How can we promote excellence and equity for all students

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					    Garden City High School’s
10th Grade Social Studies Program

      Board of Education Work Session
               December 2008

                         Jeannette Balantic
                         Nanine Cuttitta
                         Kitty Klein
Current Social Studies Course Offerings
              (non-elective courses)

9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade

 Global 9R   Global 10R      US 11R    Eco/Gov R

 Global 9H   Global 10H      AP US      AP Eco or
                                       AP US Gov’t

             World AP
How can we promote excellence and
 equity for all 10th grade students?
What does the data reveal about student
performance at the AP and Honors level
          in the 10th grade?
    2008 AP World History Results

                       Score   # of Students

Total Tested:   106
                        5         20
Avg. Score:     3.61    4         36
% 4-5           54%     3         34
% 3-5           87%     2         13
                        1         0
           Longitudinal Data for 10H

 Year     Total # of     # of students in H or AP   % of students in H   Average      # of sections
          students                                        or AP
2004-05      300       109 students in Honors       36% in H             92.39     5 sections of 10H

2005-06      305       102 students in Honors       33% in H             94.04     5 sections of 10H

2006-07      281       113 students in Honors       40% in H             91.39     4 sections of 10 H

2007-08      299       104 students in AP World     35% in AP            89 (AP)   5 sections of AP
                       70 students in Honors        23% in H             87 (H)    World;
                                                    58% total in AP/H              3 sections of 10H
2008-09      269       78 students in AP World      29% in AP            89 (AP)   3 sections of AP
                       60 students in Honors        22% in H             87 (H)    3 sections of H
                                                    51% total in AP/H    (MP 1)
In the absence of an Honors level class, how
can we increase students’ success in the AP
 World History course and promote a higher
    level of rigor in the Global 10R course?

  • Realigned the 9H curriculum to be consistent
    with the AP World curriculum (summer 2008)

  • Summer curriculum work on the Global 10R
    curriculum (proposed summer 2009)
How do colleges evaluate student transcripts?

 • Assess academic performance (GPA, Regents
   Exams, College Entrance Exams)

 • Evaluate the level of rigor in course selections
   versus the school’s course offerings

 • Review the Secondary School
   Report/Counselor’s Letter of Recommendation
How have local school districts integrated
  AP World into their course offerings?
            High Schools that offer only
           AP and Regents level classes:
•   Baldwin                •   Massapequa
•   Bethpage               •   Mineola
•   Carey                  •   New Hyde Park Memorial
•   Carle Place            •   Oceanside
•   Cold Spring Harbor     •   Plainedge
•   Elmont Memorial        •   Port Washington
•   Floral Park Memorial   •   Roslyn
•   Glen Cove              •   Seaford
•   Great Neck North       •   Sewanhaka High School
•   Great Neck South       •   Syosset (effective 09-10)
•   Herricks               •   Valley Stream Central
•   Jericho                •   Valley Stream South
•   Locust Valley          •   Valley Stream North
•   Lynbrook
Schools that offer AP World over a two year period:

   •    Carle Place
   •    Glen Cove
   •    Great Neck North
   •    Great Neck South
   •    Herricks
   •    Locust Valley
   •    Manhasset
   •    Massapequa
   •    Mineola
   •    Oyster Bay
   •    Seaford

   *Jericho and Roslyn only offer AP European history
 How can we ensure that students have
the opportunity to take the most rigorous
           courses we offer?
In an effort to promote excellence and equity
 for all 10th grade students and align Social
 Studies course offerings across grades, we
 propose eliminating the Global History 10H
  course offering effective September 2009.

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