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					Fall, 2004        colloquy
                  Regis University School for Professional Studies, Graduate Programs

     SPS Irish Partnerships
     On August 30, 2004 twenty-four students started in the newly approved joint MSc in
     Software and Information Systems degree program. The twenty-four students in the first
     class are all from the Republic of Ireland and are being supported by a grant from the
     Irish government. The first international group of students will start classes on January
     10, 2005 when the program goes international. While students will have a choice of
     whether to receive their degree from the National University of Ireland at Galway or
     from Regis University, they will gain an experience that will be hard to match. Half of
     the courses (modules in European academic language) have been developed by Regis
     University faculty from the MSCIT program and half by the CIT faculty at Galway. All
     classes are taught online. MScSIS students will also have an option of receiving a
     graduate certificate from Regis University even if earning the degree from Galway. The
     new degree program continues a five year relationship with NUI Galway that started with
     an undergraduate certificate in Irish Studies which graduates its first students this year.
     Donald Archer, MSCIT chair is also chairing the new MScSIS program.

     Our second venture on the Island is with the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland. In
     this case Regis University and the University of Ulster are awarding a joint degree in
     International Management (MScIM). As in the Galway partnership half of the curriculum
     is being developed by each school. In this case the faculties in the SPS Graduate
     Business Division and the faculties in the Ulster School of International Business are
     working on the online curriculum. The first group of students will begin their online
     experience with the start of Spring2005 8W1 term. Students will experience a truly
     international education since the instructors will come from the United Kingdom, US
     and other corners of the world which mirrors the student population. All modules
     will emphasize how global companies do business and manage in an international
     marketplace. The University of Ulster, like
     Regis University, has been in the distance
     and online education field for several years.
     Dr. Edward Cooper, former SPS Associate
     Dean for Graduate Programs, is chairing the
     new degree program.

     So is this where Regis University’s
     international experiences end? Not at all!
     The SPS Masters in Nonprofit Management
     (MNM) program recently received a planning
     and development grant from the First Data/
     Western Union Foundation to explore ways
     to work with civil/nonprofit organizations
     in Mexico. The MNM program also continues to work with a consortium of schools in
     South Africa, primarily in the Capetown area. The consortium submitted a proposal to
     the Ford Foundation and hopes to hear soon. And not to be left out the MSCIT program
     is also experimenting with ways to share its curriculum with our partner university in the

     Stay tuned for further developments!
 colloquy                                                                         Fall, 2004

 What's NEWs?
Quality Assessment Initiative         Regis University Welcomes           Robert Collins Interim Chair
                                      New LPC Chair                       of MLS
The School for Professional
Studies (SPS) including               JoLynne Reynolds, PhD,              Bob Collins, PhD was appointed
Graduate Programs is                  LPC joined the SPS faculty in       as the interim chair of the
embarking on some new                 August at the first ever program     MLS degree program which
initiatives for assessing             chair for the Professional          includes the emphases in
overall academic quality.             Counseling Program. Prior to        psychology, adult learning
Regis University already              that, the counseling program        and training, language and
assesses individual classes           and liberal studies emphases        communications, social
as well as periodically looking       shared a program chair. This        justice, and social sciences.
at curriculum and programs            is a major step in ensuring that    Dr. Collins continues as the
through the Academic Unit             the Professional Counseling         lead faculty for adult learning
Review (AUR) process. The             Program attains recognition         and training as well. He will be
new initiative will build on these    throughout Colorado as a leader     leading the faculty through this
efforts and take the University       in preparing professionals          next year in examining what
to the next level.                    for a career as licensed            academic programs we ought
                                      professional counselors. While      to be offering in an accelerated
The School has picked three           the Professional Counseling         format for adult students and
elements from the “Regis Nine”        Program is still an emphasis        how these academic programs
factors: academic knowledge,          area within the MLS degree, it is   should be offered to students.
ability to communicate                now administratively a separate
effectively, and critical thinking.   unit with SPS Graduate              Mike Goess Assumes New
Rubrics are being developed           Programs.                           Role
that will assess whether the
faculty believe we are meeting        Dr. Reynolds joined Regis           Michael Goess, JD has taken
goals in these areas. To begin,       University from Texas State         on the new role of being Chair
the MBA and MSM programs              University in San Marcos,           for the Business Division
have volunteered to randomly          Texas. She has extensive            which will include the MBA
select three of their capstone        experience with writing             classroom-based and online
classes in the Spring 8W1 term        and leading self-studies            MBA as well as the new MScIM
to look at. A random selection        in anticipation of attaining        degree program. He continues
of student work will be looked        CACREP accreditation.               as program chair for the MBA
at from each section and              JoLynne is also a leader in the     program. This is an experiment
the rubric will be applied. All       field having served as the chair     in grouping like degree
selections will be anonymous.         of the professional association     programs for administrative
Results should be available by        in Texas and on a number of         purposes which will provide
the end of Spring 8W2. Then           committees in the field.             more opportunities for growth
two more Graduate programs                                                and academic oversight.
will join the assessment
 colloquy                                                                      Fall, 2004
MSCIT Faculty Presenting at                                           SPS MNM graduates for Project
National Conference                 * Technology and the              Mercy through the students
                                    Transformation of a United Way    final Professional Project
Trisha Litz, Graduate Faculty       Funding Process: A Case Study     requirement - Lori Tierney and
for the SPS MSCIT program,          - Jennifer Gifford, United Way    Bev Harvey.
will be a presenter at the 2004     of the Capital Area, Community
ARNOVA Conference in Los            service, Hartford, CT, USA        The goal of the trip was not
Angeles on November 20, 2004.                                         only to assist Project Mercy
                                    Anyone interested in ARNOVA       with some of their needs, but to
ARNOVA stands for the               or the conference, can find        bring back to Regis University
Associations for Research           more information on ARNOVA’s      information to share with the
on Nonprofit Organizations           Web site,         different academic chairs and
and Voluntary Action. It is                                           deans to determine and identify
an international membership         Service Learning                  other projects in different areas
organization dedicated to                                             that our students and faculty
fostering through research an       Faculty member Trisha Litz also   may do in direct support of
understanding of the nonprofit       took advantage of a unique        Project Mercy in the near and
sector, philanthropy and            and exciting Service Learning     long term.
volunteerism. (     opportunity
                                    recently as
Trisha will be on a panel           she and
titled: Advancing Nonprofit          3 other
Informatics: Research on            members of
Technology in Nonprofit Service      the Regis
Delivery and Management.            community
She is presenting a paper titled:   to Addis
“Impacts of Technology on an        Abba and Yetebon, Ethiopia        Regis University Career
International Nonprofit,Project      for advancing opportunities       Services Enhances SPS
Mercy: A Case Study” in             for Service Learning with         Access
Session: H4 on 11/20/04 from        the nonprofit, Project Mercy
10:15am-11:45am.                    ( Rita      Elsewhere in this edition is
                                    Axford, Faculty in the RHSHP,     a two page flyer describing
The Chair and other presenters      Trisha, Wolf Thompson and         services available to SPS
serving on the same panel are       Gennady Kaganer (all 3 from       students, both here in Colorado
listed below:                       MSCIT in SPS) traveled from       and nationally to online
                                    10/2-10/18/04 to provide some     students. Services include
* Chair: John G McNutt,             immediate technology support      resume assistance, career
University of South Carolina,       in the newly opened hospital      guidance, assessments,
Columbia, SC, USA                   in rural Yetebon (hopspital       coaching, workshops, online
                                    opened 9/15/04). The group        tools, and “CareerLink” which
* Using technology for              also did needs assesments in      allows students to post resumes
organizational change in a          the main areas of technology,     and look for positions both in
nonprofit community mental           healthcare, education, adult      Colorado and elsewhere.
health agency - Thomas              training and development and
McLaughlin, School of Social        assisting with the implemention
Work, University of New             of a micro-credit plan that was
England, Biddeford, ME, USA         developed by 2 recent Regis
 colloquy                                                                       Fall, 2004
                                                                       STAR SPS Grad Student
   The 3rd National Conference for Accelerated Programs in
                                                                       by Melissa Christensen
            Higher Education “Looks to the Future”
                  Written by Jeannie McCarron
                                                                       When a person thinks of an SPS
       Manager of Communication & Conference Services
                                                                       graduate student, images of
           Center for the Study of Accelerated Learning                a person who has been out of
                          Regis University                             school and in the work force for
                                                                       years and has a family to support
Accelerated learning continues to evolve. Beginning as an              is often what comes to mind.
innovation, it is now a fundamental part of alternative higher         Julian Biglow is a contradiction
education – a field described by the New York Times as “virtual,        of all those perceptions. Julian
vast, and hugely profitable.”                                           is a 22 year old student in the
                                                                       Masters of Liberal Arts program
The Commission for Accelerated Programs (CAP), in partnership          in the School for Professional
with The Center for the Study of Accelerated Learning at Regis         Studies at Regis University. He is
University, presents the 3rd National Conference for Accelerated       acquiring his Masters degree in
Programs in Higher Education, Creating a Future for Accelerated        the hopes of one day becoming a
Learning, November 9-10, 2004, in Chicago. Following the               child psychologist. His long term
framework developed at the First National Conference, the              goal is to work with inner city
meeting will focus on three themes based on their importance           youth. You might be thinking to
                           and relevance. National experts will        yourself “good for him, but why
                           address these themes with their research    do I care?” One response to that
                           and experience at the beginning of the      question may be that perhaps
                           conference. Afterwards, participants        we all have something to learn
                           remain in thematic groups to discuss        from him. Julian is not only a
                           these topics, share their best practices,   successful grad student but he
                           and collaborate for future efforts.         has also overcome formidable
                                                                       obstacles to be where he is
                            The three themes for this year’s program   today.
                            are: 1) Essentials for the Future
of Accelerated Leaning, facilitated by Stephen Brookfield,              Julian spent the past four years
Distinguished Professor, University of St. Thomas; 2) Accelerated      putting himself through college by
Online Learning, facilitated by David Sachs, Associate Dean,           playing basketball and receiving
Pace University; and 3) Teaching Accelerated Courses,                  scholarships for his time and
                                                                       talent. For him, the scholarships
facilitated by Patricia Scott, Associate Professor, Missouri Western
                                                                       were a way of “keeping my
State College. Helping to focus the conference will be Stephen
                                                                       mom out of debt.” He started
Brookfield with his plenary address, A Critical Vision for the
                                                                       at Sheridan Junior College in
Future of Adult Education.
                                                                       Sheridan, Wyoming, during the
                                                                       2000-01 and 2001-02 basketball
The gathering promises to be substantive, interesting, and
                                                                       seasons. There, he helped
extremely beneficial to anyone involved in accelerated learning.        guide Sheridan JC to a Region
CAP is looking forward to another superior conference.                 9 Championship while qualifying
                                                                       for the Dean’s List in the spring
This conference and the Center for the Study of Accelerated            of 2002. After his sophomore
Learning are supported with grant funding from the Lumina              year, Julian was recruited by
Foundation for Education. For further information about the            Regis University. He chose
conference or the Center, please contact Jeannie McCarron at           Regis because of its reputation
(303)964-5253 or
 colloquy                                                                          Fall, 2004
in Academics and to be closer to     guys on the team. Once Julian’s      family who have received their
his family and friends. His junior   ankle had healed, he was back        undergraduate degrees and the
year was amazing. He started 24      in the game. However, by this        first to pursue a graduate degree.
of 27 games played, was second       time, he had missed over half        “My Mom is really proud of me for
on the team with an average of       of his senior year. In addition,     getting my masters degree.” He
28.9 minutes played per game,        after playing in only five games,     will take out his first student loan
shot .398 (51-                                    tragedy struck again.   next year to pay for the rest of his
of-128) from the                                  Julian was elbowed      graduate program. He currently
floor and went                                     in the skull during     works at West Pine Lutheran
3-of-20 (.150)                                    practice and received   Hospital where he is a mental
from three-point                                  a severe injury to      health counselor. He believes his
range. He led                                     his forehead. After     work experience enables him to
Regis in assists                                  it was determined       relate to the other students in his
(91) and steals                                   that Julian’s skull     classes and he feels like he can
(37) and finished                                  had been fractured,     really contribute to the classroom
11th in the RMAC                                  he was again sent to    conversation.
with 3.37 assists                                 surgery. This injury
per game. It was                                  would take him out      So how does he juggle attending
obvious that Julian                               for the rest of the     a non-traditional school full time,
was a natural                                     season. He missed       playing basketball with traditional
leader, both on                                   his senior year of      college students and working full
the court and in the classroom.      playing and the team suffered        time? Just like all the rest of us
He was an obvious pick for           without him.                         do, he prioritizes and maximizes
Captain his senior year, but fate                                         his time. Juggling two different
had other plans is store. As his     However, not all hope was lost.      academic environments was
Coach Lonnie Porter explains         Because Julian                                     Julian’s biggest fear
“Julian is one of the finest young    had sat out such                                   when entering the
men I have ever had a privilege      a major portion                                    Masters program.
to coach, his work ethic in          of the year, the                                   “I felt uneasy about
unparalleled.”                       RMAC agreed to                                     what the classes
                                     allow Julian to use                                would be like
Julian was extremely excited         his senior year                                    and wondered if I
for his final year of basketball      as a “medical red                                  would be left out
as Team Captain. However,            shirt.” This made                                  because of my age.
once conditioning started at the     him eligible for                                   However, I found
beginning of the school year he      one more year                                      that everyone makes
knew right away that something       of scholarship                                     me feel comfortable
was wrong. X-rays confirmed           benefits. He knew                                   and they consider
that he had a tear in his ankle      right away that he                                 my experiences just
and a need for immediate             wanted to start on                                 as valuable as their
surgery. Characteristically, his     his Masters degree.                  own.”
first concern was how this would
affect his team. “Being a Captain    While Julian will only receive       Although Julian had some fears,
means that a lot of responsibility   one more year of tuition benefits,    his Coach did not, “I never have
is resting on your head. It hurts    he will continue to attend           to worry about Julian or his
to sit out and not be able to lead   Regis until he completes his         abilities. He has surely overcome
by example.” He felt a great         Masters degree. He is one of         a lot of adversity in order achieve
sense of responsibility for the      three members of his extended        some of his lofty goals.”
 colloquy                                                                                     Fall, 2004
Career Services News

Career Workshops – Fall 2004 and Spring 2005
Lowell Campus – Life Directions Center
6:00 – 7:30 PM
Schmoozing: the Art & Science of Networking              Monday, Nov. 8, 2004
Successful Interviewing Techniques                       Monday, Nov. 29, 2004
Resumes that get Jobs                                    Monday, Jan. 24, 2005, 6:00-7:30 pm
Making the Career Fair Work for You: Schmoozing:
the Art & Science of Networking                          Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2005, 5:00-7:00 pm
Successful Interviewing Techniques                       Monday, Mar. 14, 2005, 2005

RSVP to reserve your place at these free workshops with Career Services:

Phone: 303-458-3508

DTC Campus
4:00 – 5:30 PM
Winning Job Interviews                                   Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2004
Enhancing your Resume Writing Skills                     Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2005
Effective Networking Techniques                          Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2005
Winning Job Interviews                                   Tuesday, Mar. 15, 2005

RSVP to reserve your place at these free workshops email

Colorado Springs Campus
4:00 – 5:30 PM
Winning Job Interviews                                   Thursday, Nov. 18, 2004
Enhancing your Resume Writing Skills                     Thursday, Jan. 20, 2005
Effective Networking Techniques                          Thursday, Feb. 24, 2005
Winning Job Interviews                                   Wednesday, Mar. 16, 2005

RSVP to reserve your place at these free workshops email

·    Interviewing Strategies for SPS Students and Alumni
·    Interviewing Techniques for Students with Disabilities
·    Strategically Managing the Job Search- Taking Your Product to Market

These free Career Workshops are available via the Career Services Web site at:

For a quick review, send your resume and cover letters as attached files to: ONLINE RECRUITING
SITE – Regis CareerLink
Post your resume, look at jobs and explore employers on the Regis career site. Be sure to fill out your profile to include
your email address so our employer representative and employers in the system can contact you. This site also has a
calendar of Regis Career Services events where you can sign up online.

Link to it from Click on Regis CareerLink.
 colloquy                                                                                    Fall, 2004
The Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are now offered online to assist you in exploring career
options. The cost is $20 per assessment payable by check, cash, or credit card prior to taking the tests. Interpretation
sessions must be scheduled in person at any Regis campus or over the telephone via 800 number. You will need to get a
user name and password from a career counselor.

Please call 303-458-3508 or 1-800-388-2366 ext. 3508 or email for information about taking the
assessments online.

Regis Career Services offers open hours for resume and cover letter review at the Lowell Campus in the Life Directions
Center: Thursdays from 4:00 to 5:30 and Wednesdays from 1:00 to 2:00
Call 303-458-3508 for directions or more information.

Regis Career Services is offering this four-week group where Regis students and alumni engaged in a focused job search
can exchange information, ideas and encouragement and get practical job search information. The first meeting’s topic
will be Exploring the Hidden Job Market.

Dates:                   Tuesdays, Feb. 22, March 1, 8, 15, 2005         Time: 4:30 to 5:45 pm
Location:       Lowell Campus, Life Directions Center
For information & registration, contact April Peterson: 303-964-3653 or

CAREER Services at Regis SATELLITE Campuses

Career counseling and job search coaching appointments are available at the following campuses. Call the counselors
below for an appointment.

Lowell / Denver and Phone Appointments: Monday through Friday
         Location: 3333 Regis Boulevard, Entrance 1, Life Directions Center
Contact: Career Services - 303-458-3508, 1-800-388-2366 x3508, or

Denver Tech Center: Mondays and Tuesdays
       Location: 7600 East Orchard Road, Suite 100 N
Counselor: Julie Elliott - 303-458-3508 or

Colorado Springs: Wednesdays and Thursdays
       Location: 7450 Campus Drive, Suite 100
Counselor: Julie Elliott - 303-458-3508 or

Boulder / Gunbarrel: 4th Monday
        Location: 6235 Lookout Road, Suite H
Counselor: April Peterson - 303-964-3653 or

Broomfield / Interlocken: 2nd Monday
       Location: 11001 W 120 Avenue Suite 200
Counselor: April Peterson - 303-964-3653 or

Fort Collins: 1st and 3rd Mondays
        Location: 1501 Academy Court
Counselor: Cyndy Redifer - 303-458-3528 or
colloquy                                                                     Fall, 2004

Taking steps to better serve the Regis students, Enrollment Services has expanded its hours
– now opening our doors at 8 a.m. and closing at 6:30 p.m. We’re hoping this schedule will benefit
particularly those students living outside the Mountain Standard Time area. To reach Enrollment
Services (Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and the Registrar), call 1-800-388-2366 ext.4126 or 303-
458-4126. Our e-mail address is

Plans for Regis University’s Winter Commencement are well underway. Commencement will be
held on Sunday, December 19, 10 a.m., at the Colorado Convention Center. Students who indicated
on their graduation application that they will attend commencement should have received a packet
of information in the mail. If you did not receive this
packet, please contact the commencement office at

Students intending to graduate and/or participate in
commencement in the spring should turn in a graduation
application by January 17, 2005. To obtain a graduation
application, visit The spring
commencement ceremony for graduate students will be
held on Saturday May 7, 2005, 9 a.m., at Regis’ main
campus in Denver.

For more information on commencement, visit

Financial Aid has created a new web page for Financial Aid Disbursements Go to and click
on Student Services>Financial Aid; then click the FA Disbursements link.

To be eligible for the funds, students must be enrolled at least half time (three hours for graduate
students) after the drop/add period has passed. Then, loan funds are paid to your account after your
enrollment is verified.

Remember, all loans must be disbursed on or before the last date of attendance for the loan period
or your loan proceeds will be returned to your lender. Depending on the lender you select, loans are
disbursed through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or by check.

If you have a credit balance from your financial aid, you will receive a refund check within 14 days
of the date funds are posted to your student account. Call Enrollment Services-Student Accounts at
303-458-4126 or 1-800-388-2366 Ext. 4126 for more information.

It appears that our students are repaying their Federal Stafford Loans. The National average default
rate for the Federal Stafford Loan Program is 5.2 percent. However, 98 percent of Regis University’s
Stafford Loan participants pay back their loans, with only a two percent default rate.
 colloquy                                                                      Fall, 2004

Spiritual Life at Regis University
University Ministry serves the entire Regis University community. For more information contact Ei-
leen O’Brien at 303-458-4356 or . For the most current information visit the “Spiri-
tual Life” section of the Regis University Website. Programs designed specifically for adult students
can be found under “Adult Students”.

Remembering Month - November is a month when the Church traditionally prays for all those who
have died. At Regis University we will be remembering our friends, family members, and loved ones
who remain within “the communion of saints” of which we are all part. We invite you to send the
names of your deceased family members and friends by mailing to Eileen O’Brien, Regis University,
Mail Stop J-4, 3333 Regis Blvd. Denver, 80221 or send them to with the subject
“Remembrance”. We will enroll your intentions in our Book of Remembrance.

Holiday Peace Market Dec. 2 & 3- Avoid the chaos
of the malls by shopping on the Lowell Campus.
Your dollars can support self-help organizations in
Denver Metro area and around the world. A variety
of peace and justice groups will be selling beautiful
and useful gifts at our annual Peace Market. Ten
Thousand Villages, Family Tree, The Gathering
Place and People of Hope Crafts are just some of
the vendors represented. The Peace Market will be
open from 11 am to 6 pm on Tuesday, December 2
and from 11 am to 5 pm on Wednesday, December
3. The market is located on the second floor of the
Student Center on the Lowell Campus.

Retreat Opportunities – The 2004-2005 weekend
retreat schedule at Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House in Sedalia, CO are now posted on the Regis
University Website under “Spiritual Life” then “Adult Resources” then “Quiet Retreats”. SPS students,
faculty or staff pay the $50.00 deposit sent with the special reservation form and the University will
pay the remaining $80. Retreatants from Regis University will be reimbursed for the $50 deposit after
they attend the retreat. These retreats are offered on various weekends from September through
May. The topics for the retreats vary and each retreatant has a private room. Check the website or
contact Eileen O’Brien for a paper copy.
Sophia’s Circle: An Exploration of the Feminine Divine – Gather with others for a light dinner, presen-
tation, and discussion at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 28 and Dec. 2. This event is open to the
public but does require advance reservation and a minimum donation of $5.00 to help cover the cost.
For more information contact .

“Catholicism in the Modern World”
Thursdays at 7:30 at various locations on the Lowell campus, All lectures are free and open to the
 colloquy                                                                    Fall, 2004

Thursday, November 11, Science Amphitheater, Lowell campus- “The Challenges of the Next Papa-
cy.” Richard Hanifen, Retired Bishop of Colorado Springs

Help need for Baccalaureate Mass on Saturday, December 18, at 4:00 p.m. If you would like to
help with the mass as a reader, Eucharistic Minister, or choir member, contact Eileen O’Brien at or 303-458-4356 no later than December 1. This mass is open to all graduates,
their families and friends.


Opportunities for Prayer
Sunday Eucharist at 11:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. in St. John
Francis Regis Chapel on the Lowell Campus.
Weekday Eucharist at 11:30am Monday, Tuesday, Thurs-
day, Friday.

Interfaith Prayer - Each Wednesday at 11:30 am in St.
John Francis Regis Chapel on the Lowell Campus through
Dec. 15.


Weekday Eucharist in the chapel on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:20 p.m.
Interfaith Prayer Service in the chapel on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:20 p.m.

Remembering Month - In the Catholic and many Christian traditions, November is a month set aside
to pray for our loved ones who have died. We would like to include any family members, friends, and
colleagues you would like remembered during this month. There is a book in the chapel (Colorado
Springs Campus) in which you can list the names of individuals you would like remembered in prayer.
Please feel free to record the names before and during the month of November.

                                                  Food for the Hungry - Many food banks through-
                                                  out Colorado Springs are in desperate need of
                                                  food for individuals and families living in poverty.
                                                  Marked boxes will be available in the chapel and
                                                  the front lobby for donations of canned fruits and
                                                  vegetables, pasta noodles and sauces, canned
                                                  meat and tuna, peanut butter and cereals (these
                                                  are the most needed items). Students, faculty
                                                  and staff are all encouraged to participate. And, if
                                                  you know of someone in need of food, please feel
                                                  free to share from our collection!
 colloquy                                                                         Fall, 2004
Library News
                                      Handouts and Guides: This
                                      link on the library web page        Disability Services Is There
Enhanced Online Resources
                                      will take you to quick guides on    for You
The library never sleeps,             various topics from APA and
                                      MLA Citation Style to Frequently     Regis University is committed
especially when it comes to
                                      Asked Questions on Education        to meeting the needs of eligible
providing online resources
                                      research and Interlibrary Loan.     persons with disabilities under
and services. Below, a few
                                                                          Section 504 of the Rehabilita-
important recent developments
                                      New Business Resources:             tion Act and the Americans with
are listed, all designed to save
                                                         Value Line.      Disabilities Act (ADA). Disabili-
you time and
                                                         You now have     ties Support Services under the
                                                         access to        guidance of Marijo Williams
                                                         this important   is the responsible unit at the
                                                         financial         University for verifying that
                                                         database by      someone does meet the criteria
You may
                                                         logging in       under Section 504 and/or ADA.
have used
                                                         to the Regis     Students who believe they have
                                                         Libraries        a disability of condition that
in the past
                                                         Off-campus       meets the criteria and whom
to request
                                                         access link.     desire accommodation for that
books from
                                                         Value Line       disability or condition must con-
other Colorado
                                                         provides         tact Disability Support Services
libraries. Now,
                                                         stock price      to gain
you can use
                                                         forecasts        verifica-
Prospector to
                                                         and analyses     tion and
request books
                                                         of 1,700         to work
from Regis
                                                         individual       out a
Libraries as
                                                         stocks and       plan of
well, and have
                                                         over 90          action.
them delivered
                                                         industries.      Instruc-
to either Regis
                                      Mergent Online. Although you        tors, fac-
library or to any Regis extended
                                      may have used this database         ulty, and
campus in Colorado. Just use
                                      to find company financial             advisors
the Request this Item feature
                                      information in the past, we now     cannot
when you see something you
                                      subscribe to detailed industry      make
need in Prospector.
                                      reports as well. Just click on      this
                                      the Industry Reports tab on the     determination and should not
Gold Rush Linker: When
                                      Mergent screen.                     be negotiating accommodations
you are searching in Academic
                                                                          with students. To contact Dis-
Search Premier, Business
                                      Questions? Check out the            ability Services either call them
Source Premier, ERIC and
                                      Regis Library web page at           at 303.458.4941 or online at
other EBSCO databases, you’ll
                              and then
see new links in your list of
                                      Contact the reference desk at       click on Academic Resources
results. The Check for full text
                                      303-458-4031, or 1-800-388-         and under that category click on
link will help you determine
                                      2366, ext. 4031; Colorado           Disability Support Services.
whether the full text for
individual journals is available in   Springs at 719-264-7080, or by
other Regis library databases.        e-mail at
colloquy                                                                                 Fall, 2004


To be considered a candidate for graduation, graduate students must file a Graduation Application with the
SPS Graduate Programs Faculty and Curriculum Office no later than the published deadline. In order to
apply for graduation and/or commencement students should be within 6 semester hours of completion of their
degree. If you have any questions contact the Graduate Programs office at the telephone numbers listed

Effective Fall 2003 the graduation fee has been discontinued. Mail the application to the SPS Graduate
Programs Faculty and Curriculum Office, Adult Learning Center, room 403, 3333 Regis Boulevard, Mail Code
L16, Denver, CO 80221-1099 or you may deliver the application to any campus location.

Regis University has three graduation dates and two commencement dates each academic year.
“Commencement” is the ceremony and “Graduation” is the actual completion of all degree requirements.
(Please note that participation in the commencement ceremony does not guarantee graduation.) If a student
plans to participate in the commencement ceremony but graduate in a subsequent semester, he/she must
submit the graduation application by the application deadline, which corresponds, to the semester in which
the student plans to commence. The application deadline dates for graduation and commencement are as
 Semester/Year      Graduation/Commencement/           Regis University Commencement Dates        Regis University
                         Alpha Sigma Nu                     Denver            Colorado Springs    Graduation Date
                       Application Deadline
   Fall, 2004           September 13, 2004                       December 19, 2004               December 30, 2004
  Spring, 2005            January 17, 2005               May 7, 2005            May 14, 2005        May 6, 2005
 Summer, 2005              June 13, 2005                    No Commencement Ceremony              August 26, 2005
   Fall, 2005           September 12, 2005                       December 18, 2005               December 30, 2005

  ** Subject to Change.

*** Any student who has applied for graduation may participate in the Denver Ceremony.

In order to determine which semester you will graduate, please note the following:

1. All DOCUMENTATION OF COURSE WORK (grades, Portfolio Assessment, official transcripts from other
   schools, CLEP or DANTES scores and any other necessary documentation) must be COMPLETED and
   RECEIVED BY the SPS Graduate Programs Faculty and Curriculum Office NO LATER THAN FIVE (5)
   WORKING DAYS PRIOR TO THE GRADUATION DATE. Transfer of credits must be processed no later
   than the semester before your graduation date.
2. Forms that need to be filed with the Graduate Programs office NO LATER THAN FIVE (5) WORKING
   DAYS PRIOR TO THE GRADUATION DATE ARE: Change of declaration of emphasis form - if you have
   changed the emphasis that you are seeking. A name change affidavit form - if you have changed your
3. If a letter of early grade release was sent to the SPS Graduate Programs Faculty and Curriculum Office as
   documentation of course work from another institution that is to be considered for transfer of credit, then an
   official transcript must be requested by the student so that it is received in the SPS Graduate Faculty and
   Curriculum Office no later than two (2) weeks after the Graduation date.
 colloquy                                                                              Fall, 2004
4. If you did not complete the academic course work requirements for graduation by the date you initially
   intended, you will need to reapply by completing a new graduation application for your revised graduation

Diplomas will be issued to students within twelve (12) weeks after the institutional graduation date for which a
student has applied to graduate. All academic course work must be completed. If there is an unpaid balance
on your student account at the time of your graduation date, the diploma and transcript will not be released
until the account has been paid in full at Regis University, Student and University Accounts Office.

If you have any questions, contact the SPS Graduate Programs Office at (303) 458-4302 or (800) 727-6399,
ask for extension 4966 or extension 5314.

SPS Alumni Networking Breakfasts

Since spring 2004, the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations have held regular networking breakfasts
for SPS alumni, faculty and students. Held throughout the year at each of the Colorado campuses,
the networking breakfasts feature a different speaker at each location. Events at the Colorado
Springs, DTC and Lowell campuses have been held this fall. Networking breakfasts are currently
being scheduled for the winter and spring. All events are held 7:30 – 9 a.m. and cost $10 at the door.
Contact Mary Brozovich, SPS’97/99 at 303-458-3536 or for more information.
Upcoming breakfasts this fall include:

Ft. Collins (November 4)
Featuring Affiliate Faculty James Brunelle on the topic “Living the Mission of Service to Others”

Broomfield (November 18)
Featuring Affiliate Faculty Nancy Moke on the topic “Learners to Leaders Post 9/11”

First SPS Class Honored at Alumni Weekend

Regis University honored the 25th anniversary of the first graduating class of RECEP/SPS during
the 2004 Alumni Weekend on September 19-21. The program was celebrated at a Friday evening
ceremony and reception in the Mountain View Room in the Adult Learning Center.

Charles Rutter, SPS’79, was the only alumnus from the class to attend the reception and was
honored with a in a special pinning ceremony. Since he took his bachelor of science courses at the
extension program in Colorado Springs, he had never been on the main campus in Denver. He
recalled that when he was a student 25 years ago, his courses were held in the basement of St
Mary’s High School. Mr. Rutter expressed his gratitude to Regis for the honor and the education he
received as an adult learner.

About 45 alumni, faculty and staff were on hand for the event. Bill Husson, Vice President and
Academic Dean for SPS, presented Mr. Rutter with the pin and served as master of ceremonies.
                                      Services for Students and Alumni
                                                   All Services Free Except Testing
•     Individual Career Counseling
      Appointments available at all
                                                          CAREER LIBRARY
                                               •    Job Listing
                                               •    Information on employers, salaries
•     Personality and Interest
                                                    and career fields
     Assessments ($20 fee per test)
                                               •    Employer directories and networking
      We provide online career
      exploration assessments.
                                               •    Job search and career development
•     Skills and Values Assessments
      Let your strengths and values
                                               •     Free career magazines
      lead your career.
•     Career Management Coaching
      You've worked hard to start your
      career. Keep your career path vital                ONLINE SERVICES
      and growing with career coaching.        Email your resume as an attached file for a
                                               quick critique:
                                               Visit our web page:
      JOB SEARCH STRATEGIES                    •    Find job search skills information
                                               •    See the schedule of career work shops
•     Resume & cover letter assistance
                                               •    Link to an extensive list of Internet
•    Techniques for tapping into the
                                                    sites for career, job search
     hidden job market
                                                    & salary information
•     Networking skills coaching
                                               •    View a list of career library titles
•     Strategies for researching employers
     and careers
•     Interview preparation including
                                                    Post your resume & look for jobs
     video practice interviewing
                                                                online at
                                                           Regis CareerLink
•     Job Search Skills Workshops
•     Open Resume Hours are between
      1:00 to 2:00 on Wednesday
      4:00 to 5:30 on Thursdays

                                                       CAREER SERVICES
                                                   “Your Connection to the Future”
                                                    Coors Life Directions Center
                                                          Lowell Campus
                                             Phone: 303-458-3508, 800-388-2366 x3508
                    Using Regis CareerLink
   •   Go to
   •   From this site, click on Regis CareerLink.
   •   If you already have an account; log in with your first initial, last name and last four digits of
       your Social Security Number. (i.e. asmith1234)
   •   If your login doesn't work, contact Career Services at the email and phone numbers below.
   •   Your password is your date of birth as shown on the screen. (i.e. 2/2/53)

   •   If you have never logged on to Regis CareerLink, you can request an account by clicking on Stu-
       dents and Alumni.
   •   Career Services will notify you by email when your account is activated. Current students can
       get a RegisNet email account at

   •   Click on Resumes & Documents
   •   Click on Upload Resume and follow the directions to upload your resume from an original MS
       Word document. You can also upload a cover letter, writing sample, credentials, references or
       portfolio documents.

*You can remove the check mark from the permission to allow employers to search your resume, if you

   •   Click on the type of job you seek in the left column and search by job type and location.
   •   Set up a search agent by job type and location to have newly posted job announcements
       emailed to you.

           If you have questions about Regis CareerLink, contact
          Regis University Career Services at:
                   303-458-3508 or 1-800-388-2366 x3508
                                                                                                                         Sept. 2004

                                                                  REGIS UNIVERSITY SPS DISTANCE LEARNING
      ISSUE 1

   Writing Effective Learning Objectives: Part I
   Introduction                                                     ● Telling learners what is expected. Learning objec-
   Learning objectives provide the foundation for the design          tives clearly communicate the intent of instruction.
   of effective instruction but instructors often ask why they
   are important and how to write and utilize them. In this         ● Revealing needed and meaningful assessments.
   article, we’ll describe why they are important and provide         Because learning objectives describe the critical
   tips on how to write them so they guide instruction and            results of instruction, they indicate which assess-
   learners.                                                          ments are most needed (to determine if these results
                                                                      have occurred).
   Learning objectives describe the skills learners are
   expected to exhibit as a result of instructional activities.    Well-written Learning Objectives
   They describe the intended result of instruction, not what      Well-written learning objectives always contain an action
   will be taught. In other words, learning objectives answer      verb that specifically describes an observable skill that the
   the question "What will the learner be able to DO?"             learner will exhibit. They may also describe conditions for
   Well-written objectives are specific, measurable, and           performance and assessment criteria.
   Benefits                                                        Here are some well-written (specific, measurable, and
   Well-written learning objectives serve four functions that      observable) learning objectives. Action verbs are in bold.
   are critical for course quality and learning, including:
                                                                           ● Utilizing the evaluation rubric, choose three
     ● Providing a concise and established way for in-
                                                                             well designed Web sites.
       structors to communicate critical instructional
       goals to anyone interested in the instructional
       outcomes (learners, administrators, the public,                     ● Identify (underline) misspelled words on a
       etc.).                                                                page of news copy.

     ● Guiding the design of instruction. Learning                         ● Play 1st movement with good dynamics,
       objectives bind the scope of instruction,                             consistent tempo, and no mistakes.
       guiding the selection of content, activities,
       and assessments.                                            Non-examples
                                                                   Here are some not-so-well-written learning objectives. They
                                                                   are lacking because they are NOT specific, measurable, and
                                                                   observable and therefore cannot easily guide content, activi-
                                                                   ties, and assessments.

                            SPS                                            ● Understand the difference between basket-
                          Distance                                           ball and football.
                                                                           ● Appreciate the consequences of medication

                                                                           ● Know how to balance a checkbook.

                                                                                                              continued on page 2

3333 REGIS BLVD. | DENVER, CO 80221 | TEL 303-964-3651 | FAX 303-964-5436 | WWW.REGISFACULTYONLINE.ORG
                                                                                                                                    Sept. 2004

                                                                      REGIS UNIVERSITY SPS DISTANCE LEARNING

              ISSUE 1

  Learning Objectives continued from page 1

Action Verbs                                                   The following verbs should always be avoided when
Selection of an appropriate action verb is the cornerstone     writing objectives since they are NOT specific, measurable,
of a well-written learning objective. The following shows      and/or observable.
six increasingly difficult skill categories and common             know                                  conceive
action verbs for each category. These come from Bloom’s            be familiar with                      grasp
Taxonomy, a classification of instructional goals.                 understand                            be aware of
                                                                   comprehend                            realize
Knowledge: define, recall, name, list                              appreciate                            learn
Comprehension: describe, explain, identify, locate                 imagine                               handle
Application: apply, show, use, operate, demonstrate
Analysis: analyze, determine, compare, solve,                  Well-written learning objectives are critical to the design of
          examine, categorize                                  good instruction.
Synthesis: construct, create, prepare, propose, plan
Evaluation: evaluate, select, measure, compare, assess         They guide the design of instruction and assessments, tell
                                                               learners what to expect, and make instructional outcomes
Pitfalls to Avoid                                              clear for all who are interested. In the next issue, Part II
Instructors commonly write instructional objectives in         will describe how learning objectives are written for a
terms that are not specific, measurable, or observable or      course as a whole and for individual learning sessions.
use action verbs in too low of a category. Consider what
learners really need to be able to do. For example, should
                                                               Bloom, B.S. (1956) Taxonomy of educational objectives: The
they be able to list or do they need to be able to determine
                                                               classification of educational goals: Handbook I, cognitive domain.
or evaluate?                                                   New York; Toronto: Longmans, Green.

Welcome to the first issue of The Learning Curve. It is the intention of the SPS Distance Learning Unit to provide a
short, lively and helpful resource for faculty and others who are interested in the evolving knowledge about teaching and
learning. It will be published about every eight weeks. As a unit, we are instructional designers, web developers, and
technical support specialists who work closely with faculty to develop online learning for SPS. Our expertise is learning
theory, online teaching strategies and technology-mediated learning.

The intent here is to provide something you can keep in a notebook for reference should you need it in the future (or right
now). It will be a one page, three-hole design intended to be short but helpful. In instructional design, we call this a “job
aid.” It will also be posted to the faculty support web page at

We encourage requests from readers about topics you would find useful. The Learning Curve will have quizzes and other
interactive components. We invite and will publish email from readers, especially those that share stories or illustrative
examples that more fully explain the topics. We will include student comments where applicable. Generally, we will share in
the learning community of faculty and students here at Regis.

In future issues, we will further introduce ourselves to you and you to each other. We look forward to your interaction with
us and to the expanded communication and learning we can gain.

Ellen Waterman
Director of SPS Distance Learning

     3333 REGIS BLVD. | DENVER, CO 80221 | TEL 303-964-3651 | FAX 303-964-5436 | WWW.REGISFACULTYONLINE.ORG
Associate Academic Dean, Dr. Steve Berkshire                    303-964-5240

Assistant Academic Dean, Dr. Peter Bemski                       303-458-1805

Administrative Assistant, Grad Programs, Randy Kilbourn         303-458-4950

SPS Student Services Line              303-458-7420 -or- Toll Free: 1-800-568-8932

SPS Graduate Programs Office            303-458-4302 -or- Toll Free: 1-800-727-6399 ext. 4302

MBA Degree Chair, Dr. Mike Goess                                303-458-4257
      MBA Admin. Mgr.: Regina Rivera                            303-458-4095

MSIM Chair, Dr. Ed Cooper                                       303-458-4354
      MSIM Admin. Mgr.: Regina Rivera                           303-458-4095

MLS Interim Degree Chair, Dr. Robert Collins                    719-264-7063
       MLS Secretary: Rose Rodriguez                            303-458-4961

MNM Degree Chair, Dr. Ramone Del Castillo                       303-964-5271
     MNM Secretary: Mary Flail                                  303-964-3650

MSCIT/MSIS Degree Chair, Mr. Don Archer                         303-458-4335
      MSCIT/MSIS Admin. Mgr.: Jennifer Strahl                   303-458-4081

MSM Degree Chair, Ms. Bonnie Johnson-Altman                     303-458-4978
     MSM Secretary: Audrey Renke                                303-964-5466

LPC Degree Chair, Dr. JoLynne Reynolds                          303-964-5386
      LPC Secretary: Rebecca King                               303-458-4313

Lowell Campus                           Fort Collins Campus                        In order for the Colloquy to
Graduate Programs                       1501 Academy Court                     succeed in becoming an SPS
3333 Regis Blvd., Mail Code L-16        Ft. Collins, CO 80524                  Graduate Programs conver-
Denver, CO 80221-1099                   970-472-2200, 1-800-390-0891           sation, we would very much
                                                                               appreciate your contributions.
Boulder Campus                          Interlocken Campus                     This is an opportunity for
6235 Lookout Rd., Suite H               10011 West 120th Ave.
                                                                               interested students, affiliate
Boulder, CO 80301                       Broomfield, CO 80021
                                                                               faculty, and alumni to share
                                                                               their interests with others. To
                                        Las Vegas Campus                       this end, Colloquy is soliciting
Colorado Springs Campus
7450 Campus Dr., Suite 100              1401 N. Green Valley Parkway,          contributions for the Spring,
Colorado Springs, CO 80920              Suite 100                              2005 edition. Submissions
719-264-7060, 1-800-831-3258            Henderson, Nevada 89074                are needed by March 1,
                                        702-990-0375                           2005. Please send contribu-
Denver Tech Center Campus                                                      tions to: Randy Kilbourn at
7600 E. Orchard Rd., Ste 100N                                         or 3333
Greenwood Village, CO 80011                                                    Regis Blvd., L-16 Denver, CO
303-458-4383                                                                   80221-1099

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