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									    How to Get and Retain More Customers with Mobile
                  Marketing Strategies

Step 1: Plan the marketing campaign – choose a keyword

Before jumping into the marketing campaign itself you will have to collect your customer database.
Start by choosing the keyword that best matches your marketing idea or business name from your
Admin Web Interface. This word will be your customers' key to joining the campaign.

Step 2: Entice Customers to subscribe to your campaign

Now you should get customers to subscribe by sending a keyword to your short code e.g. 41513.
Your opt-in campaign can be very easily included in your existing advertisements. You provide
your customer a means to opt-in and join your text message list, VIP Club, etc. This could be in
the form of table tents, window signs, postcards, email invitations, Facebook, website form.
Step 3: Form your opt-in customer groups

The opt-in messages sent by your customers are collected in a group that you create and name at
your discretion, for instance – group INFO. You can create a new group or use one of the
previously created groups with each keyword.

Step4: Offer your customers Mobile Coupon or Discount Vouchers

In slow times or when you need more customers you can easily offer mobile
discount coupons, this will drive a ton of traffic to your business. Why? Because the
open rate for text messages is 97% compared to other means like direct marketing,
emails they are already with their phones. So the result is instant.

Advanced Strategies 1: Mobile Website plus Mobile Traffic

Step 1- 4 will get you instant result and a lot of customers if you have not yet
included a mobile marketing strategy in your business. however if you want a flood
of never ending customers, we would create a mobile website with a QR code and
drive mobile traffic from Facebook, Google and Yahoo. With our click to call strategy
your business will thrive all year round and you can easily expand to other locations.
Advanced Strategies 2: QR Code plus “Click to Call”

Use the QR in all your advertising; this will drive a ton of customers to your mobile
website. And with our click to call strategy you will be so busy with a flood of
customers knocking their path to your door step.

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