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					      The USPTO:
A Customer Friendly Office

     Mary Boney Denison
     Deputy Commissioner
     for Trademark Operations
     October 14, 2011
Hiring Our Customers

   Looking Outside
   for Our Leadership
      Hiring our Customers

• David Kappos, Under Secretary of Commerce
  for Intellectual Property and Director
  of the USPTO

• Terry Rea, Deputy Under Secretary
  of Commerce for Intellectual Property
  and Director of the USPTO

• Mary Boney Denison, Deputy Commissioner
  for Trademark Operations
Listening to Our Customers

     Regular Outreach
     to Customers
        Regular Outreach

• We often look to bar groups to find areas
  needing improvement and where we can
  become a better agency.

• Bar Groups we work with:
  –   AIPLA
  –   INTA
  –   ABA, IP Section
  –   ACC
  –   IPO
      Regular Outreach

• Trademark Public Advisory Committee

  – Regularly meets with the office

  – Reviews policies, goals, performance, budget
    and user fees and makes recommendations

Listening to Our Customers

     Excellent Office Actions
      Excellent Office Action Initiative

• Trademarks has created an Excellent Office
  Action Initiative that reviews first actions
  for comprehensive excellence

• In addition, an increased usage of telephone
  actions has been encouraged

      Excellent Office Actions --

• We asked our users to review 200 Office
  actions to validate our current quality
  measures and help create new measures

• Results of the actions reviewed showed
  USPTO quality measures are consistent
  with our stakeholder views

  Asking for Improvements
to our Manual for Examining

     Commenting on the TMEP:

• Our Trademark Manual of Examining
  Procedure (TMEP), is a living document.
• The new TMEP discussion tool, powered
  by IdeaScale software, will allow everyone
  with an interest in U.S. Trademark Law
  to collaboratively identify important issues
  and bring them to the attention
  of the Trademark Office.

Discussing the TMEP in IdeaScale

           Frequently Used
           E-Mail Addresses
• The Office has e-mail addresses
  for specific questions.
   – – for questions or suggestions regarding
     electronic filing

   – – for miscellaneous suggestions
     and/or critiques

   – – for suggestions for the Next
     Generation of Trademark IT systems (TMNG)

   – – for suggestions for future revisions
     of the TMEP

Allowing Customer Comments

     Proposed Rulemaking
      What is Rulemaking in the US?

• Rulemaking is the method
  by which independent U.S. Government
  agencies create regulations.

• As part of the Rulemaking process, the public
  can see the proposed rules and comment
  on them.

Asking for Customer Input

    Trademarks Next Generation
      Trademark Automation
      of the Future

• TM asked the question of our users:
  – What is the functionality you, our users, want
    for our 21st century Trademark IT services?

• More than 300 comments were received
  from internal and external users of Trademark
  services and systems

       Added Functionality for TM systems

• Sample ideas from external customers:

  – Keep practitioner dockets on-line

  – Allow electronic filing of different types of media

  – Integrated systems (i.e. TTAB and examination)

      Recently Implemented Ideas

• Trademarks Document Retrieval (TDR) 2.0

• Assignments Branch

Asking for Customer Input

    Roundtables and Focus Groups
      Roundtables and Focus Groups

• Our ongoing series of roundtables and focus
  groups allows us to informally discuss matters
  of trademark practice and policies
  with our users

Educating Our Customers:
    Special Outreach
  to Pro Se Applicants

    Trademark Assistance Center
      Trademark Assistance Center (TAC)

• The mission of TAC is to provide
  Trademark customers with accurate
  and timely information in a professional
  and courteous manner
• TAC answers close to 150,000 phone calls
  and thousands of emails from customers
  each year
• 93% of calls to TAC are answered within 20
  seconds of receipt.

Educating Our Customers:
    Special Outreach
  to Pro Se Applicants

    Trademark Videos
       Trademark Videos

• Short videos target small businesses
  and individuals unfamiliar with the application
  process highlight potential problems
  and how to avoid them.
• The Specimens Video tells users exactly what
  we seek for acceptable specimens.

      Facebook® and Twitter®

• The USPTO uses social media to reach a
  wider audience.
• Facebook®:
• Twitter®: @USPTO

Educating Our Customers:
    Special Outreach
  to Pro Se Applicants

Reporting Our Progress

   Trademarks Dashboard
TM Dashboard

Reaching Future Customers

     Trademark Expo
      Trademark Expo

• This year marks the 4th Trademark Expo
  since returning in 2007.

• Expo is being held this weekend.

• Will feature many exciting Trademark holders,
  such as Mattel, UPS, Bridgestone and small
  US business.

      Thank You

• Questions?


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