How to Locate Classmates on the Web

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					Trying to maintain a healthy communication with friends, especially from
high school or college is significant. But looking for lost classmates
for a long time is another question.However, with the advancement of
technology, we can now find them easily with just the click of the
button. And with this article, I will show you common and easy ways to do
reunite with them.1. Explore the web for social community networks and
look up servicesWith a complex exhibit of websites which provide numerous
and categorized information it is best to choose which service to use
before searching for people. Users now have the option to choose between
social communities, white pages, background check services and so
on.Among these common services are Facebook, Friendster, Hi5, Twitter,
and multiply as social community networks, while US Search and MyLife may
represent those "different" people search services available in the
web.2. Make use of the online service you chose to operateAfter selecting
your starting point, it is now easy as 1-2-3. To track your classmates
online, you will need to enter specific information such as email
address, names, nickname or school to narrow the search results.Let me
give you an example. You choose as your search engine, once in
the page, all you need to do is input the name one at a time, click the
"search" button and wait for your results.Social communities use the same
feature, as also utilizes these sites to serve as reference for
the searches. Results will display a complete profile or the person
including a photo if applicable, location, and other personal
information.3. Verify the results and gather new informationAfter
carefully evaluating or filtering your search results, it is also
possible for you to acquire contact information about the person. Most
social networking will give you the freedom to add your classmates to
your profile for future quick reference.

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