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					Students will observe clouds,         1.   Get into your assigned groups.
use appropriate vocabulary,           2.   Go outside and look at the sky.
     and compare their
descriptions with the official        3.   Observe and sketch clouds.
       cloud names.                   4.   Record the date, time of day and describe the
                                           appearance of the clouds next to the sketch.
                                      5.   Share your cloud description with your group.
                                      6.   As a group find the name for each cloud by
                                           using the GLOBE Cloud chart.
 GLOBE Cloud Chart
                                      7.   Write the names of the clouds next to your
 Pencil                                   cloud sketch.
 White paper

                                How many different types of clouds did you see in the sky?
                                How did your cloud description compare to that of other

Adapted from: GLOBE Program, 2003
                                          1.   Get into your assigned group.
Students will use appropriate             2.   Obtain a percentage from the teacher.
 mathematics percentages to                    Note: Do not show the percentage you got
    analyze cloud cover.                       to anyone
                                          3.   Cut out the total percent of clouds you were
                                               given from the white sheet of construction
                                          4.   Put the left over paper in the recycle bin.
                                          5.   Shape your CLOUDS into irregular shapes and
   1 blue sheet of construction paper         glue them onto the blue sheet of construction
   1 white sheet of construction paper        paper (SKY).
   Glue stick
   scissors
                                          6.   Show your cloud cover sheet to someone else
                                               without giving them the percentage and see if
                                               they can estimate the cloud cover on your
                                               sheet as you estimate the cloud cover on
               What percentage of cloud cover did you show on your paper?
               What type of cloud cover does this percentage represent?
               Were you able to guess the cloud cover on someone else’s sky
    Adapted from: GLOBE Program, 2003
        Cloud Cover

Category Percentage cloud cover
No Clouds   0% - No Clouds
   Clear     <10 % Clouds
 Isolated   10-25% Clouds
Scattered   25-50% Clouds
  Broken    50-90% Clouds
Overcast     >90% Clouds
5%   5%
5%   5%
5%   5%
5%   5%
5%   5%
5%   5%
5%   5%
5%   5%
5%   5%
5%   5%

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