Corona ID 2260 RC- by xiagong0815


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   Secondary Name       None                                        356-H>

    ML Number                        HS Number Registered                            486       ID # 2260      RC
    Originator G. Braun-Nauerz                       Parentage ‘Sum & Substance’                     Origin Sport

       DNA                         Parentage Code 356>
    Cultivar Registered cultivar          Braun-Nauerz (ON) P. Th. Warmerdam (NIR), 1996,
     Specie                                  Sub Genus                                           Pod     0
    Section                                 Sub Section                                        Pollen    0
       Own? No            Want? No               W    No     C   No   IA    No        JF No       XT No
                  Who Has it? HVX,
    Purchased                            Supplier                                          Sec I         Class 5B

          Plant Location
     Plant Size 61.0 Dx31.0               Giant                       Stability
      Leaf Size 18.0 x 16.0               Sec I                           Cupped    Yes
            Vein 14 Pair prominent                                        Rugose    Yes
    Plant Color Vaariegated                 ye       Class 5B             Scape     35-40 inch,
     Substance                                                            Flower    Med. lavender, bell-shaped,
         Fertile Unknown                                              Fragrant      No
    Leaf Shape Broadly Ovate                                        Leaf Bases Cordate
            Habit Mound Like                                          Leaf Top      Slightly Shiny
    Leaf Margin Slightly Rippled                                  Leaf Bottom       Glaucous Bloom
                                                                      Leaf App      Lightly corrugated
          Other       Fast growing: Light green with a 1.5 inch deep gold margin:

      Aden #1     0                                  Aden #2 0                                 Wade 0
          Zilis   443, 538,
       Schmid     0
         Bond     0                                        HSJ Page No. Yes
    Grenfell 1    0                                        Malloy            0
    Grenfell 2    0                                          Mikolajski      0
       Fisher     0                               CEH 0                          Zonneveld 9, 44,
          AHS     LRC Sup 11        AHS J         28-1-95,
   Hosta Finder 2006, Page 29 & 147, Average price $17.00,
       Awards     0
    AHS Photos Hosta Library photo from Jim Schwarz:
         Other    >>>Member of the ‘Sum & Substance’ family group:<<<XXX-High percentge of Virus
                  infected plants in the market place-XXXX

   Printed 7/26/2006

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