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									Do you feel bad?
May be you are not satisfaction. Here
some advices for you…………….
Some times you feel that life is very boring, if you wake up
in the morning with that feeling inside you, you have to
know it's time to make change. Here some ideas can help
you to know what you exactly need.

First of all you need to know that you will live for one time
and you deserve to be happy and enjoy every moment in
your life, you also have to know that it's your own life not other's, of course you care
about people and you can't live without them but you have to care about your self
first, and know well, if you are not satisfied with your life, you couldn't give any thing
for others.

Ask your self and know what you don’t like in you life, you can sit down in a
comfortable place and write a list of things you want to change, you have to write
every thing in your mind even if you can't change it, but it will help you to determine
your ideas and make you feel good.

It's very necessary to know that it's impossible to change every thing in your life,
because there are things you have to keep in your life, even if you don't like, but you
have to know how to deal with these things on your own way so as not to affect your

If you don't like some people in you life, you don't have to cut off your relationship to
these people, but you can put some rules to determine the relationship between you,
you can put the relationship in the form you want.

May be you like every thing in your life, but you
feel that you need other things, in that case you
have to know what you want and try to make it
immediately, don't be lazy and start doing what
you like, because life will not wait for you.

If you can't make change immediately for reasons
out of your will, it's okay, but in that case you
have to make a plan, you have to know in your
mind that there are things you need and you will
do that but you just need some time, so you will
make change step by step.

Finally, don't make any thing stands in your way,
because your life is very important, and you
deserve to life the right way.

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