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Fish: The Better Choice! Shopping for a Healthy Heart


									Shopping for a Healthy Heart
Did you know?                          Fish: The Better
• Canola, Olive, and
  Peanut oil are
  considered best for
  cooking because they
  are low in saturated fat                     By Marcus A. Garand, RD
  and high in mono-
  unsaturated fat.               What makes fish so           Shark, Anchovies, and          cholesterol and saturated
                                 special? Fish contains a     Sardines. Fish is also low     fat. Even Omega-3 fat rich
                                 heart healthy unsaturated    in saturated fat when          fish contain some
                                 fat called “Omega-3”.        compared to beef, poultry,     cholesterol. Foods such as
                                 Experts recommend at         pork, and lamb. A              bacon, sausage, regular
                                 least two 6 ounce servings   serving size for the protein   ground beef, and poultry
                                 of fish rich in Omega-3      group equals 3 ounces.         with skin are high in
                                 fats per week. It is         You may ask why the            saturated fat and cholesterol
                                 important to note that       serving size is only 3         and should be avoided. Fish
                                 some types of fish contain   ounces. Eating more            is a better choice than other
                                 more Omega-3 fat than        protein then the body          animal sources of protein
                                 others. Fish that contain    needs, especially if the       because it contains Omega-
  Fact or Fiction?               significant levels of        protein sources are high in    3 fat.
                                 Omega-3 fat (ranked high     saturated fat and
                                                                                             Key Message: Limit
                                 to medium) are Salmon,       cholesterol, can increase
                                                                                             daily intake of animal
   Eggs are high in              Tuna, Trout, Mackerel,       your risk for heart            protein including fish to 5
                                 Swordfish, Bluefish, Sea     disease. All animal
    saturated fat.                                                                           to 7 ounces (cooked).
                                 Bass, Whitefish, Halibut,    sources of protein contain

FICTION: Although eggs           Heart Healthy Tips: Beef, Poultry, Seafood, Pork
are not high in saturated fat,
eggs are high in cholesterol     •   Choose poultry without the skin
which contributes to heart
disease. The cholesterol in      •   Trim visible fat from meat
eggs is found in the egg
yolk. Health experts             •   Choose “loin” or “round” cuts of
recommend limiting egg
                                     beef and pork
yolks to no more than 4 per
                                 •   Choose lean ground turkey or extra
week. Consider trying
                                     lean ground beef
cholesterol-free egg
substitutes or egg whites.
                                 •   Choose baked or broiled seafood

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