July 12th 2005 History Projects Robert Clark PO Box 685 Collinsville Illinois 62234 Dear Virginia Senior Citizens I am an American Indian researching history and I received this address by 4CixdD5J


									July 12th, 2005

History Projects Robert Clark
PO Box 685 Collinsville,
Illinois 62234

Dear Virginia Senior Citizens:

I am an American Indian researching history and I received this address from the
Commonwealth of Virginia's Department for the Aging. I hope this inquiry can be placed in
a newsletter, posted in a senior citizen center or passed on to elders who have memories to
share. I plan on developing these projects into books and would like to include Americans of
many backgrounds and geographic locations.

I would like to correspond with any Virginian who served in the WWII military, Red Cross,
Civil Air Patrol, merchant marine, USO, civil defense groups or held a job in a defense
industry. Also, interested in any women who worked in a man's occupation (such as a
firelighter) during the war years to replace a man who had gone off to war.

Also, interested in anyone who worked with military animals (dogs, messenger pigeons,
horses, etc) or have an animal story from the war years to share. Any pets/mascots for your
unit or aboard ship? Any dangerous or humorous animal encounters in WWII?

I'm seeking experiences that were unusual, strange or unexplained during the war. Such as
premonitions, hauntings, good luck charms, phantom ships/planes, fortune telling, foo fighter
(UFO) sightings, encounters with unusual animals or birds, monster legends, unsolved crime,
coincidences, miraculous happenings, special abilities, etc.

I'm seeking WWII stories related to romance, sex, dating, etc. Such as favorite pin-ups,
military hygiene lectures, Dear John letters, unusual marriage proposals, military men dating
WACs (WAVES, SPARs, etc), visits to red-light districts, dating on the US home front,
planning weddings in war time, family planning, war brides, etc.

If there are any Virginians in their 90s reading this, I would like to hear of their childhoods
during WW One (1914-1918). Did anyone support the doughboys, visit troop trains, attend
patriotic rallies, roll Red Cross bandages, or do any "knittin for Britain?" I'm also interested
in any information on race relations during WWI (1914-1918).

These are diverse topics-1) WWII service, 2) WWII animal stories, 3) WWII strange
experiences, 4) WWII romance, 5) WW One childhoods, and finally 6) WW One race
relations. I don't expect answers to all of them, but answers about any of them helps. I
cannot explain peoples' experiences and I will not make judgments. African-Americans and
Virginian Indians (Monacan, etc) are encouraged to reply. Thank you.

Robert Clark                                       J U L 1 8 2005

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