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									Persons of Interest                                                                                   2.2
Points to Ponder
Many people have contributed their time, talent, and genius over the centuries to develop the
Computer into the powerful and diverse machine it is today. You will create a Wanted Poster for and
Innovator of your choice. Possible sites to look for information include:;jsessionid=LE25E2APXDAGQQSNDLPCKH0CJUNN2JVN
and/or do a Google search.
Step 1: Directions:
    1. Go to Word and Zoom out to 50% so you can see all sides of the page.
    2. Click the Wordart button and select the first wordart.
    3. Type WANTED using stencil or playbill font.
    4. Change the fill color of your wordart using your word art toolbar to black.
    5. Position your wordart across the top of your paper.
    6. Add a smaller wordart that states “for the Capture of your innovator’s name here”
    7. Add a picture of your innovator to the center of your poster-change it to In front of text.
    8. Use a textbox to list the amount of the reward you are offering.
    9. Use textboxes to list the following information:
            a. Time period in which the innovator lived
            b. Other basic background information (born, lived, interesting stories)
            c. Inventions/Accomplishments
            d. Add a minimum of 6 textboxes
    10. In a large textbox filled with black placed below the picture explain how inventions/accomplishments
        impacted the area of computing
    11. Change all textbox line color to no line and fill color to no fill.
    12. Center all text in the textboxes.
    13. You can add lines above and/or below your large wordart at the top of the page and center them.
    14. Go to the header footer and draw rectangle that goes from top left corner to the bottom corner of your
    15. Click on fill color and choose fill effects and click the texture tab.
    16. Choose stationary the last button on the top row-this will give the effect of old paper.
    17. Print in color.
    18. Save as Your Initials 2.2 Persons of Interest to your folder and password.
Innovators in History to choose from:
    1. John Napier, Baron of                   10. John Bardeen, Walter                22. Paul G. Allen
        Merchiston                                 Brattain and William                23. Seymour Cray
    2. Wilhelm Schickard                           Shockley                            24. Steve Jobs
    3. Blaise Pascal                           11. Andreew Donald Booth                25. Steve Wozniak
    4. Charles Babbage                         12. Claude Shannon                      26. Adam Osborne
    5. Augusta Ada Byron, the                  13. Jack St. Clair Kilby                27. Tim Berners-Lee,
        countess of Lovelace                   14. Hideo Yamachito                     28. Linus Torvald
    6. J. Presper Eckert and                   15. William Higinbotham                 29. Pierre Omidyar
        John Mauchly                           16. Ted Nelson                          30. Sergey Brin and Larry
    7. John von Neumann's                      17. Robert Noyce                            Page
    8. Grace Hopper                            18. Gordon Moore                        31. Alan Shugart
    9. F.C. Williams                           19. Gary Starkweather                   32. Robert Metcalfe
                                               20. Douglas Englebart                33.    David Packard and Bill
                                               21. Ray Tomlinson                           Hewlett
BCS-CMW-2-a, b, c                                                           Careers, Ethics, History of Computers

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