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                                 Your belt must always match your shoes
                                                By Eugen Lisov

  The most important thing to know about dressing to be in fashion is that the color of the belt you are
wearing should ALWAYS match the color of your shoes.

This is basic fashion knowledge people. This may sound harsh on some, but truth is I hate it when I
see people ignoring this little detail. It’s really sad to see this wonderful woman on the street, wearing a
nice pair of pink shoes, with a black belt?!? Somebody call the fashion police, please!

And this is not just a caprice of mine. It really is a basic requirement of having a presentable look, in
order to show a little sophistication on your part.

Women generally are aware of the importance of this requirement, although they may choose not to
follow it. The majority of men on the other hand are oblivious to this rule, as to the whole fashion thing.

If you read to this point and you can identify yourself with what I’m talking about here (I won’t tell
anyone, my lips are sealed), please take the time and adjust this little flaw.

Now, I don’t want to make this sound like a make of brake rule. It really isn’t. It’s just a small detail that
may or may not go unnoticed. But as a whole, when put together with other such small details, it
makes you have the best appearance, which in turns helps you feel comfortable and raise your self

In a business meeting or even at a bar when hitting the opposite sex, having this and others handled
will work in your favor. But if the opposite, it’s very possible that you’ll be looked with suspicion or even

You’d better not wear a belt at all than one that does not match with your shoes. Some might go too far
and wear a belt made of the same material as the shoes, but matching only the color is fine.

Now that you are aware of this, you have no more excuses for not doing it. Fix it as fast as possible.

Eugen Lisov is the creator of and
. Please feel free to check these websites as they offer lots tips on getting a great outfit and reviews
of the best products to help you have a fashioned look.

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

                          General Tips on Buying Your Carhartt Men’s Belts
                                             By Stacy Carolin

When it comes to men’s overall fashion statement, a belt plays a significant role because it completes
the pants and tucked-in shirt and gives a more formal look. Because of its significance, men should
choose belts that are durable, made of quality materials, the right fit and of course the right
complement to whatever clothes he wear.

 Carhartt men’s belts are one of the top of the line belts in the market today. They make your workday
easier because it delivers comfort, style and performance. These are made from the highest-grade
materials and are created to withstand constant wear and tear. It even offers a wide selection of belt
styles in different colors, materials, buckles and size options.

Some Tips When Buying Your Belt

 1. Carhartt men’s belts are available in few traditional retail stores. You can purchase your belts from
them. The disadvantage, however, is that they have limited stocks and might not offer the style and
color that you prefer. It is suggested that you buy your Carhartt men’s belts in online retail stores where
they have a complete catalogue of them.

 2. You might be discouraged to buy your Carhartt men’s belt online because you are not sure about
the sizes. A good tip in choosing a men’s belt is to choose a belt that is a size up from your waist size.
Carhartt size charts are provided online so you will have an idea which size is for you.

 3. Remember that belts are accessories and not the centerpiece in your wardrobe. It is not good to
have belts that are noticeable and will turn a few heads. Don’t buy belts that are more expensive than
your shoes or your suit. Carhartt men’s belts have subdued styles that fit the modern men of today. It
comes in different colors that men would prefer like black, brown and leather colors.

 4. Carhartt men’s belts should be matched with your wardrobe. Although you might be excited to wear
your new belt to show it off, it is better to match it first with what you are wearing. If your belt is brown
and your planning to wear black shoes, then forget it.

 The simplest rule in wearing belts is that you match it with your shoes in color and finish. This means
that if you have shiny black shoes then you must wear shiny black belt also. To have no difficulty
matching shoes and belts, you must always have a collection of Carhartt men’s belt that goes with your
collection of shoes.

 5. However, casual belts allow more flexibility. A good example would be that on wearing jeans and
sneakers, any color or finish could go together with these. However, wearing boots is another matter
altogether because you need to match shiny boots with shiny belts.

 These are just some tips in buying your Carhartt men’s belts. Once you have them, you shall be
assured that they will stay with you for a long time. However, make sure that you also take good care
of your Carhartt men’s belts such as putting them away from sunlight and hanging them in belt racks.

How to buy belts only at

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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