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					                                  Translation Course
        Dr. Keren Goldfrad (Tel: 03-9362128 e-mail:

Course Description:

       Some language researchers argue that translation is the fifth language skill
alongside with the four basic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. According
to this perception, the English teacher should learn and develop translation skills and use
them in her teaching as an aid to language learning. This course deals with some
theoretical reflections and practical issues of the translational process, in order to enhance
the teacher's ability to understand her students' difficulties when translating from one
language to the other. Once a teacher is aware of her students' difficulties, she will be
able to help them overcome these problems when learning English as a foreign language.

Course Syllabus:

       Week 1: Introduction
       Week 2: Affixes
       Week 3: Vocabulary in Context
       Week 4: Noun Modifiers
       Week 5: Accuracy and Appropriacy
       Week 6: Semantic Fields and Gridding
       Week 7: Semantic and Grammatical Voids
       Week 8: Metaphors
       Week 9: Collocations, Idioms and Phrasal Verbs
       Week 10: Circumstances and Conventions
       Week 11: Cohesion
       Week 12: Pragmatics
       Week 13: Review

Note: The instructor reserves the right to change the schedule to meet the needs of the
class; however, any changes will be announced in advance.

Student Requirements:
   1. Homework assignments
   2. Oral participation in class discussions
   3. Final exam

Assessment will be based on homework assignments (50%), class participation (10%),
and the final exam (40%).

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