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									                           FEMA’s Higher Education Program Bits and Pieces

                         National Emergency Training Center, Emmitsburg, MD

                                              19 August 2011

Hi Ed Website (submitted today to webmaster for posting next week):

    Hi Ed Activity Reports –
      August 12

    Higher Education Conference Agenda -
     3:00–5:00     2nd Round of Tuesday, June 7th Afternoon Breakout Sessions (Continued)
     (4) Bringing the Real World into the Classroom/Integrating Basic Government into Graduate
         Programs for Non-Traditional Learners
     Reporter:     Joseph Corona,
                   Metropolitan College of New York
     (4) New Textbooks for Emergency Management Higher Education
     Reporter:     Kelly Persich,
                   Erie Community College
     (5) International Emergency Management Practices
     Reporter:     Kelly Persich,
                   Erie Community College

    College List – EM Programs – Associates Programs –
      Delaware Technical & Community College – Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice with
         Emergency Management and Homeland Defense Option

    College List – HS Programs – Masters Level Certificate, Concentrations, Specialization -
      Benedictine University - Master of Public Health and/or Certificate in Disaster Management

    College List – HS Programs – Associates Programs -
      Delaware Technical & Community College – Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice with
         Emergency Management and Homeland Defense Option

    EM Faculty –
      Arkansas Tech University – Head of Department of Emergency Management

      All comments concerning website materials should be emailed to

14th Annual Emergency Management Higher Education Conference Update

    14th Annual Emergency Management Hi Ed Conference, June 6-9, 2011. Student reports will be
     posted to the website as I receive them. Student reports are a summary of the breakout sessions they
     were assigned and attended. If you need a presentation or student report and do not see it posted please
     send me an email. We will be happy to honor your request.
    15th Annual Emergency Management Higher Education Conference has been scheduled for June
     4-7, 2012.

College and University News:

Emergency Management and Homeland Security News:

    Summer is in full bloom. Summer has officially arrived with all the floods, severe storms, tornados,
     hurricanes, and a myriad of other disasters. Check the FEMA website when preparing your home, car
     and work place for emergencies. Important information can be found at

    Received from: Greta E. Marlatt; email:;
      New or Updated Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports:
        o Homeland Security Department: FY2011 Appropriations. R41189
      Center for Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security (CIP/HS)
        o CIP Report - August 2011 - Interdependencies
      Congress. House. Homeland Security Committee
        o Compilation of Homeland Security Related executive Orders (E.O. 4601 Through E.O. 13528)
      Department of Homeland Security
        o Border Patrol Agents Indicted For Civil Rights Violations (PDF, 1 page - 27 KB)
      Homeland Security & Defense Business Council
        o CBRNE: Are We Ready for the Day Before Tomorrow?

    Press Release - PERI Restructure

      Fairfax, Virginia (August 8, 2011) - The PERI Board of Directors has decided to focus the
      organization's efforts on providing direct resources to public risk management.

      Effective immediately, PERI is developing an operational model to directly expend funds to support
      local, institutional, and educational risk management efforts. PERI will greatly reduce overhead and
      administrative expenses to create this shift, and to provide more direct distribution of financial resources
      to those it serves.

      “This operational shift helps PERI meet its core mission to offer practical enhancement of public risk
      management by directing efforts and funds to exactly the level where they can be most useful,” said
      PERI Board Chair Deb Carson. The refocused structure of PERI activities is under continued Board

      As the PERI Board works to finalize details, existing staff and infrastructure are being disbanded. For
      the time being, the PERI Bookstore, e-training, and resource library remain operational at

      PERI welcomes suggestions about where its efforts can be most useful to local government risk
      management. Comments should be directed to PERI Chair Carson at

      About Public Entity Risk Institute
   The Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI) is a nonprofit research institute that develops risk management
   education and training resources for local governments, school districts, small businesses, nonprofits and
   others. PERI's Website serves as a clearinghouse and library with information on a wide range of topics
   including disaster preparedness, response, and recovery; public health and safety; land use and planning;
   environmental liability; risk financing and insurance; technology risks; and workers' compensation.
   PERI also operates a national performance measurement and benchmarking database known as the PERI
   Data Exchange, which allows local governments to compare liability and workers' compensation data
   with their peers and identify strategies to reduce losses and control costs. To learn more about
   publications and services available from PERI, go to

 National Emergency Management Agency Learning Resource Center (NETC LRC) Update
  This Week's Highlights
       Emergency Medical Services: scholarly literature resources: Click here
       Updated - LRC bibliographies page: Click here
  Current Awareness: Weekly News Roundups - Just updated
       All-Hazards News and Information:
  LRC RSS Feed Digest :
  Follow LRC updates:
       Tornado tests preparedness
         IFW Magazine
       Preventing burns from hot fireplace glass
         Consumer Reports
       National Earthquake Resilience: Research, Implementation, and Outreach
         National Academies Press
       EMS in the scholarly literature - selected topics
       Dangers of EMP Attack: Time for a National EMP Awareness Day
         Heritage Foundation
       NIST to Study Joplin Emergency Response, Structural Engineering
         Fire Chief
  New at the LRC Last Week
       All new library materials (180 new items this week)
       Downloadable titles

         Campus safety
         Disaster planning/preparedness
         Emergency Management
         Mass Evacuation
         Natural disasters
         Nuclear/Radiological Hazards
         Public Health
         Risk communications/social media
         Terrorism
      Training - Emergency Mngt
      Wildfires

 CEMR Network Broadcast:

 New York Citizen Corps Council News:
  New York Citizen Corps Council News is an excellent source for emergency preparedness information.
  The weekly report contains but is not limited to the following:
              NTC Citizen Corps Council Initiatives
              Webinars
              Conferences/Workshops
              Resources

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       It is intended to share ideas, tips and tricks that will help improve your emergency programs. You’re
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    Natural Hazards Observer Number 571 • August 11, 2011 is now available
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Notes from the Hi Ed Program:

    We are accepting news and events to be placed in our “Bits and Pieces” reports each week. Let us
     know what emergency management or homeland security activities are happening at your college,
     university, and state or local emergency management office.

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