:     7:00 pm to 4:00 am
      Afternoon shift:   3:00 am to 12:00 pm
      Night shift:       11:00 pm to 7:00 am

    The future plan of the hotel is as follows.

 Going for improvement in infrastructure
 Improvement is quality
 Improvement in Service of hotel
 Expansion of business through opening new branches

                  S.W.O.T. Analysis

     S.W.O.T. analyses is a too auditing an organization and
its environment. It is first stage of planning and helps
marketers to focus on key issue. Ones key issues have been
identified the feed in to market objective. S.W.O.T stands for
      Strength
      Weakness
      Opportunity
      Threats

 Strengths & Weakness are internal factor
 Opportunities & Threats are external factor

 Strength:

 The staff of Hotel Aditya is well manner. They treat
  customer generally.
 There is a chain command means only top management
  can take decision.
 The location of Hotel Aditya is near to the famous area of
 Internal personnel relation is very nice between staff and

 Weakness:

 Hotel Aditya does not give more important on
 Hotel area is very small. So, people can not find easily.
 People park their vehicle outside.
 Opportunity:

 Hotel Aditya is situated in popular area of Rajkot so, they
  having more market share.
 The image of the hotel is very nice.

 Threat:

 There are more competitors available in city. There
  competitor providing at less price from Hotel Aditya.
 The general policy is not aware the facilities and services
  provided by them.
 Threat of competitors.
 Organization is suffering from the constantly increasing
  the price of raw martial.

     In the word, every individual is striving for
performance. No on is perfect. But constant endeavor for
excellence leads towards perfection.

    The word is changing rapidly in the area of business.
However top becomes a world leader one should not remain
unaware of self-weaknesses.

    The possible suggestion for hotel Aditya from me is as

 Hotel Aditya should advertise about its services so that
  they can cover market, attract more customer & aware
  general public.

     The motto of Hotel Aditya is “Providing best quality,
with comfortable price.” The firm has to continue same thing
and providing better quality and reasonable rate.

      Every business want to maximize profit but after
satisfying the customer & society.

    They are never compromise with quality. This is the
way by which they can capture the market and also achieve
good profit.

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Marketing Management               Principle of Management

  (Philip Kotler)                        (B.S.Shah)

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