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					                     Manifesto for Zaid Khan
                        Running for Vice President
                  *For a committee of ALL talents*
New blood, new contacts, new sources of finance --> even bigger and better events

               Let’s take Pak Soc to the next level!

What makes a good Vice President?
   1) Somebody who knows the society and has good experience: I have
      been to all the major Pak Soc run events during my time at Cambridge
      (including the trip to Oxford!); I am good friends with the past executive
      committee and have also helped out at events including the Iqbal
      Dinner, Garden Party and Armaan. But most importantly I feel that my
      involvement in the Cambridge University Investment Club (CUIC) means
      that I bring a new dimension to Pak Soc. By helping to manage a society
      with 1000+ members I think I can truly take Pak Soc to the next level.
   2) Someone who will deliver results: As an executive committee member
      of CUIC I have helped raise our funds from £10,000 to £40,000 and our
      membership from 500 to 1000 members. I organised 8 major events last
      term (including many with an attendance of 80+ and a trip to both
      London and Hong Kong) with a further 4 events scheduled this term.
   3) A charismatic and enthusiastic leader as well as a team player: Not
      only do I promise to always strive for the best, but I also think that the
      VP has to be someone who is not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get
      involved with some of the less appealing jobs that are required.
   4) Somebody who is fun: Like most of you, I believe in working hard,
      playing hard and most of all having fun! I think it’s vital that we
      remember that we are trying to promote the best of Pakistani culture
      and it is therefore crucial that we keep our events light hearted,
      enjoyable and engaging. I will make sure we get things done but not at
      the expense of having fun!
   5) Someone who is open minded: The best leaders get the full
      involvement of their team and their members. I fully recognise the
      importance of seeking out everyone’s ideas and am not content on just
      pushing my own agenda.

My objectives:
   1) A committee of ALL talents: I think it is important to get involvement
      from people of all different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and
      sexes. This means giving girls the same opportunity as guys, getting
      involvement from Post-Grads as well as Undergrads and giving non-
      Pakistanis a chance to voice their opinions as well.
   2) New sources of finance: As a result of pursuing a career in Investment
      Banking and my involvement with CUIC, I have had experience of raising
      money from the financial services sector (i.e. the people with serious
                       Manifesto for Zaid Khan
                         Running for Vice President
                   *For a committee of ALL talents*
New blood, new contacts, new sources of finance --> even bigger and better events

        amounts of cash!). I aim to use this to expand Pak Soc’s finances and
        ease our current financial situation.
   3)   Reaching out to the broader student community: I think it is vital that
        we continue to broaden the societies appeal and organise more events in
        which our amazing members have the opportunity to present a more
        positive face of Pakistan.
   4)   Do more for the University and local community: Without the support
        of the University and local community, Pak Soc would not be able to do
        many of the things it does. I believe that we need to recognise this and
        show that as Pakistanis we can give back to the community.
   5)   Being a leader amongst the other societies of the Sub-Continent: The
        amazing job that the previous committee did on Armaan means that we
        have already been given the catalyst needed. We now need to continue
        to set the benchmark in all of our events.
   6)   Having a National Impact: We are fortunate enough to be at one of the
        best Universities in the country and I think we need to use this to have a
        wider, National impact. We are already partly there with the formation
        of NUPSA and our close ties with other Universities such as Oxford,
        Birmingham, Imperial and ARU, but I feel we need to build on this and
        be a society that people from other Unis can look up to.
   7)   Keep Pakistan at the heart of Pak Soc: I don’t want the above
        objectives to come at the expense of helping out valuable Pakistani
        causes such as The Citizens Foundation. After all, the whole point of Pak
        Soc is to remember and celebrate our roots and background! We need to
        continue to raise money for Pakistan, have more talks about the country
        and promote more links with Cambridge and schools in Pakistan –
        ensuring that they are on a level playing field.

  So vote for me if you want a committee and membership base of
 ALL talents, an improvement in our finances, more focus on giving
     back, an emphasis on being a local and National leader and
ultimately want to celebrate Pakistani Culture while having a great

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