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     Acne is one disorder that has literally thousands of at-home remedies for you to try. Among the more widely
    used ones is lemon juice. Acne usually occurs because of hormonal imbalances that take place in the human's
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                                       Is Popping The Right Way To Get Rid Of Pimples?
                                                                       By Ashish Jain

    Do you wish to get rid of pimples over the night? And you are too stressed up for your appearance?
What will help you clear your acne before the morning? Neither the stress nor the medication! Though
stress can aggravate pimples, if not cause it.

Popping seems the only way out. But don’t pop it anyways. This is the most undesirable trick to get rid
of acne and can damage your skin. That too, to leave behind the horrible scars that will require even
longer the time to treat! Plus, popping of pimples can also prolong the life of the pimples.

Popping of pimples should always be done in the presence of a surgeon. This will be a minor

As for you, if you really want to pop acne to clear it fast, keep a few things in your mind.

Before you begin the process, wash your hands thoroughly. Use a sterilized needle to puncture it,
slowly and very carefully. Wipe away the pus immediately. Don't do it for fun. Do it with the purpose.

If you lose patience and pick, pinch or squeeze the pimple, you will have inflammation of skin. It will
cause bacteria to spread to other parts of the face. The intended overnight solution, could lead to a
fortnight's problem. The resultant scars sometimes take more than a fortnight to heal.

There is another harmless method. Hold an ice pack on the pimple for about 2 minutes, and repeat this
exercise for every 30 minutes. You will find marked reduction in swelling and inflammation. The pain
too will subside.

You can solve the problem for the day by the dose of a flesh-tinted concealer. You hide it or mask it for
a few hours. The day's job is done and you can revert to your normal treatment. Wash the pimples
affected area of your face with a mild cleanser. For exfoliation, gently rub the skin with a cotton pad or
soft cloth.

A dab of toothpaste in the affected area has helped many to reduce redness and provide relief from
irritation in the skin. Put some lemon juice of a piece of cotton and gently press it on the affected area.
The pimples will surrender their aggressiveness to a great extent overnight.

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These are some of the quick fix methods to get rid of the pimples overnight, or at least reduce their
telling effect. The long drawn out treatment for pimples, needs to be carried out in consultation with the
dermatologist. & Acne provides detailed information on acne treatment,
pimples, acne skin care and more.

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                                Stop! Before You Pop Pimples Be Sure to Read This!
                                                             By Astra Yadira

Pimples are a nightmare! Don't you just hate it when you wake up in the morning and see a huge
pimple staring back at you in the mirror?

 It always seems to appear right when we don't want it the most. On the first day of school, have that
big date coming up or when we have that really important job interview.

 Don't blame yourself, these little buggers are actually infections that appear in the skin due to built up
dirt and bacteria.

 A pimple is not just the white gunk that shoots out when you pop it. Yes, we have all seen this gunk
and it is not pretty. I've even seen it in projectile mode, but that is another story.

 You might be really tempted to just pop it and get it over with but that is not always the best idea. Sure
it may make you feel better going out in public, but the residual affects are not worth it. Let me

When you pop a pimple it creates a small open wound on your face. Which leaves it open to infection
which will only lead to more whiteheads. In fact, popping a pimple will most likely just lead to even
more pimples. Who wants that? Certainly not me.

 Another negative for popping pimples is that it spreads oil, dirt and bacteria on your skin, which just
spreads them. What you need is a solution that will stop the cycle. It seems like many of these pimple
solutions are not really "solutions" after all.

 The last thing you want to do is keep popping your pimples and develop acne scars that stay with you
for the rest of your life. Stop thinking about the short term satisfaction of popping your pimple and think
about the long term health of your skin! You owe this to yourself.

We have all seen adults that have pock marks in their skin because they did not heed this advice
when they were younger. Don't let your skin turn into this. Reverse the damage while you still can.

 What is a person to do then when faced with a mounting pimple (no pun intended)? Well, start off with
a better diet. What you put in your body comes out through your pores. When you eat healthy food you
will have healthy skin.

 A person eating pepperoni pizza every day will start to have a face that resembles what they are
eating. Not very cute after a while.

 Stressing out certainly does not help the situation either. Calm down and clean up your lifestyle.
Stress and dairy products produce hormones in our bodies that don't give off the most flattering affects
for our complexion.

 If things get really bad you may want to consider visiting a doctor to see if there is a more complicated
problem on your hands. However, most of the time you can clear this up on your own.

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 Just keep your fingers away from those pimples and resist the urge to pop. Your complexion will thank
you in the long run.

Are you ready to clear up your skin and get rid of pimples for good? Make sure to visit for the techniques your doctor wont tell you.

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