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Multi Facet Benefits of being Bilingual


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									In any form of communication, whether it's inter-personal or group
communication, language plays a vital role. It's through speech that we
can express our thoughts and ideas to others. This speech basically is of
two kinds- verbal and non-verbal. In non-verbal form of communication
body movements are used to communicate something with someone. In verbal
form of communication, we make use of our mother tongue or other speech
forms for the purpose of communication. In this globalised world, it's
very important to have knowledge of different languages. When a person
knows multiple languages, his chances of beings adjusted in a new
environment gets higher. Language skills development depends on many
factors. One of the factors is the environment in which the child is
growing. If a child grows in a colony where people speak a diversity of
speech forms, than the child automatically develops skills in different
languages other than the mother tongue. A child can become bilingual if
the parents speak different terminologies, say for example, the mother
speaks English and the father speaks German. In such cases, the child
acquires the characteristics of both the speech forms.There are thousands
of languages that people speak around the world. In fact in India also,
hundreds of terminological forms are used by the people. Every people
know at least one language that they learn in their childhood. But some
people develop the interesting of knowing more than one speech form. The
globalization of the world has now opened up doors to learn more
languages. The demand of knowing the foreign terminology is increasing
day by day. Modern day schools are also emphasizing on the language
studies of the students and thus added foreign languages in their school
curriculum. Bilingualism offers multiple benefits to the speaker. Some of
the benefits are briefly discussed below:-• Cognitive Benefits-
Research studies prove that people who can speak more than one
terminology develop a creative thinking skills and an ability to think
more flexibly. It is because these people have more than one word for
each idea and object. In kids, bilingualism enhances and enriches their
mental development• Character Advantages- When people develop
acquaintance with different languages, they can communicate differently
with different language speaking people. It enriches their process of
communication, because they are able to convince people in their
respective speech forms• Curriculum Benefits- It is noticed that
students who are bilingual score better in the tests. Bilinguals can
easily grab different subjects and also develop a high academic growth•
Communication Advantages- the bilinguals enjoy reading and writing in
different languages. They easily understand other people's language and
thus can easily be a part in a discussion session. When we develop good
command over a particular language, our self confidence also gets
higher• Employment Benefits- If we can add more terminologies in the
list of our known languages, the chances of getting s job gets increased.
The bilinguals can get prosperous career opportunities in the retail
sector, transport, tourism, administration, secretarial work, public
relations, marketing and sales, banking and accountancy, translation, law
and teaching.Children who are learning to speak two languages follow
patterns of learning. The sounds of the first terminology can influence
how children learn and use a second terminology.

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