How to Make Bread and the Basic Recipe by kentangsam


									                      How to Make Bread and the Basic Recipe

                                The tools are required:

                            2 large size fruit bowl (bowl)
 Skepa (such as but not-handled knives are made of plastic)Wooden spoon for stirring
                                (using that for frying)
                                 Talelan large white
            1 white measuring spoon set of 4 pieces sold at 100yen shop

                                 Ingredients 1 (bowl 1)

                               High protein flour 160 gr
                                Eggs 2 eggs, beaten first
                                  2 teaspoons of yeast
                           4 tablespoons granulated sugar is
                      100 cc of warm water / milk if using 110 cc

Note: It is by using a measuring spoon, which was the smallest for yeast, a small no.2 for

                                 Ingredients 2 (bowl 2)

                            160 grams of high protein wheat
                             30 g butter (room temperature)
                                    Salt 1/2 teaspoon
                                 4 tablespoons of sugar

                                     How to Make:

Put all ingredients into a bowl. Place adjacent sugar with yeast. Stir with a spoon valve,
                  until all ingredients are well blended and not lumpy.

     Put all ingredients in a bowl into a bowl 2. Stir with a wooden spoon. After all
           ingredients are well blended, transfer to a cutting board for diulen.

 Flatten the dough over the cutting board. Tap-tap butter using the back of his hand until
                   well blended. Once well blended, knead the dough.

                               How to process the dough:

 1. One hand holding the dough, one hand pulling. Do this repeatedly until smooth (not
    sticky dough, and when the dough is pulled, the dough will come back / Rewind
       berlahan). It is a sign of yeast already at work. Estimation time 15 minutes.

 2. Gather the dough by putting it in both hands and played telapan. This movement will
                              make a smooth dough round.

 3. Put back on the chopping block. Place your palms over the dough like a letter V, from
left to right gerakakan (kok sentence ya like gymnastics movement) as much as 30 count.

4. Repeat the no.3. Place in bowl, cover with plastic wrap. Enter into the oven 30 minutes
                                       40 degrees.

  5. After 30 minutes the dough will expand 1.5-2 times as much. dough by pressing it
                                slowly with his hands.

6. For the dough (dough is cut by using skepa) as desired. Usually for a bread weighs 50
grams can produce approximately 10-13 bread. When dividing the dough is always cover
              the dough with a damp cloth, so that the dough does not dry.

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