Dress Code Plan 2010-2011 by xumiaomaio


									                           DRESS CODE EXPECTATIONS
The dress expectations of Concord Middle School parallel those of the Cabarrus County
School System. School should be considered to be the training ground for students who
will one day be successful citizens in the workplace. Some casual clothes, which may be
appropriate for other settings, are not acceptable at Concord Middle. Respect for one’s
appearance is an important concept the staff of CMS tries to instill. Any dress deemed by
the administration to be clearly inappropriate or may potentially disrupt or detract from
the educational process will not be permitted. If there is a doubt as to the appropriateness
of an outfit, it is probably unacceptable for school. The CMS dress code policy is
NQA—No Questions Asked. Staff will not discuss or debate with students whether
something is appropriate—it either follows dress code or it does not. The following are
              Clothing                                       Expectations
           Skirts/ Dresses                  Skirts, dresses, shorts, and skorts will be no
                                             higher than 3” above the knee. An ID badge
                                             held lengthwise is a good guide for what 3”
                                             looks like.
                                            Leggings may be worn, but not by themselves.
                                             If leggings are worn, the skirts, dress, or shorts
                                             worn overtop must follow the 3” rule—NQA.
                                            If a skirt/dress/shorts are frayed or ripped, no
                                             skin may show 3” above the knee.
            Jeans/ Pants                     Jeans/Pants will be worn at the waist—NQA.
                                             No under garments will be showing.
                                             No skin may show 3” above knee.
                                             No leggings worn as pants.
                                             No clothing with writing on the rear.
             Tops/ Shirts                    No young lady shows cleavage
                                             Tank top straps must be the width of an ID
                                             Bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, halter-tops,
                                              muscle shirts with huge arm openings, mesh
                                              shirts, tube tops, see-through shirts/blouses
                                              are not permitted.
   Other (accessories, chains, etc)          Clothing which advertises or portrays drugs,
                                              tobacco, alcohol, violence, is sexually
                                              suggestive, or has any slogan which is not in
                                              good taste, is not to be worn to school.
                                             Heavy coats must be kept in lockers.
                                             Purses which are large enough to hold a
                                              textbook must be kept in lockers.
                                             Sunglasses, hats, gloves are not to be worn
                                              while in the building.
                                             Pajamas/pajama pants/slippers are not
                                             Stiletto heels and flip-flops are discouraged
                                              for safety reasons.
                                             Chains on clothing are not permitted.

Every morning after the Pledge of Allegiance, students will remain standing for a dress
code check. Ventures teachers will give students 2 separate warnings and send them to
either receive a zip-tie for their pants, go to the Guidance office for a t-shirt or
sweatpants, or to call home for a change of clothing. If getting a change of clothes is not
possible, the student will spend the day in isolation.

If a student is seen out of dress code at any point during the remainder of the day, he/she
will be written up for being out of compliance. After 2 warnings in venture, any
additional violations of dress code will result in the student being written up. Disciplinary
actions which may be taken for continued failure to follow dress code include:
community service, In School Suspension, and Out of School Suspension.

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