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									1st year 2nd. Semester Students
         Due: 2/15/08
•   To look specifically for repeating patterns and
    leading lines within the images (These are two
    separate images).
•   Two images on one 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper.
•   Must include a reflection that is at least one
    paragraph long.
     Must  include where you found your subject, the
      time and the exposure of when you shot the image.
     You must also include the corrections you made to
      the image such as the color adjustments, any filters
      you may have used, and why you shot your image.
      Must be very specific.
   The purpose of this project is the following:
     To photograph a subject that we take for granted or
      do not pay attention to. (Repeating patterns)
     To photograph a line that takes the viewer
      throughout the image. (Leading Lines)
     To look at things differently than the way we do in
      our every day life.
   1 – 8.5 x 11 inch print with two images on it; 1
    repeating pattern & 1 leading line (2 – 5x7)
   Reflection – Must be typed
   Put reflection and print in Yellow Manila
    Envelope (Will not be excepted otherwise)
   Due Date: 2/15/08 by 2:50pm

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