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									Studying Abroad In Spain Is Filled With Options And Adventure

Students who are interested in exploring the world should consider
studying abroad in Spain. Spain is a beautiful country that offers a
multitude of study abroad programs. If you dream of being able to
experience a foreign culture, choosing to study in Spain is a great

There are a great number of academic programs available in Spain.
Students can choose from programs that are located in Madrid, Barcelona,
Granada, Valencia, and many other cities across Spain. Students can opt
to take classes in humanities, language, liberal arts, social sciences,
and many other subjects. Choosing to study in Spain will give you the
opportunity to take in its history and beautiful scenery.

Two of the most popular Spanish cities to study in are Madrid and
Barcelona. Madrid's natives describe their city as having a little bit of
everything. Madrid is known for its amazing art scene and utilizes eating
as an art form. It is not unusual to spend upwards of three hours on
lunch and dinner. Madrid plays host to a variety of concerts and plays on
a daily basis as well. Madrid is the Las Vegas of Spain due to the fact
that it is also known as the city that never sleeps. If you don't mind
encountering a traffic jam at three in the morning on a Friday, Madrid is
the place for you.

Barcelona is just as popular as Madrid for students who want to study
abroad. Barcelona is known for leading the way in fashion and offering
visitors a wonderful experience. If you are a fan of art, Barcelona is a
must see. You can find artistic pieces from Gaudi, Dali, and Picasso plus
many other artists. Barcelona offers individuals a unique Spanish

Students that are looking to spend their summer abroad can also do so in
Spain. There are many different options for students who want to spend a
couple of weeks to a couple of months during the summer. Spain offers
many intensive language courses during the summer, where you can immerse
yourself in the language while enjoying Spain's warm summer and visiting
their gorgeous beaches. This is a fantastic way to learn the Spanish
language in a shortened period of time.

If you're looking to complete an internship as a part of your college
program, why not choose to complete it the country of Spain? Students can
apply for a number of different internships through the Academic Programs
International, Forum-Nexus Study Abroad, and InterSchool Spain, just to
name a few. Most internships qualify for college credit and give you the
opportunity to gain valuable work experience that you can take with you
for life.

Individuals who are interested in traveling abroad, but don't want to
take college level courses can enroll into a volunteer program that can
take you to the country of Spain. You can take in the beautiful
architecture, beaches, and culture while working to help others. One well
known volunteer program is COINED International, where students can
volunteer in Barcelona with children, elderly, or the community as a

The Spain study abroad program is an amazing experience. By choosing the
summer semester abroad program, you are guaranteeing yourself a once in a
lifetime experience. The country has a rich cultural background that
cannot be matched elsewhere.

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