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                                        Floor Time Selection
                                          from 11 to 11:15
            - Hedges Real Estate Inc.

    • If you want to sign up for floor time,
      please stay in this room for floor time
      selection 11 to 11:15.
    • If you don’t want floor time, please talk
      with your fellow agents in the lobby and
      come back in at 11:15.
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                                         Floor Time
             - Hedges Real Estate Inc.

   • If a caller mentions that he or she has been
     working with another agent in the office, please
     forward that call on to that agent.
   • Call that agent and tell them that you passed the
     call on to them.
   • Leave it up to that agent as to whether or not your
     help is needed with that buyer. If so, put a referral
     agreement in writing.
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                                              Floor Time
               - Hedges Real Estate Inc.
   • Floor time is optional.
   • Agents can leave floor time at any time if needed to meet
     buyers, sellers, inspectors etc.
   • However, floor calls will not be forwarded to agents who
     have not made it to the office for that floor time slot or to
     agents who leave early.
   • When no agent shows up for floor time, calls will be
     transferred to the next available agent who is in the office,
     with priority given to the last agent who fulfilled his/her
     floor time slot among agents currently in the office.
   • If no agents are in the office, then calls will be transferred
     to the last agent who was in the office for his/her full floor
     time slot.
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                                         What to do while on
                                            floor time?
             - Hedges Real Estate Inc.

   • Congratulations! You have been promoted.
   • You are no longer backup receptionists.
   • We now have 6 employees who can all answer the
     phones and greet people. These things are in their
     job descriptions and they do it well.
   • Realtors in our agency average $50 to $200 per
     hour in commissions.
   • Backup receptionists don’t get paid at all.
   • Do you want to earn Realtor pay or a backup
     receptionist pay?
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                                         What to do while on
                                            floor time?
             - Hedges Real Estate Inc.

   • Sure, you can help the staff answer the phones if
     you want, but keep in mind that if you are
     answering random calls that are not true real estate
     leads, then you might be on the phone talking to
     someone who is wasting your time when that one
     good lead of the day comes in.
   • Our staff will gladly direct screened calls or walk-
     ins to you when it is a possible lead.
   • Otherwise, let the staff deal with the rest while you
     focus on activities that result in listings and sales.
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                                         What to do while on
                                            floor time?
             - Hedges Real Estate Inc.

   • Floor time should not be your only source of
     prospective buyers and sellers. You can get a
     lucky lead on floor time, but don’t count on it.
   • Be prepared to do something else that is productive
     for you while on floor time.
   • Watch the free Knowledgepoint training modules
     on (use a headset).
   • Watch the training DVD’s from the back office.
     (use a headset).
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                                        What to do while on
                                           floor time?
            - Hedges Real Estate Inc.

   • Check and reply to e-mails from customers.
   • Scroll through the MLS to learn the inventory.
     View the pictures and virtual tours.
   • Double check your profile and your profile and edit as needed.
   • Enhance your listings on and
   • Set up automatic seller updates on
   • E-mail searches from the MLS to your buyers.
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                                        What to do while on
                                           floor time?
            - Hedges Real Estate Inc.

   • Update your database.
   • Write and mail handwritten thank you notes to
     anyone who has done anything for you.
   • Sign and mail congratulations notes to anyone who
     has done anything.
   • Write letters and mail them to customers and past
1.    Charles Gruber, April 1990       27.   Jason Robinson, March 2005
2.    Bryan Hedges, April 1993         28.   Doyle Gerard, May 2005
3.    Randy Ham, September 1993        29.   Preston Lawrenz, August 2005
4.    Mark Hess, January 1996          30.   Robbie Derritt, October 2005
5.    Lisa Ramler, January 1996        31.   Robert Golden, October 2005
6.    Glen Sohl, March 1997            32.   Rob Lang, November 2005
7.    Kathy Bailey, April 1997         33.   Rex Tedrow, February 2006
8.    Laura P. Hedges, July 1997       34.   Olene Tilley, February 2006
9.    Marilyn Lynch, October 1997      35.   Laura Chaney, March 2006
10.   Sean Williams, July 1998         36.   Ron Spencer, June 2006
11.   Chris Morris, September 1998     37.   Kelly Long, August 2006
12.   Larry Northrop, March 2000       38.   Adam Williams, September 2006
13.   Lisa Bullerman, February 2001    39.   Susan Bonham, December 2006
14.   Heather Kirchhefer, Nov. 2001    40.   Terry Fry, January 2007
15.   Jack Rasing, June 2002           41.   Bill Hovey, February 2007
16.   Tanya Kulaga, August 2002        42.   LeAnnette Monroe Sutter, March 2007
17.   Kassi Robinson, September 2002   43.   Jeremy Taylor, June 2007
18.   Craig Brown, January 2003        44.   Crystal Swearingen, July 2007
19.   John Evans, May 2003             45.   Chris Elliot, July 2007
20.   Randy Barnes, June 30, 2003      46.   John Chaney, August 2007
21.   Toni Martin, August 2003         47.   Carol Mohling, September 2007
22.   Debbie Heinrich, April 2004      48.   Tim Gajewski, October 2007
23.   Stan Trekell, May 2004           49.   Steve Berger, October 2007
24.   James Truscello, June 2004       50.   Nancy Riegle, December 2007
25.   Debbie McCarthy, March 2005      51.   Travis Evans, January 2007
26.   Jason Todd, March 2005           52.   Marty Henderson, February 2008
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                                                         Floor Time for
                                                      Feb. 15 to March. 14

                     - Hedges Real Estate Inc.
Day             Monday     Tuesday      Wednesday   Thursday    Friday      Saturday

8:00 to 10:30   Craig B.   Debbie M. Terry F.       Sean W.     Sean W.

10:30 to 1:00   Jack R.    Jeremy T.    Jack R.     Jeremy T.   Travis E.

1:00 to 3:15    Chris E.   Toni M.      Carol M.    Carol M.    Jack R.

3:15 to 5:30    Olene T.   Chris E.                             Olene T.

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