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Wedding Planning - How To Plan Wedding Flowers


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									                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                      Three Steps To Planning Your Wedding Flowers
                                                                  By Gigi Mill

   When it comes to Floral arrangements and Decoration for weddings there are numerous options
available. Floral Decorating options are endless and are limited only by the imagination, even the most
outrageous floral decorations can be made to fit practically any budget provided there is time spent to
do proper research regarding the many ideas that are available out there.

There are no set rules or limitations for wedding flowers. It is whatever the couple or more precisely the
“bride” wants and can afford. Anything goes from renting the silk floral arrangements to do-it-yourself
kind of deals for creative and imaginative brides and bridesmaids who are there to help the bride
anyway. Planning for wedding flowers can be a lot of fun for bridal party who might come up with
innovative ideas that you might not have thought about. It might also be fun to involve the groom in the
process if he is an imaginative type otherwise forget about him, the most he will care about is to stick to
the budget allocated for this category of your wedding.

Give yourself plenty of time to plan the wedding flowers, at least 6 months prior to the wedding date.
Most brides want the flowers to complement the color scheme of and overall theme of the wedding
particularly the wedding dress for the bride and the wedding attire for the bridesmaid etc.

Now the question is where to start looking for the perfect floral arrangements for the wedding? For
starters check out the different Bridal magazines which are full of pictures of bouquets and wedding
flower arrangements, that will give you some ideas to set a theme for your floral decorations.

Secondly and importantly, think about the types of flowers that will be in season at the time of your
wedding. Choosing flowers that are readily available is a sure way to keep your wedding costs under
control and within budget. Out of season flowers are very expensive to acquire and may not be
available in some cases which will pose a hassle and a problem in many ways.

There are many creative ways to have your bouquets and arrangements do a double duty. Involve your
bridesmaids and helpers in making arrangements if you are craft oriented to keep the costs down.
Another way to keep the costs reasonable is to use more filler (more greenery) to your floral

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

Thirdly once you have planned and figured out the flower arrangements and bouquets, shop around for
a good florist who has reasonable prices and can turn your thoughts and ideas into a reality. It is to
your advantage to select a florist early on because there's a limit to how much even the best florist can
handcraft and when you have the florist selected make sure that you go over the contract with a
fine-toothed comb before signing to make sure the number and type of arrangements, including the
flowers being used, are clearly specified along with delivery details. Keep clear records of the deposit
amount and delineate the payment schedule.

As you can see it is lot of fun and work as well but the key is proper planning and not getting
overwhelmed but staying calm and cool.

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reasonable prices.

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                                       Wedding Planning Are Your Steps To Heaven
                                                     By Paul Thomas

 Wedding planning, do you actually need it? Before you stand in front of the minister, there are
thousands of things to get done. There are to be made decisions concerning wedding favors, wedding
rings, wedding invitations and wedding accessories. And what about your honeymoon? Where should
you travel to? Before anything else you most start out with getting your wedding invitations send I good
time before the wedding takes place. You can find information about wedding invitations online, both
concerning layout and wording.

You got to think planning. Try a search on the internet for wedding planning. You can find information
in abundance. Anything you need is to find: wedding flowers, wedding music, wedding photographers,

You need to make a very detailed wedding plan because if the right things are not done on the right
moment you will get sidetracked and loose control. Get the wedding process down on paper step by
step and stay on top of the situation. With a plan in your hand you can relax and even enjoy the
preparation for your grand wedding day.

If you own a bridal notebook you can keep track of your process from start to finish. Begin your
wedding planning several months before the actual wedding to make sure you got time to correct any
mistakes that can happen. The first important step is to get those wedding invitations send. Always
think ahead. For example: if you have ordered your wedding invitations at some shop, it can take
longer to receive them than you think.

If you are forced to make wedding planning on a budget, and need to save money on your shopping.
You might consider making your own wedding invitations, maybe even make the wedding flowers
yourself, and cut back on expectation to where your wedding party is held. The great thing about doing
those things yourself is that your wedding will get a more personal touch, which you can not buy. Great
idea if you want a unique and special wedding.

Wedding planning is the most important step to stay on track from start to finish. Do not be nonchalant
about the wedding planning issue. Make sure your special day will be perfect.

Thank you for your time.

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