Lord Of The Rings Summary by anthonyvela


									                                                  1) Modify your character’s Primary                one extra Order skill rank or one
                                                     Attributes using the racial                    extra Order Edge.
                                                  2) Select Racial Skills and Traits by:
                                                                                              STEP 5: FREE PICKS (P. 78)
      CHARACTER                                        a) Making six picks from
                                                            the listed Skills and
      GENERATION                                            Edges (ensuring any racial
                                                                                              Customise your character by taking five
                                                                                              free picks. Each may be used to add a
       SUMMARY                                              Requisites are met), or
                                                       b) Choosing one of the
                                                                                              rank to any skill, add one to any Primary
                                                                                              Attribute value, or acquire one Edge.
                                                            Background         Packages       ey cannot be used to learn more Order
                                                            provided.                         Abilities.
                                                  3) (Optional) You may, if desired,
e following is a step-by-step outline of            select one racial Flaw, and gain a
how to generate your Lord of the Rings               single extra Pick as recompense.         STEP 6: RECORD THE FINAL
RPG character.                                    4) Record your character’s racial           ATTRIBUTE MODIFIERS (P. 48)
                                                  5) Select your character’s Native           Now that the character’s Attributes
       IMPORTANT NOTES                               Languages and Lore (p. 60) by            are finalised, record the appropriate
  •    At no point during character                  multiplying their Wits by 3 and          Attribute Modifiers for each.
       generation can any Primary                    assigning the total to Language
                                                     and Lore skills related to their
       Attribute exceed 12 + Racial
                                                     race.                                    STEP 7: GENERATE SECONDARY
  •    At no point during character
                                                                                              ATTRIBUTES (PP. 48-55)
       generation can any Skill exceed 6        STEP 4: SELECT ORDER (PP. 74-                 Using the character’s finalised Primary
       ranks in total.                                                                        Attributes (and their modifiers), generate
                                                                                              all of the Secondary Attributes.
                                                Select your character’s Order. You may           Note: When calculating Wound Levels,
                                                start with no Order if desired (p. 79).       note that Hobbits, being Small and
CHARACTER (PP. 36-37)                             1) Note two favoured Attributes and         lacking the Stout Ability of Dwarves,
Consider your character’s Appearance,                  one favoured Reaction (p. 48).         have no Near Death Wound Level.
Personality, Flaws, and Goals, bearing in         2) Determine your Order’s Skills by:
                                                       a) Selecting 15 ranks of Order
mind that you are creating an experienced
                                                            skills (none greater than +3),    STEP 8: FINISHING TOUCHES
and heroic individual.
                                                            add another five ranks to any       1) Select any Spells gained via Order
                                                            Order skills however desired,          Abilities.
STEP 2: GENERATE PRIMARY                                    or                                  2) Select any Weapons, Armour, and
ATTRIBUTES (PP. 44-48)                                 b) Selecting one of the Order               Equipment appropriate to the
                                                            Packages provided, and then            character’s Race, order, nationality,
You may generate your character’s                           modify it by adding another            and station. ese should be items
Attributes in one of two ways:                              five ranks of Order skills.            the character could be reasonably
  1) Randomly, by rolling 2d6 nine                3) Select one Order Edge (from the               expected to possess. For example,
      times, picking the six highest                   Order in general, or from the               a Rider of Rohan could easily start
      results, and assigning them as                   Order Package taken if one was              with a spear, longsword, chainmail
      desired, or                                      selected).                                  hauberk, small shield, warhorse,
  2) By picking them. Assign all of               4) Select one special Ability from               shortbow and quiver of arrows,
      the following numbers to the                     those provided in the Order.                saddle and tack, ordinary clothing,
      Attributes, as desired: 10, 9, 7, 7, 5,          Your character must meet any                and possibly a few SPs. Use your
      4. Modify them with an additional                Requisites listed in order to select        imagination and logic and always
      eight points, making sure that no                a given Ability.                            remember that Lord of the Rings
      Attribute is higher than 12.                5) Select your character’s Flaws,                RPG characters are generally
                                                       if desired. You may select from             already experienced; it is not an
                                                       one to four Flaws as appropriate            accounting exercise.
STEP 3: SELECT RACE (PP. 58-72)                        (including those listed in the Race
Pick the appropriate race and:                         section). Each Flaw taken provides

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