Dress Code Policy Office

					                              Office of Administration
                           And Human Resources Division
                                 Dress Code Policy
                                        Reissuance June 6, 2008

Purpose: Establish a dress code policy that is appropriate to the office environment and covers
all employees in the Office of Administration and Human Resources Division. Each employee’s
dress, grooming, and personal hygiene should be appropriate to the work environment.
Employees are expected at all times to present a professional, businesslike image to our
customers and the public. These standards are established to ensure the safety of employees, to
maintain a professional appearance of neatness and cleanliness, or to further other purposes
related to business.

 Applicability: This policy applies to government and contractor support personnel in the Office
of Administration and Human Resources Division in government furnished space.

Appropriate Attire: Appropriate professional attire includes (women; suits, dress pants and
skirts, dresses, and blouses), (men; suits, sports coats, dress pants, dress shirts, (Dockers® or
similar style slacks are also acceptable) and neck ties) with appropriate footwear. All attire
should be neat, clean, and pressed.

Employees should not wear suggestive attire, jeans, athletic clothing, shorts, T-shirts, novelty
shirts or buttons, baseball hats, mini-skirts, exposed midriff/tops, sweats or stretch pants, pants
that are excessively baggy or hanging below the waist, tight or revealing clothing (i.e. clothing
that reveals undergarments,) sneakers, and similar items of casual attire that do not present a
businesslike appearance.

Dress Down: Employees requesting to dress down due to office related work such as packing,
moving, etc. must obtain prior approval from their supervisor. The approval will be for the
duration of the specific work and only during the approved timeframe.

Business Casual Fridays: On Fridays, employees are allowed to wear casual attire. No denim
pants or jeans or T-shirt, except when approved in advance for work on specific projects. Males
do not need to wear ties, but a shirt needs to be tucked in.

        Casual attire on Fridays is not allowed for employees who must attend meetings outside
of the office or for employees who direct contact with the public. All attire should be neat and

Failing to meet Policy:
Any employee who does not meet the standards of this policy will be required to take corrective
action. Continued violation of these standards will result in disciplinary actions.
Professional Dress Policy
Remember: if in doubt, don’t wear it! For clarification or questions, contact your immediate

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