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       Parenting is the most underpaid job ever; but the rewards can be great. Children have to be taught how to
       accept responsibilities to the actions and the decisions they make and take whatever consequences (from
                                         making bad decisions), it brings to them
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                                                                  Parents Learn
                                                                By Travis Harouff

    Parents Learn by Travis Harouff

 Parents Learn
In today’s society it seems as if the idea of parenting has gone out the window. AS a result of this
depression rates have increased and there has been a greater rate of drug addiction, troubles with the
law also have sky rocketed in those age thirteen to eight teen. We need to make sure parents are
parents and prevent there kids from falling into a neglected void. To do this, the government needs to
create classes to teach parents the traits that they need to be effective parents. As of now there are
classes like this, however you have to sign up and pay for it yourself. These classes would be
mandatory and paid for by the Government. Anyone that is going to have a baby for the first time
should take these classes. New parents will be able to learn the skills they need to know to be effective
parents. Whether it means teaching there kid not to do drugs or teaching parents how to show that
they care, these classes would help parents do their job.
These classes can show parents to support there kids and create a family atmosphere. Studies show
that in a family that sits down to dinner and talks there is a thirty percent lower crime rate. One thing
that parents would learn is good communication skills. They will learn how to talk to their children.
Communication is important if you are a parent. A parent needs to pass ideas and skills to their
children. These ideas could be how to tie shoo laces or just letting the kid know he or she is loved. This
is what we need to get across to the parents. They must learn to listen and talk to there children to be
better parents. Parents have to learn that children need to be loved.
Taking interest in what they do will convey concern and love. When a child feels that there is love in
the house he or she will take the problem there rather than trying to take care of it through drugs.
In society morals have gone down through the years. The crime rates are up in every category and
drug use is at a high. Teaching morals to parents is another thing that would be taught. These would
be simple right from wrong morals. People with a strong moral background can access a compromising
situation and make a more appropriate decision according to studies done. Being able to make a good
decision in today’s society is getting hard. There is pressure on a lot of subjects that cause problems
for kids. Having sex and doing drugs is one of them. One thing that that parents would be taught is the
skill to teach kids how to have safe sex. Not only from STD’s but when the time is right for a person to
start having sex. Parents would also learn how to teach children about drug use. Why it is bad and

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whether or not kids should try it. Parents teaching strong morals would help kids make good moral
decisions between right and wrong.
A very important skill that would be obtained by attended a parenting class would be how to have a
positive household. When a child gets older he or she will want to do what they want. This could create
a negative atmosphere very easily, for the fact that arguing takes place. When arguing takes place it
usually leads to a fight. Parents could learn how to avoid this whole situation and come to a positive
solution without all the yelling and screaming. This is good for the child because being yelled at can
create a lot of emotional stress. But at the same time if a parent knows how to access the situation
then they can get the child to do what they think is best while showing care for the child,
and still receive the child’s respect.
One draw back is that parents are usually working all the time. Especially if you are going to be a new
parent. This does not leave a lot of free time for these people to go to class. So to make these classes
most convenient they could be held three times a day. In the morning, afternoon and evening to work
around everyone’s work schedule. This would give everyone the chance to go whether you were a nine
to five business man or a late night factory worker. This is a problem but it can also be easily
A lot of parents will not want to take these classes. Some people feel like they retain the skills needed
to be a parent. Other parents my not even care enough about there children to go. A good way to
promote attendance could be a tax cut. If someone goes to these classes the government could give a
kick back on their taxes. If the classes became mandatory then an intricate penalty system could be
devised. It would be almost like school. They could take attendance in class. Give each person an
allotted amount of sick days. If the parents exceed the sick day limit and do not have a legitimist
reason for not being there then they should be fined.
The cost for this would be high. For this to be affective there would have to be a parenting school in
every city and town. Not only would you have a lot of schools but you would have to train an army of
teachers. The cost of teacher training would be enormous alone. This could be argued that it is an
unneeded waste of tax payer money. But children are what keep the world turning. They grow up to
run the world. We need to invest as much time in our future as possible. Besides look at all the money
government spends. In 1991 the government spent twenty three billion dollars on foreign aid and three
hundred and four billion on National Defense. This money could be reinvested in America’s children to
promote a better life in our society for them
These classes may seem silly at first for the fact that the earth has been around for thousands of years
and parenting seems to have come naturally. But kids face new challenges in today’s society. Children
are one of the most important things in this world. Anything that can be done to better there lives
should be done. Even if it means a parent giving up a little time to help there kids.


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                                    How To Make Home Schooling Your Children Fun
                                                            By James Masterson

Seeing your children go to school and learn things can be fun. It makes you feel that you have, in a
way, imparted them the most treasured gift that you can give them — EDUCATION.

However, with many influences that lurk in school, you might even wonder if sending them to school is
the best gift, indeed. Many parents are worried how children are getting their behaviors changed
whenever they are in school.

That’s why homeschool had been created in order to provide a feasible option for parents who wish to
educate their children in a way where they can supervise personally. They want to find a way where
they can instill in them the values that they want their children to have.

All of these things are contained in homeschooling. In this manner, parents are able to control and
instigate the kind of education they want their children to learn. They can manage their children’s
behavior and impart in them the values that they want their children to learn.

However, what people do not know is that the very important aspect why homeschooling is a great
alternative to traditional schooling is based on the fact that both the parents and the children can have
fun learning things.

With homeschooling, parents can make their children’s learning process more fun and less rigid
compared to the traditional school system.

Here’s a list on how to make homeschooling your children fun:

1. Make reading more fun

The best way to teach a child is to make things easier for him or her to understand and learn. The best
way to do this is to incorporate fun in the setting.

For instance, if you want to teach your children to read, it would be better if you will read to them just to
have some fun. Let them enhance their imagination by generating life in the characters included in the
story. In this way, they will be able to learn things with lots of fun.

Create a connection with their books and not instill in them the norms and standards set by the typical
school system.

2. Make learning comfortable

If the children or the students are comfortable with the program, then homeschooling can be more fun.
It will generate more enthusiasm compelling the children to participate in the process.

The point here is that in order to make homeschooling more fun is that parents should never be
constrained on the idea of teaching itself. They should teach by example. That is, indeed, a fun way of
learning things.

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It doesn’t matter if you just want to explore home schooling possibilities or have made the decision and
are looking for a guide to point you in the right direction, "The Parents Guide to Home Schooling" will
provide you with the information you require.

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