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Anti Personnel Devices


									                 Importing anti-personnel devices into Australia
                 The importation of anti-personnel devices is restricted under the Customs (Prohibited Imports)
                 Regulations 1956.

                 If the item to be imported falls within one of the following definitions, the importer will need to
                 comply with the Regulations by seeking approval to import from the Minister for Justice and

                    Hand-held electric devices that are designed to administer an electric shock on contact, other

                    than cattle prods designed exclusively for use with animals

                    Acoustic anti-personnel devices that are designed:
                    (a) to cause permanent or temporary incapacity or disability to a person; or
                    (b) to otherwise physically disorientate a person

                    Hand-held battery-operated devices designed to discharge a gas or liquid

                 To import the item, the importer will need to obtain the written permission of both the Minister
                 for Justice and Customs and the police in the State or Territory where the importer resides prior
                 to the goods arrival in Australia.

                 The process for applying for permission to import the above goods is as follows:

                    1) Contact the Police Firearms Registry in your State/Territory of residence to obtain police
                       approval for importation (B709B);
                    2) If Police approval is obtained, permission must then be sought from the Minister. The
                       importer should write to the Minister for Justice and Customs, c/o Australian Customs
                       Service, Import/Export Management Branch, 5 Constitution Avenue, Canberra City, ACT,
                       2601. The request to the Minister must include the original B709B.

                 Penalty: the maximum penalty for importing these goods without import approval is a fine not
                 exceeding $250,000 or imprisonment for 10 years, or both.

                 Police firearm registries contact details
                  ACT       02 6245 7405                              SA       08 8204 2495

                  NSW       1300 362562                               TAS      03 6230 2720

                  NT        08 8922 3543                              VIC      03 9247 3142

                  QLD       07 3364 4416                              WA       08 9223 7000

                 For information on any Customs Matters, contact the Customs Information Centre on
                 1300 363 263 or email or browse the website

    March 2002

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