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					                        The House on Mango Street

Unit Title:   The House on Mango Street                                  Grade Level(s): 9
Discipline Subject, Topic: English                                       Duration: Two Weeks

Overview of Unit: Read, analyze, understand themes, and appreciate poetry

Established Goal(s): (National, State, District Standards)
Grades 9-12 Language Arts: Reading and Literature; Writing

What Enduring Understandings are desired?         What Essential Question(s) will be considered?
Students will understand that…                    What are the codes of Latinos living in
Codes differ according to cultures.               America? How does poetic writing affect
Writers use different techniques to narrate.      narrative? How does figurative language affect
Figurative language enriches narrative.           the reader?

What key knowledge and skills will students acquire as a result of this unit or lesson?
Students will know…                              Students will be able to do…
The codes of behavior for Latino males and       An explanation of codes of different cultures.
females.                                         A summary of the plot of the novel.
The struggles of Latino immigrants in the United A journal similar to some chapters in the novel
States.                                          using figurative language. Describe codes
Stereotypes Americans have of Latinos.           Understand both different codes of cultures and
Types of figurative language, literary devices,  appreciate poetic writing. Students will be
and narrative structure.                         tolerant of different codes as well as discover
The plot line of the narrative.                  similarities between their codes and the codes of
Empathy for and the perspective of those who     Latinos living in America.
have different codes.
Figurative language creates pictures in the
reader’s mind, enriches meaning, and impacts

How will students demonstrate their understandings?
Formative Assessments           ISTE NETS Summative Assessments                    ISTE NETS
                                for Students                                       for Students
Reading, journaling, completing               Web page, PowerPoint, skit           2A, 2B, 2D
graphic organizers
Learning Activities (attach supplements, Ppts, Excel files, etc.)                  ISTE NETS
                                                                                   for Students
Students will express personal opinions about different cultures and their codes
prior to and after completing the unit on The House on Mango Street. (Students
will reflect upon changes and lack of changes as well as why.)
Students will create plot outline of the novel.
Students will complete a map of Mango Street accompanied with quotes about the
significance of each location.
Students will identify figurative language and explain its affect on both the
narrative and reader.

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