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HCAD 2011 e-brochure revision proofed and styled.indd


									The Master of Science in
Health Care Administration
An accelerated cohort-based program for working professionals

 time to meet the challenge

The World of Health Care is Evolving Rapidly.                                                   KEY FEATURES
                                                                                         OF THE M.S. HCAD PROGRAM
Leadership | Integrity | Lifelong Learning | Diversity
                                                                                       One of the largest of its kind in the nation
Health care administration is the business component of the industry dedicated to
saving lives and enhancing quality of living. Hospitals and other medical providers    12 classes, 36-credit-hour M.S. program
need skilled administrators with business skills to plan, organize and supervise the   offered in Fort Worth and Dallas
many elements of health care delivery. The societal impact of this industry cannot
                                                                                       Cohort-based: students remain together
be over-emphasized. Its leaders must be passionately committed to meeting the
                                                                                       throughout the program
highest ethical standards.
The University of Texas at Arlington’s M.S. in Health Care Administration (HCAD)       One course at a time in accelerated 5-7
is an accelerated, cohort-based program designed for professionals currently working   week sessions
in the health care industry. You can complete your degree in just 24 months, taking
                                                                                       Program can be completed
one class at a time, two nights per week.
                                                                                       in just 24 months
The program is ideal for executives and mid-level managers seeking to enhance
their career prospects. The M.S. HCAD is an excellent option for clinicians and
specialists seeking to make the transition to management, as well as for those who
are interested in joining the growing field of health care administration.

                                 LEARN MORE,                        The HCAD program gave me the foundation,
                                                                    confidence, and network connections that it
                                 EARN MORE                          took for me to be on the fast track for hospital
                                                                    administration. Having a master’s in health care
                                                                    administration is imperative to set yourself apart
                                                                    from other candidates in today’s competitive
                                                                    environment. I went from having no healthcare
                                                                    background and within three years of graduating
                                                                    was named C.O.O. of a medium-sized hospital.

                                                                    Jeremy Barclay
                                                                    Chief Operating Officer
                                                                    Cedar Park Regional Medical Center

                                               THE BUSINESS OF HEALTH CARE. THE CAREER OF A LIFETIME.
What Do Health Care
                                               There has never been a greater need for decisive health care administrators who
Administrators Do?
                                               can understand and adapt to rapid changes in the industry, respond to increasing
Health care administrators take on a variety   competitive and legal pressures, and effectively integrate information about
of roles in the industry in a variety of       quality and cost into the delivery of services. Their skills and abilities must be
institutional settings. Some of the current    steered by the highest level of integrity and ethics.
occupations of our students include:           Health care professionals who have strong business skills to plan, organize and
•	   Assistant Manager, Hospital Emergency     supervise the elements of health care delivery are in great demand. A master’s
     Department                                degree in health care administration is an ideal way to heighten your business
•	   Business Office Director
                                               sense and to gain a competitive edge in the industry.

•	   Charge Nurse and Nurse Manager
                                               Part of UT Arlington’s nationally-recognized College of Business, the M.S. HCAD
                                               was recognized by Modern Healthcare Magazine (July 2007) and the Association
•	   Chief Executive Officer
                                               of University Programs in Health Administration as the third largest health care
•	   Chief Financial Officer                   administration program of its kind in the nation. The employment outlook for
•	   Chief Information Officer                 qualified health care administrators is bright. Currently, one of every six jobs is in
•	   Chief Nursing Officer
                                               the health care industry. Growth in the employment of health care administrators
                                               is predicted to outpace employment growth in general.
•	   Chief Operating Officer

•	   Clinical Research Manager
                                               THE M.S. HCAD PROGRAM ADHERES TO THE ESSENTIAL vALUES OF THE HEALTH
•	   Customer Service Manager
                                               CARE MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY.
•	   Health Information Director
                                               Leadership: We educate tomorrow’s health care leaders through example and
•	   Hospital Business Office Manager
                                               mentoring, and we prepare our graduates for a lifetime of commitment to the
•	   Hospital vice President of Managed Care   health care field.
•	   Managed Care Information Systems          Integrity: We advocate and demand a high level of ethical conduct from our
                                               students and graduates alike.
•	   Medical Records Administrator
                                               Lifelong Learning: We know that lifelong learning is vital to continuous
•	   Pharmaceutical Company Manager            improvement and innovation both at the individual and organizational levels.
•	   Quality and Utilization Director          Diversity: We demand that the health care field is inclusive and we embrace the
•	   vice President of Operations              differences among our colleagues and the clients we serve.
                                                                                     This program offers valuable knowledge
                                                                                     and insight for tomorrow’s health
                                                                                     care leaders. This industry is rapidly
                                                                                     changing and the HCAD program
                                                                                     changes with it. Just as valuable is the
                                                                                     student’s commitment to this industry.
                                                                                     Our students must graduate prepared to
                                                                                     meet the evolving challenges in health

                                                                                     Demetria Wilhite
                                                                                     M.S. HCAD Program Director

       UT Arlington                         a large University with a Personal toUch
      Campus Resources
                                            The University of Texas at Arlington sets the standard for educational excellence in
                                            the thriving Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond. Through life-enhancing research,
•	 UT Arlington is classified as a
                                            innovative teaching, and community service, UT Arlington Mavericks challenge
   Research University/High Activity
                                            convention and transform the world in which they live. The University’s more than
   by the Carnegie Foundation for the
                                            33,000 students—an all-time high—are pursuing almost 190 bachelor’s, master’s, and
   Advancement of Teaching.
                                            doctoral degrees in an extensive range of disciplines. Of UT Arlington’s 150,000 alumni,
•	 Nearly 2,000 full- and part-time
                                            approximately 100,000 live in North Texas. Their presence helps the University create
   faculty members inspire students
                                            an annual economic impact of more than $1 billion in the region.
   to reach unprecedented academic
   heights in 187 bachelor’s, master’s,     As a member of an HCAD cohort, however, you won’t feel lost inside a large institution.
   and doctoral degree programs.            In the cohort structure, most students remain together throughout the program, so you
•	 UT Arlington’s library facilities        get to know your peers, and learn from them as well as from your instructors. Students
   provide access to more than 1.2          come from a wide variety of backgrounds and institutions, increasing the richness of
   million physical volumes, 41,000 full-   the academic environment and affording additional opportunities for networking.
   text print and electronic periodicals    Graduates of the HCAD program are encouraged to stay involved as mentors to
   and newspapers, 241,000 e-books,         current students.
   and a rapidly growing collection of
                                            Furthermore, the program advisor acts as your personal link to the main campus.
   digital and analog media.
                                            If you need help resolving an administrative matter, want to learn about available
•	 Career Development Services
                                            resources and opportunities, or are seeking academic or career advice, contact the
   Center offers job information and
                                            HCAD program director.
   workshops in job-hunting skills.
•	 Extensive computing facilities
   with wireless Internet access are
•	 The program is home to one of
   the largest student chapters of the
   American College of Healthcare
   Executives in Texas.
                                  The UT Arlington Fort Worth Center at the     The Universities Center in the heart of
                                          historic Sante Fe Freight Building.   Downtown Dallas.

HCAD CoHorts in DAllAs AnD Fort WortH

With separate cohorts offered in the center of the region’s two primary central business areas–downtown Dallas and downtown
Fort Worth–the HCAD program is accessible and convenient. UT Arlington’s state-of-the-art Fort Worth Center is located in
the historic Santa Fe Freight Building in downtown Fort Worth. The Fort Worth Center occupies approximately 25,000 square
feet, including 15,000 square feet of classroom and support space on the ground floor. Preservation and sustainability features
were integral to the project. The Center consists of 8 state-of-the-art classrooms, meeting and conference space, student, staff,
and faculty lounge areas, and a resource library.

The Universities Center at Dallas is a multi-institution teaching center located in downtown Dallas. Operation of the Universities
Center is provided by the Federation of North Texas Area Universities, an educational consortium comprised of UT Arlington,
Texas A&M University-Commerce, and the University of North Texas. The member institutions cooperate in the offering of
upper-division undergraduate and graduate courses that may be applied to programs offered by the partner institutions.

               UT Arlington Fort Worth Center                                                                      Universities Center at Dallas
          1401 Jones Street in downtown Fort Worth                                                             1901 Main Street in downtown Dallas
                                                                                                                                                        St. Paul
                                                                                                 ⌃                                                     Light Rail
                                                                                                 N                                                      Station

                                                                                                         PACIFIC STREET

                                                                                                            ELM STREET
                                                                                                                          ST. PAUL STREET

                                                                                                                                                                    HARWOOD STREET
                                                                                          ERVAY STREET

                                                                                                                                                                                        ELM STREET
                                                                                                                                                                                     PARKING GARGAGE

                                                                                                           MAIN STREET

                                                                                                                                            MAIN STREET GARDEN

                                                                                                 COMMERCE STREET
           The HCAD program is structured by tenured healthcare executives who were able to convey both theoretical
          principal and practical application. UT Arlington offered an affordable graduate program that allowed me to
          attain the credentials I needed to ensure my own competitive advantage in the healthcare career marketplace.
                                                                                Shelley Colon
                                                                                Director, Business Operations - Transplant Services,
                                                                                Methodist Health System

                                                  BUSINESS-FOCUSED CURRICULUM
         coUrses in the
                                                  The curriculum is designed for working professionals who are familiar with the health
       m.s. hcaD Program
                                                  care industry but have not had any previous coursework in business or economics.
                                                  It consists of a set of industry-focused courses built on a foundation of business
 General Business Courses
                                                  core courses, culminating in an integrated capstone class and research project or
 •	    Human resource Management
                                                  residency. The residency, one of the capstone classes in the program, allows students
 •	    service Marketing Management
 •	    Financial Accounting
                                                  the opportunity to gain exposure to the management side of the health care industry
 •	    statistical Methods for Health             and develop their administrative skills in an applied setting.
       Care organizations                         All the key functional areas of business are covered, including accounting, economics,
 industry-speCifiC Courses                        finance, information systems, law, management, and marketing. When you have
 •	    Ethics, leadership and teamwork            completed the program, you will understand the fundamental principles of all these
 •	    Health Care Administration
                                                  functional areas and how they apply in a health care context.
 •	    Health Care Economics
 •	    Health Care Financial                      DESIGNED TO ACCOMMODATE WORKING PROFESSIONALS
       Management                                 Students in our cohorts take two classes every semester. At this pace you can complete
 •	    Health Care information systems            your degree in just twenty-four months. To allow students to focus on one class at
 •	    Health Care legal issues                   a time, courses are offered sequentially in accelerated five-to seven-week sessions.
 Capstone Classes                                 Classes are held in the evening and meet two nights per week. There are breaks of
 •	    strategic Management of Health             three or more weeks in December, May and August.
       Care organizations
 •	    residency/internship or research           TEACHING AND PRACTICING THE HEALTH CARE vALUES
       Project                                    Volunteerism is a tradition in the health care industry. In this program, it’s
 Each class is three credit hours.                essential that our students embrace the value of giving their time and talents to
 The residency/internship requires                organizations serving the good of our community. Volunteer work is also an
 240 hours of work.
                                                  excellent way to create opportunities for yourself. It can open doors to internships
                                                  and permanent positions.

                                                     CoHort SCHeDule

                          Fort Worth                                                                       Dallas

•	    Begin in August                •	   2 classes, Fall (year two)       •	   Begin in January                    •	   2 classes, Spring (year two)
•	    2 classes, Fall (year one)     •	   2 classes, Spring (year two)     •	   2 classes, Spring (year one)        •	   2 classes, Summer (year two)
•	    2 classes, Spring (year one)   •	   2 classes, Summer (year two)     •	   2 classes, Summer (year one)        •	   2 classes, Fall (year two)
•	    2 classes, Summer (year one)   •	   Graduate in August               •	   2 classes, Fall (year one)          •	   Graduate in December
    excellence                                                                                 The quality of instruction and resources

    in teaching,                                                                               made available have given me the
                                                                                               confidence and ability to compete on a

    excellence                                                                                 national stage. Now, I not only see my
                                                                                               potential, but I also understand my role

    in research                                                                                as a leader in health care administration.
                                                                                               Paul Aslin (pictured left)
                                                                                               Wise Regional Health System

 UT Arlington’s M.S. HCAD program is based in the College of Business, one of the largest business schools in the nation.
 The college prepares more than 5,500 students each year for their roles as leaders, innovators, and influencers in the global
 community through an extensive selection of degree programs at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels. The College
 of Business is among the nation’s most productive business schools in published academic research. Courses are taught by our
 graduate faculty and executive managers with considerable experience in the health services field.
 The program’s faculty are selected in part for their interest in teaching and their ability to be innovative in the classroom.
 Most instructors employ a mix of traditional teaching methods and new, modern team-based learning approaches that stress
 application across a wide variety of problem-solving and decision-making situations. In the H.C.Ad program, “doing” has taken
 its place alongside “knowing” as the foundation of business education.

                                      FACultY ASSoCIAteD WItH tHe ProGrAM

larry chonko | Ph.D., University of Houston | The Thomas McMahon            aDJUncts
Professor in Business Ethics                                                candy Baptist r.n. |        M.H.S.M., University of Mary Hardin-Baylor |
Jeff Desimone | Ph.D., Yale University | Assistant Professor of Economics   Adjunct and Internship Coordinator; Director of Clinical Education/Academic
                                                                            Partnership, Center for Learning, Texas Health Resources.
David gray | Ph.D., University of Massachusetts | Associate Dean and
Professor of Management                                                     Jim Dunn | Ph.D., Organization Development, Benedictine University |
                                                                            Adjunct and Chief Learning Officer with Texas Health Resources
Jeff mcgee | Ph.D., University of Georgia | Associate Professor
                                                                            larry nelson | M.S., University of San Francisco | Adjunct and Community
gary mcmahan | Ph.D., Texas A&M University | Associate Professor of
                                                                            Health Care Director at John Peter Smith Health Network
                                                                            tim Philpot | M.B.A., UT Arlington | Adjunct and former Chief Executive
roger meiners | Ph.D., virginia Polytechnic University | Professor of
                                                                            Officer of the Tarrant County Hospital District

michael richarme | Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington | Lecturer of

michael west, Fache | Ed.D., Nova University | Adjunct and Executive
Director of the UT Arlington Fort Worth Center

terrance wilensky | Ph.D., University of Missouri | Lecturer of
                            How to Apply


 Complete the Texas common application online at
 n     Application fee (U.S. residents, $40; non-residents, $70)
 n     Official transcripts from all academic institutions you have previously attended
 n     Standardized test scores issued by the Educational Testing Service
 n     The GRE or GMAT is acceptable. This requirement can be waived for some students. See below.
 n     Three letters of recommendation
 n     A personal statement of academic intent
 n     A professional resume

 If you need help or have questions about the admissions process, contact the Office of Graduate Business Services at
 (817) 272-3005.

 n     Submit to UT Arlington Graduate School               n      Submit to M.S. HCAD Program

the aDmission reqUirements For the m.s. hcaD Program
•	   A bachelor’s degree or four-year equivalent. Any major is acceptable.
•	   A GPA of at least 3.0 in your last sixty hours of undergraduate work, as calculated by the UT Arlington Graduate
•	   A satisfactory score on the GRE or GMAT. Standardized test requirements can be waived for individuals who have
     already earned a master’s degree, students with a 3.0 undergraduate GPA and five or more years of progressive health care
     work experience, or UT Arlington graduates with a 3.2 GPA or higher. See the HCAD website for details.
•	   If you are an international student, you must also have a satisfactory score on the TOEFL. Admissions decisions are based
     on everything that is submitted with your application, including undergraduate GPA, test scores, and recommendation


              Demetria Wilhite
              M.S. HCAD Program Director
              Phone: 817-272-0698
              Fax: 817-272-5590

              Office of Graduate Business Services
              Metro: 817-272-3005
              Fax: 817-272-5799

              Master of Science in Health Care Adminstration
              The University of Texas at Arlington
              College of Business
              Box 19376
              701 S. West Street
              Arlington, TX 76019-0377


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