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    Automatically start a process when a user receives an email. For example, an email might start a
    process to create a Service Request, submit vacation dates for approval, or register a new user in a

    This is a process initiation Design Pattern where a process is started based on receipt of email. This
    pattern describes how to configure an email inbound initiate activity template to poll the email server
    for incomming messages and process them.

•   A process with Email Inbound Initiate activity
•   Process Integrator installed

1. Add an ‘Email Inbound Initiate’ activity to a process.
2. Connect it to the first activity.

                                          (Click the image to enlarge it)

3. Open the Activity Inspector for the Email Inbound Initiate Activity.
4. Configure Email Inbound Initiate Activity.
                                       (Click the image to enlarge it)

5. Click Next to map email message headers, body, and attachments to process data.
                                      (Click the image to enlarge it)

6. When mapping email message attachments to process data (Package or attachments), also map the
   file-extension to get email attachments stored in right format.
                                      (Click the image to enlarge it)

For a detailed explanation on how to map a file-extension from an attachment name, see the
attachment "Mapping file-extension.doc"

For further details on configuring Email Inbound Initiate Activity, see the Process Builder User Guide.

Since the Email Inbound activity periodically polls the configured mail box, too many such activities or
too small a polling frequency can put unnecessary strain on the Mail Server.

Example Uses
In a customer complaint business process, you can configure an email inbound template as the initiate
activity in the process. The activity polls the email server and starts a new workflow when it receives a
customer complaint email message. In the following steps of the process, the system routes the email
through a manual activity to a person who reviews the complaint and resolves the issue.

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Mapping file-extension.doc

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