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     Omron Through the Year

     Management Topics                                                                   September 24
     June 5                                                                              Organizational restructuring making the two divisions in charge of
     Other Businesses                                                                    industrial equipment and automation systems the core of IAB
     Construction of a new building for
     the microelectronics business                                                       EMC
     completed at the Yasu Office                                                        Reorganization of ECB into the Electronic and Mechanical
                                                                                         Components Business (EMC) to fortify mechanical components
     July 30                                                                             (relays, switches, and connectors). The Micro Devices business
     AEC                                                                                 formerly part of the ECB segment was transferred to the newly
     Decision made to spin off the Automotive Electronic                                 created Micro Devices Business Promotion Headquarters under
     Components Business (AEC) segment                                                   direct control of the Company president

                                                                        (YoY change)                                                                        (YoY change)

     1Q             Consolidated net sales
                    Consolidated operating loss
                                                      ¥106.9 billion
                                                      (¥10.2 billion)
                                                                           —                 2Q          Consolidated net sales
                                                                                                         Consolidated operating income
                                                                                                                                       ¥125.5 billion
                                                                                                                                         ¥2.5 billion

     April                     May                         June                          July                        August                       September

     Product-related Topics                    IAB      EMC       AEC        SSB       HCB    Other

     April 14                                                                            July 1
       Launch of the “SYSMAC CP1E” Micro                                                   Launch of the Omron Jog Style
       PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) CPU                                             Activity Monitor HJA-300 featuring
       unit enabling highly efficient automation                                           proprietary data algorithms to accurately calculate the level
       and radical cost-savings                                                            of physical exertion during jogging which involves a high
                                                                                           level of physical exertion

     May 26–29                                                                           July 7
       Participation in the “New Environment Exposition 2009”                              Announcement of the selection of EtherCAT* as Omron’s
       Exhibition of proprietary solutions for CO2 reduction “Green                        next-generation motion control system

                                                                                         July 29
                                                                                           Launch of the F3SR-B Safety Light Curtain,
                                                                                           which meets international safety planning
     June 1
                                                                                           standards and provides safe use in severe
       An industry first! Sonic toothbrush
                                                                                           manufacturing environments with the world’s
       that automatically adjusts to optimal
                                                                                           first large-size high-intensity white LED for
       bristle movement for the area being
                                                                                           adjusting the beam
       Launch of HT-B551 MediClean Sonic
       Electric Toothbrush
                                                                                         September 1
                                                                                           An industry first! Launch of the Omron digital thermometer
                                                                                         MC-675 that alerts users with a light and buzzer when it slips
     June 30
                                                                                         out of place
       Launch of the H5CX Digital Timer and H7CX Digital
       Counter/Tachometer with enhanced easy-to-view display,
       safety features, as well as other features, and the shortest
       body of any counter in the industry
                                                                                         September 1
                                                                                           Omron commemorates blood pressure
                                                                                         monitor sales exceeding 100 million units on
                                                                                         an aggregate basis with a campaign to
                                                                                         support UNICEF

                                                                                         September 30
                                                                                           Creation of the industry’s top-class service support system
                                                                                         • Call centers are available from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., 365 days a year
                                                                                         • Expanded services include a direct repair service,
                                                                                           an engineer dispatch service, and an emergency
                                                                                           maintenance equipment delivery service

         * What is EtherCAT?
         EtherCAT is an Ethernet-based, next-generation, ultra-high-speed motion network that enables high-speed, highly accurate communication between
         devices that control the operations of machine controls and is widely used around the world to meet the increasing need for high-speed, high-precision
         control. EtherCAT is being promoted by the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) headquartered in Germany and is gaining worldwide usage in the United
         States, Japan, China, and Korea. Omron is collaborating with ETG and ETG Japan to promote the adoption of EtherCAT.

                                                                                                                                                                  Omron Through the Year
                                                                       January 28
                                                                       Decision on the details for spinning off the AEC segment (in a simple
                                                                       incorporation-type separation)
                                                                       Decision on the details for spinning off the switches business (in a simple
                                                                       absorption-type separation)

                                                               (YoY change)                                                                        (YoY change)

3Q           Consolidated net sales
             Consolidated operating income
                                           ¥138.1 billion
                                             ¥8.7 billion
                                                                   —               4Q             Consolidated net sales        ¥154.2 billion
                                                                                                  Consolidated operating income ¥12.1 billion

October                   November                    December                    January                     February                    March

November 1                                                                         January–March
  Launch of the commercial-use HBP-9021 automatic blood                              A world first for MEMS! Sensor capable of detecting the
  pressure monitor which features elbow detection sensors, and                       lower limit of human audible frequencies
  shows on the monitor whether the arm is correctly positioned                       Start of mass production and supply of the MEMS Acoustic
                                                                                     Sensor Chip

                                                                                   January 1
                                                                                     World’s first automatic analysis system
                                                                                     for energy consumption integrating
                                                                                     consultant expertise
                                                                                     Launch of the CO2 Visualization System “ene-brain”

November 1
  Start of clinical trials of a safe, simple, and highly accurate                  January 18
  internal organ fat analyzer using new measuring technology                         Instantly alerts when detecting
  and unaffected by radiation                                                        recognized “faces”
                                                                                     Launch of “OKAO Scan” Specified Person Detection System

                                                                                   January 29
November 2                                                                           Launch of OMNUC G5-series of AC servo drives compatible
  Launch of the FZ3-900 Vision Sensor with a Dual Task                               with ultra-high-speed motion network
  Controller featuring the industry’s first complete parallel                        EtherCAT communications and certified
  processing, which vastly reduces measurement, input and                            under international safety standards for
  output processing costs                                                            motion control devices

                                                                                   February 10
December 21                                                                          Omron wins the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
  Japan’s first! A solar-powered, environmentally friendly                           Award’s Energy Conservation Grand Prize
  blood pressure monitor                                                             Omron and the City of Kyoto Board of Education were
  Online pre-orders begin for the Omron solar-powered upper                          recognized for their efforts to “visualize electric power
  arm blood pressure monitor HEM-4500-SOL                                            consumption volume in Kyoto municipal schools and other
                                                                                     energy-saving activities”

                                                                                   March 12
                                                                                     Continua-standard* devices incorporating Bluetooth®
                                                                                     wireless technology
                                                                                     Launch of blood pressure monitors, body composition monitors,
                                                                                     and wireless adapters for those products and pedometers

    * What are the Continua standards?
    The Continua standards are guidelines created by Continua Health Alliance, a non-profit organization (NPO) group of healthcare providers in the
    healthcare, medical, and IT industries promoting connectivity among various medical devices and healthcare management services. By following these
    guidelines, health service providers, in-home caregiver providers, and other healthcare professionals can develop applications meeting the Continua
    standards, enabling interoperability between various medical devices and facilitating the creation of services that can better meet healthcare needs.

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