Handicapped Accessible Vehicles Your Helping Hand in Caregiving

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					Paralysis is one of the most terrifying conditions that can strike
anyone. It's a medical condition that deprives an individual of the
ability to move certain body parts or, in worst cases, one's whole body.
It is usually caused by accidents and traumatic injuries to the spinal
cord. Falls, assault, sports-related injuries, and vehicle accidents are
typical causes. In addition, diseases like stroke can also damage a
person's nervous system, thus resulting in global paralysis.
Unfortunately, no one is safe from paralysis. Accidents can happen
anytime, particularly on the road, and there's no telling how much damage
they can do. If a family member has been involved in an accident that
rendered him or paralyzed, then you're probably overwhelmed with the
responsibilities of caregiving. Some of your tasks would be to talk to
the patient, help him or her exercise, perform personal care duties such
as catheterizations and suppositories, and others. Perhaps the most
challenging one is transporting patients when going out for therapy

  Fortunately, transporting handicapped people are now problems of the
past. Thanks to handicapped accessible vehicles, there's no need to
physically carry patients to the vehicle. These vehicles have been
specifically modified and equipped with convenient entry points such as a
wheelchair ramp or powered lift to allow wheelchair users to easily get
on and off the vehicle.      Handicapped accessible vehicles have two
types of entry configurations: side-entry and rear-entry. Side-entry
vehicles enable parallel parking to enable passengers in wheelchairs to
easily get out. In addition, it allows the wheelchair operator to drive
or ride in the passenger seat. On the other hand, rear-entry vehicles
come with perks such as better ground clearance, tight parking, and ease
of entry. Additionally, these vehicles are cheaper compared to side-entry
vehicles.      Like any other purchase, shopping for handicapped
accessible vehicles in Indiana requires a lot of considerations. The most
important factor to consider is the vehicle's accessibility. For greater
convenience, lifts are probably the better choice as they're like mini-
elevators and don't take up much space. On the other hand, ramps are
rather portable and inexpensive compared to lifts.      Providing care
for a paralyzed family member entails hard work. Aside from the physical
demands, you also need to look after the emotional wellbeing of your
afflicted loved one. The least you can do is to make life easier for
everyone in the family by getting handicapped accessible vehicles in

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