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									ARTDECO – The Vision

“Refillable products – the very heart of the concept”

“Unique range of colors”

“Top quality and elegant packaging offering exceptional value for money”

“The latest trend products and a multitude of special products for a professional

“Individual skin care solutions to satisfying every need”

ARTDECO, Germany’s N° 1 make-up brand at perfumeries, beauty salons and
selective department stores offers you the unique possibility to not only cover all
areas of decorative cosmetics and nail care, but also to access new market

The secret of ARTDECO’s success in becoming the market leader in Germany’s
selective market has been its constant focus on the individual wishes and needs of all
women, combined with uncompromising quality and very reasonable pricing.

An especially wide selection of colors, eyeshadows and blushers which can be freely
combined in refillable beauty boxes, and unique special products which make it
possible to achieve really professional results, ideally complement and round off the
international luxury brands.

With a product range covering all market segments, ARTDECO is also the ideal
solution for beauty salons and small points of sale, as there is no need to stock other

With the HAND BALANCE and WELLFEET collections, ARTDECO offers an
excellent care concept for hands and feet which rounds off our systematic nail care
as solution to every nail problem.

In 2007, our new facial care collection SKIN YOGA FACE was launched with
products that increase the oxygen content of the skin. Furthermore, ARTDECO
introduced mineral products. In 2008, this trend has been proceeded with the
exclusive PURE MINERALS collection. This new generation of make-up with a
premium mineral complex will be extended in 2009.

ARTDECO – Germany’s Market Leader in the Selective Cosmetic Market

Within 15 years, ARTDECO has established itself as the leading brand at Germany’s
perfumeries and beauty salons. Based on a sophisticated niche strategy, ARTDECO
has reached market shares of over 40% in certain product groups, such as
eyeshadows, lip liners, camouflage, artificial lashes and nail care. The brand has
therefore become indispensable for any well-stocked perfumery which wishes to offer
a comprehensive range of decorative make-up.

In terms of turnover, ARTDECO has a market share of almost 17.5% of the selective
color cosmetics market, more than any international luxury brand. In terms of units
sold, the market share even exceeds 30% due to the more favorable prices.

(B-E = leading international luxury brands)
Market share – ARTDECO (retail prices c. EUR 65 million) = c. 17.5% of selective

Total decorative cosmetic market 2006
c. EUR 1,130 million

Selective market including ARTDECO c. EUR 383 million

Also in the total market, ARTDECO has become one of the leading suppliers with

ARTDECO is the only brand in perfumeries and beauty salons which has been
increasingly used by women as their major brand in the last few years.*
*Source: Bauer Media KG

ARTDECO – From the End-user’s Point of View

The current FAME study, an extensive market-research study, carried out by the
Milchstrasse publishing group (which publishes the women’s magazine, Amica)
confirmed ARTDECO as the ‘most competent decorative brand’ amongst the 18
brands available at perfumeries and beauty salons.

In the categories ‘brands with a promising future’ and ‘modern, up-to-date brands’,
ARTDECO was awarded a top ranking ahead of almost all decorative brands. In the
core target group, ‘women interested in the latest trends’, ARTDECO came in second
place of all perfumery and beauty salon brands.

Increasing in significance

Brand is “in”

ARTDECO Displays – At Germany’s leading city stores and perfumeries

ARTDECO in Europe

Albania Australia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bosnia-
Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria Canada China Columbia Croatia Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Egypt El Salvador England
Estonia Finland France Georgia Greece Hungary Iceland India Indonesia
Iran Ireland Italy Jordan Kasakhstan Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lebanon
Lithuania Macedonia Malta Moldova Mongolia Montenegro the
Netherlands Norway Pakistan Panama Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar
Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Serbia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland
Syria Taiwan Turkey Ukraine USA Uzbekistan Venezuela

ARTDECO is currently represented in more than 60 countries. Throughout Europe,
ARTDECO plays a leading role in beauty salons, while constantly gaining market
shares at selective retailers.

In particular in Eastern Europe, ARTDECO is amongst the leading brands at
perfumeries or even market leader as in Slovenia. In many other countries, such as
in Norway, Poland and Greece, ARTDECO is highly successful in the specialized
retail, while growth rates well exceeding the market average.


ARTDECO Worldwide

In Brazil, ARTDECO is also one of the leading imported brands, whereas the South
American market was systematically developed by the launches in Columbia,
Venezuela and the Dominican Republic within the past two years. With this step,
ARTDECO strengthens its position as a truly global brand. Of course, ARTDECO will
continue its worldwide policy of being faithful to the selective retail.

ARTDECO products are sold in c. 10,000 beauty salons, 5,000 perfumeries and c.
300 leading city department stores worldwide.


ARTDECO – Captures the Far East!

In the Far East, ARTDECO is being promoted as a ‘cult brand’. The successful rollout
in China took place in 2007 with the assistance of one of the most famous local top
models as the face of ARTDECO.
Wuxi, China
Shanghai, China


1985 Launch at beauty salons
1986 ARTDECO launch at perfumeries
1987 Establishment of ARTDECO France
1990 ARTDECO amongst the Top 10 in specialist outlets
1992 Founding of ARTDECO Italia s.r.l.
1997 ARTDECO is already present in more than 40 countries
1999 ARTDECO receives the Beauty Award as No. 1 brand in beauty salons for the
first time
2000 ARTDECO begins its successful capture of the international perfumery market
2001 ARTDECO becomes the No. 1 brand in the selective market in Germany
2003 ARTDECO captures countries in the Near East
2004 ARTDECO is launched in the Far East
2005 Helmut Baurecht wins the Beauty World Cup.
Introduction of hand and foot care lines.
Wellfeet is voted care range of the year in Norway and Portugal.
2006 ARTDECO wins the Prix de Beauté Trend 2006.
ARTDECO launches its products in Taiwan and expands further in South America.
2007 Helmut Baurecht wins the A Life of Beauty Award for his special merits in
professional cosmetics.
ARTDECO is awarded the JOY Trend Award for the Hot Chili Lip Booster.
2008 Launch of the facial skin care collection Skin Yoga Face.
Rollout of Pure Minerals, the new generation of make-up with a high-quality mineral
The All in One Mascara is awarded the Glammy 2008.
The Skin Yoga White Tea Cleansing Mousse wins the Cosmopolitan Beauty Award
2008 in Norway.
Also in 2008, ARTDECO receives the JOY Trend Award for the Mineral Powder
ARTDECO is awarded the Beauty Forum Award for “Decorative Cosmetics” (no.1)
and “Nail Care” (no. 2).

The Beauty Top 100 ranking, published annually in the leading cosmetics trade
journal WWD Beauty Report, currently lists ARTDECO as 78th of the largest
companies in the industry.

The Awards of ARTDECO

Helmut Baurecht, founder and owner of the ARTDECO group, is awarded the Beauty
World Cup 2005 for his unique brand concept.
In 2007, he wins the A Life of Beauty Award for his special merits in professional
In spring 2006, ARTDECO receives the Cosmopolitan Prix de Beauté Trend for its
innovative concept; refillable cosmetics combined with designer packaging. This
underlines the brand’s unique position in the selective market.
Just one year later, the ARTDECO Hot Chili Lip Booster is awarded the JOY Trend
Award 2007.
In spring 2008, ARTDECO wins the Glammy of the magazine Glamour for its All in
One Mascara in the eye make-up category.
At the same time, the Skin Yoga White Tea Cleansing Mousse receives the
Cosmopolitan Beauty Award as ‘Best Cleansing Product’ in Norway.
Just a short time later, ARTDECO wins the JOY Trend Award 2008 for the Mineral
Powder Foundation in the category “Beauty”.
In November 2008, the Beauty Forum Award has been awarded. ARTDECO ranks
first in the category “Decorative Cosmetics” and second in the category “Nail Care”.

Secrets of Success

There are many reasons why ARTDECO has become the most popular make-up
brand in Germany and many other countries and also why the company has become
one of the leading suppliers of nail, hand and foot care products in selective retail:

    ARTDECO offers a unique variety of products which cover all areas of color
     cosmetics and therefore perfectly complements and completes the ranges of
     other international premium brands.
     With the nail, hand and foot care lines, further market niches can be covered.
    ARTDECO offers a wealth of special products and refillable beauty boxes
     which not only guarantee real additional sales but also optimally fulfill all users’
     individual wishes.
    ARTDECO is the only significant brand in its price class to focus completely on
     the selected retail market and is exclusively available at perfumeries, leading
     department stores and beauty salons.
    ARTDECO offers individual display solutions for each shop and a distinctive
     advertising concept.

1. Basic Products
The high-quality basic range with classical shades, offers a lower priced alternative to
the lines of international luxury brands, as well as being a complete solution for
beauty salons which wish to focus on one decorative cosmetic brand. Even within the
basic range, ARTDECO offers a unique variety, such as various lipstick and gloss
textures, mascaras with 13 different types of brushes, a particularly wide range of
contour pencils, liquid liners and a broad selection of high-quality foundations.

28% of ARTDECO sales

“ARTDECO is tailored to women’s individual needs”

2. Refillable Products available in Design Boxes
The Beauty Boxes with their magnet system and the Eye Designer with its double
applicator make it possible for the end user to combine eyeshadows and blushers at
will. Colors can be replaced individually and the latest fashion colors can be added.
The Double Finish Foundation, Compact Powder and a large number of other
products are also refillable.

20% of ARTDECO sales

Prix de Beauté Trend 2006
ARTDECO’s originality in combining design boxes with refillable products has been
accredited with the Prix de Beauté Trend, awarded by the Cosmopolitan magazine in
spring 2006.

3. Special and Niche Products
With special products, such as Perfect Teint Concealer, Lip Base, Magic Fix, Glossy
Lip Finish, Eyeshadow Base, Mascara Base, artificial eyelashes and a
comprehensive camouflage range, you can quickly create a highly professional
make-up. ARTDECO’s special products fulfill all end user’s wishes and are the
perfect addition to the top-priced international brands.
The standard nail lacquer range is rounded off with the Wonder Brush collection
featuring a patented double brush.

12% of ARTDECO sales

4. Bronzing Products
In selected retail, ARTDECO has established itself as the unchallenged market
leader for bronzing products.

6% of ARTDECO sales

5. Glamour Avantgarde
Special products for a glamorous performance - another market segment in which
ARTDECO plays a leading role. Here too, innovative highlights for a glamorous
make-up and designer packaging are presented annually – a constant bestseller in
the Christmas season.

6% of ARTDECO sales

6. Mineral Make-up Collection PURE MINERALS
Cosmetics based on minerals embody what women wish nowadays in the make-up
range. A high-quality mineral complex of zinc, magnesium, natrium and potassium
supply a natural look with high opacity even for sensitive skin.

Furthermore, minerals protect against UV rays, bind moisture in the skin and do not
contain any talc, wax or oils. The variety of products and shades of Pure Minerals
enables the combination of your individual collection.

8% of ARTDECO sales

7. Nail, Hand and Foot Care
The most extensive and complete nail care collection with manicure aids, special
varnishes, varnishing aids, products to extend and repair nails as well as a variety of
qualitative care products for every nail problem. This range is rounded off by Nail
Whitening products to remove discoloration and to visually brighten nails.

The high-quality hand and foot care collection offers nourishing creams, peelings,
masks, and also special products, f. ex. with cooling effect. The products combine
exclusive textures with precious active ingredients and unique aromatic concepts,
and thus enhance the well-being of body and soul.
15% of ARTDECO sales

8. Skin Care
Skin Yoga Face
A symbiosis of modern textures, oriental recipes, and Oxyvital to enhance cell
respiration, makes Skin Yoga an exceptional skin care. You will feel the benefits of
this unique combination, as every product contributes to relaxation and well-being of
the skin.

Skin Yoga Body
Given the success of the facial skin care collection, the new body care line Skin Yoga
Body has been developed. Also here, products which increase the oxygen content of
the skin are at the center of attention, and active ingredients that bring the skin back
into balance after it has been stressed by environmental influences.

5% of ARTDECO sales

Professional Care
With the high-quality products and innovative concepts of the professional care
range, ARTDECO offers solutions to every skin problem.
Besides cleansing and peeling products, the ranges Caviar Performance, Skin
Solutions, Phyto Science and Silk Performance form an exclusive and qualitative
range at fair prices.

Caviar Performance
Anti-aging luxury care with precious caviar extracts, oils and high-tech elements
which maintain the vitality and freshness of the skin.

Skin Solutions
Efficient care concept for problematic skin with a special treatment for oily skin and
skin which tends to impureness as well as with balancing products for stressed skin
and skin which tends to couperose.

Phyto Science
A skin care line that counters the first signs of skin aging with selected extracts of the
nature and state-of-the-art high-tech ingredients.
The Marketing Concept

ARTDECO offers the full range of marketing materials which can easily be adapted to
local markets. Window-display material, small gifts with purchase and promotion
displays can be combined with media campaigns for the most effective marketing
mix. The advertising concept combines brand building imagery with consumer
information, introducing novelties, while illustrating the brand’s strengths.

Lavishly illustrated, informative end-consumer brochures (in part with integrated
tester sachets and high-quality, luxury samples) supplement personal consultancy
and aid the right choice of products. In addition, all new products are of course
presented online at

The imagery emphasizes the brand philosophy; to provide a full assortment in order
to enhance natural beauty and achieve professional results.

This concept meets the need of the main consumer group – the confident woman,
who knows what she wants and wants to choose her own colors; the woman that
wants outstanding quality at fair prices and for whom a brand name is mainly a
quality guarantee and not only prestige.

In addition, ARTDECO offers comprehensive training materials on a wide range of
topics. Our experienced marketing and international training team is able to assist
with market launches and trainings.

Public Relations
The unique and innovative ARTDECO products are frequently mentioned and
praised in renowned women’s magazines. Our competent PR department is in close
contact to prominent magazines and provides materials for international public

Internationally, ARTDECO products are increasingly attracting attention with frequent
media coverage.

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