Make Sure Your Choice Of Schools Is Comfortable For You by anamaulida


									Are you searching for just the right college from which to earn your
Bachelor's degree? If so, you likely want a college that will offer
opportunities for you to experience personal growth while making a
difference in the world. If social justice is important to you, your
college should share this value. After all, earning your Bachelor's
degree is not just about academics. It is also about increasing your
awareness of issues that should be of concern to all people.Social
justice is particularly important to college students, and some of the
most passionate advocates and innovators of change are students in
Bachelor's degree programs around the country and world. Many college
students develop a set of beliefs during college that impact the rest of
their lives. You may choose to embark on a socially conscious path that
only begins with college. Even your career and place of work might
reflect your attitude towards social justice. The college from which you
earn your Bachelor's degree should not only share your values but offer
ways that you can make a positive difference in your life and
others'.What should you be looking for in a socially conscious college?
That depends on what you're looking for. Some colleges, particularly
those with religious affiliations, have campus ministries that promote
good works in the community and the world. Volunteer groups, associations
that advocate for social justice, and other student organizations on
campus will allow you to make a difference while you are earning your
Bachelor's degree. Some schools even offer service trips, where students
travel to help those in parts of the world who are struggling.Some
colleges even make community service a requirement for graduation from a
Bachelor's degree program! These schools recognize that an important part
of every Bachelor's degree candidate's education is awareness about
problems in the community and in the world at large. If you agree that
volunteering to help others should be part of every college student's
well-rounded experience, consider earning your undergraduate degree at a
school that makes volunteer work a requirement.Also look beyond
opportunities to discover how your college raises social awareness in
other ways. For example, selling fair trade products in the food court
and campus bookstores allows students to make a more socially conscious
purchasing choice. If your prospective college doesn't sell fair trade
foods, such as coffee and chocolate, why not suggest that they make the
switch?Also ask what your prospective college is doing to educate
students who are not particularly aware of social problems. While most
students know that certain issues such as poverty and hunger exist in the
world, they may not know what they can do about it. The school from which
you earn your degree should do more than offer programs for students who
are already socially conscious. It should reach out to educate students
who are not.If you are hoping to earn your college degree at a socially
conscious school, brainstorm a list of questions to ask your prospective
school before making a visit. If social justice is a top priority for
your college, the school is sure to publicize that fact as a selling
point to prospective students.

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