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									Dr. Ralph Poteet High School

                          Dr. Ralph Poteet High School
                       Discipline Management Guidelines

I. Introduction

One of the main goals of an effective discipline management program is to maintain an effective learning
environment with as few distractions or disruptions as possible. In order to accomplish this goal, a
framework within which to operate must be established so that consistency and fairness will be displayed to
all students. In addition to the framework, effective communication between the school and parents plays a
very important role in the success of a discipline management program.

II.    General Statements

           These steps are to serve as guidelines and are not absolute. Situations or circumstances may
           arise where the appropriate administrator will use their discretion in making decisions
           concerning discipline cases.

           These guidelines are established to handle routine, everyday discipline cases. More severe
           offenses (Class IV, Class V, and Class VI) will be handled in accordance with the policies set
           forth in the Mesquite Independent School District Code of Conduct. Preliminary steps outlined
           in these guidelines will be bypassed in such cases.

           Each discipline case will be handled on its own merits. Therefore, the number of detentions,
           days in In-School Suspension, etc. will be left to the discretion of the appropriate administrator
           upon hearing facts pertaining to the incident.

           Every effort will be made to contact parents every time a student is sent to the office. If a parent
           cannot be reached by telephone, a letter will be sent home to be signed and returned.

           If a student has not been sent to the office for an extended period of time and demonstrates a
           willingness to cooperate, the administrator has the option of repeating a step rather than
           proceeding to the next one.

III.   Guidelines

           Minor Offenses

           It is strongly suggested that incidents regarding chewing gum and candy be handled by the
           classroom teacher first. Students should not be sent to the office unless the problem becomes
Dress Code Violations

Students who are not in compliance with the dress code will not be allowed to return to class
until the violation is corrected. Students will be given an opportunity to correct the violation in
the office. If the student refuses to correct the dress code violation, parents will be contacted,
and the student will remain in In-School Suspension until the student is in compliance with the
dress code.

Transportation Discipline Guidelines

School campus administrators are responsible for the students while on the bus and reserve the
right to resolve discipline problems that occur between home and campus.

Penalties for misconduct:

1st incident- Parents are notified and the student may be placed on probation.
2nd incident- 5 days minimum bus suspension
3rd incident- Suspension from riding the bus for 20 days or the remainder
              of the school year.

In extreme cases, the Transportation Director will be notified. The Director
may take immediate action, including bus suspension, until the
campus administrator can handle the incident.

Flagrant Violations:

1st incident- 15 days bus suspension
2nd incident- 20 days bus suspension or removal for the remainder of the school year.

Forms of Punishments / Consequences

       1. Counseling
       2. Loss of privileges
       3. 30-minute detentions (Tues., Wed., & Thurs. 7:55 am / 3:50 pm)
       4. 60-minute detentions (Wednesday 3:50 pm)
       5. Saturday detention (Weekly- 8:00 am-10:00 am)
       6. In-School Suspension (1-3 days)
       7. Suspension (up to 3 days)
       8. MIC Assignment (5days)
       9. MIC Assignment (10 days)
       10. MIC Assignment (15 days)
       11. Alternative Education Program (Challenge Program)
       12. Expulsion (JJAEP)

Each time a student is sent to the office for misconduct some disciplinary action will take place.
These discipline procedures are not all inclusive because other inappropriate behavior might
warrant more or less stringent measures to be taken as outlined in the district’s code of conduct.
Please read the MISD Code of Conduct handbook given to you the first day of school.

Tardy Policy
Students will be allowed one tardy per class each six weeks. The second tardy for the six weeks
in each class will result in a 30-minute teacher detention. Each tardy after the second one in
each class will result in an office referral. Students arriving to first period after
9:00 AM will be counted absent.

Discipline Steps (Tardy Policy)

Tardy #1-     Warning
Tardy #2-     30-minute detention
Tardy #3-     Saturday Detention
Tardy #4-     1 day ISS
Tardy #5-     2 days ISS
Tardy#6       3 days ISS & MIC warning
Tardy#7-      5 day MIC assignment

Discipline Management Steps (Discipline & Attendance)

Step 1-       30-minute detention (minor offenses)
Step 2-       60-minute detention
Step 3-       Saturday detention
Step 4-       In-School Suspension (1 day)
Step 5-       In-School Suspension (2 days)
Step 6-       In-School Suspension (3 days) MIC warning
Step 7-       5 day placement at the Mesquite Intervention Center
Step 8-       In-School Suspension (2 days)
Step 9-       In-School Suspension (3 days)
Step 10-      10 day placement at the Mesquite Intervention Center
Step 11-      In-School Suspension (3 days)
Step 12-      10 day placement at the Mesquite Intervention Center
Step 13-      In-School Suspension (3 days)
Step 14-      15 day placement at the Mesquite Intervention Center

It should be noted that a 1-2 day suspension may preclude all MIC assignments.

Parents will be contacted by the administrator on each of the steps above. Parents will be
required to appear for a conference with an administrator prior to all MIC assignments.
Parents will also be required to meet with the Mesquite Intervention Center Director prior to
initial placements at the Mesquite Intervention Center.

Class IV violations will result in a placement in The Learning Center or Discretionary
Expulsion to the Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program.

Class V violations will result in Expulsion to the Juvenile Justice Alternative Education

Class VI violations will result in Mandatory Expulsion to JJAEP.

Due Process, Appeal, and Hearing Procedures will be followed on appropriate steps as
outlined in the MISD Student Code of Conduct.
Consequences for Failure to Serve / Complete Discipline Assignment
If a student skips two consecutive assigned detentions, the next step will be a placement in In-
School Suspension.

Teacher assigned detention                           30-minute office detention

30-minute office detention                           Saturday detention

60-minute detention                                  Saturday detention

Saturday detention                                   In-School Suspension

In-School Suspension (ISS)                           Failure to cooperate or disruptive behavior
                                                     in ISS will result in an additional day of ISS,
                                                     home suspension, and/or assignment at the
                                                     Mesquite Intervention Center.

Mesquite Intervention Center                         Failure to cooperate or continual failure to
                                                     earn points at the Intervention Center could
                                                     result in additional days or an assignment to
                                                     an Alternative Education Program.

Special Circumstances

Fighting on campus or while in attendance at a school sponsored function could result in home
suspension, in-school suspension, and / or an assignment at the Mesquite Intervention Center. In
each situation a citation could be issued with arrest as a possibility. Fighting on any property
adjacent to or in the vicinity of the campus will be handled in the same manner as a fight on
school grounds. Fights that occur across the street or actions that impact our campus in negative
way will not be tolerated.

Leaving campus during lunch will result in an automatic Saturday detention. Continual
violations will follow the PHS Discipline Management Guidelines.

Throwing food in the cafeteria is considered to be very disruptive and serious offense. This
behavior will not be tolerated. ISS, home suspension and / or placement at the Mesquite
Intervention Center will be the minimum consequences should this occur.

Alcohol-       1st offense (Assignment to the Challenge Program
               Repeated offense (Probable expulsion)

Drugs-         Placement in the Challenge Program or expelled for repeated offenses. Other
               sanctions may include completion of a drug rehabilitation program or referral for
Possession of a Dangerous Weapon (gun, etc.)- Possession of a firearm will result in
expulsion for a maximum term of one year. Retaliation against a school employee for or as
a result of the employee’s employment with the school district could result in expulsion.

(Reference-MISD Student Code of Conduct booklet)

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