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									B   U   S   I   N   E   S   S   N   A   M   E

                                                                                Transfer Services, Articulation & University
                                                                                             Relations Office
                                                                         Spring-2008          “Making College to University Transfer Seamless”

                                                                   Greetings From the Director!
                                                                The spring semester continues to be one of learning and excitement. TSAUR staff
                                                                continue to work hard to provide up-to-date transfer and articulation information and
                                                                professional development opportunities for campus staff. Recently we completed the
                                                                development process for our new informational CD. The CD will provide campus
                                                                staff and students a quick reference that can be used to support the growing transfer
                                                                needs of DCCCD’s students. The CD will be sent to all campuses this summer.
                                                                TSAUR will offer a Virtual Transfer Fair and Webinar in 2008/09. Our goal is to
                                                                continue to meet and anticipate the needs of our campuses and students.

                                                             Transfer Workshops                                    The remaining 2007-2008
                                                                 2007-2008                                              workshops are:
                                                Transfer Services is in the process of holding a
                                                series of four transfer workshops to prepare                 MVC      21-Apr            2-4 p.m.       W183
                                                DCCCD students to seamlessly make the transi-
                                                tion to a four-year institution. All four workshops          “The application process and financial aid”
                                                are being held on each of the seven DCCCD
                                                campuses.                                                    NLC      22-Apr         12:30-1:30 p.m.   A234

                                                                                                             “Life after transfer”
                                                The following topics were the basis for these pro-
                                                                                                             RLC      23-Apr         12:30-1:30 p.m.   C140
                                                • The keys to a successful transfer
                                                • Life after transfer                                        “The application process and financial aid”
                                                • Preparing students academically for transfer
                                                • The application process and financial aid                  BHC      28-Apr         1:30-2:30 p.m.    S003

                                                There has been an overwhelming response from staff           “Life after transfer”
                                                and students regarding the need for more information
                                                related to Transfer Services. Gregg Williams, district       CVC      29-Apr         12:30-1:30 p.m.   B119
                                                director of transfer services, says a successful trans-
                                                fer has a lot to do with preparedness, receiving accu-       “The application process and financial aid”
                                                rate information and timeliness. The transfer process
                                                needs to be completed in a timely manner since most          EFC      30-Apr         12:30-1:30 p.m.   S100
                                                universities have November and December deadlines
                                                for admission for the following fall.                        “The application process and financial aid”
                                                Awareness of available tools on the TSAUR Web site           ECC       1-May         1:30-2:30 p.m.    B869
                                                is key to providing accurate information to students.
                                                Research of majors and transfer guides for specific
                                                                                                             “The application process and financial aid”
                                                four-year institutions can lead to a much smoother
                                                transition. Transfer services wants to help students
                                                transfer as many credit hours that count toward com-             More than 400 DCCCD students have
                                                pletion of their four-year institution degree as possible.             attended the workshops.
                                                (See page 4-workshops)
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Did You Know?

BHC/Texas Tech University Nursing Agreement
TTU has baccalaureate programs available in an online and other distance learning formats leading to a
Bachelor of Science in Nursing and DCCCD provides a certificate as well as two-year instructional programs
in nursing. The demand for nursing professionals at all levels is high and a collaborative partnership by both
institutions will have a twofold beneficial outcome. By collaborating, DCCCD and TTU will join forces to ad-
dress this critical workforce need. They will also deliver educational goals of both participation and success as
found in Closing the Gaps, the state's plan for higher education as adopted by the Texas Higher Education
Coordinating Board. Second, by providing additional education to these nursing professionals, DCCCD and
TTU will enhance effective delivery of their respective missions by serving the heretofore unmet health care
needs of the North Central Texas Region.

Read more about this agreement.

DCCCD Students Have Two More Options When Seeking Their Bachelor’s Degree Online

Ashford University will accept up to 99 credits in transfer, 90 of which can be from DCCCD. Consequently,
90 credits (three full years) of DCCCD credit can apply toward a bachelor’s degree at AU. The residency re-
quirement at Ashford University is 21 credits.

Bellevue University is an innovator in developing degree programs that meet students where they
are. They offer traditional four year bachelor's degree programs, a leading-edge three-year bachelor's degree
program that combines classroom and online learning with career work experiences, accelerated bachelor's
degree completion programs and master's degree programs in a variety of areas.

First Annual Student Services Intradistrict Conference
Dr. Gary Williams, assessment specialist at Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa, Calif.,
will be facilitating the student services conference April 18 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
at the Bill J. Priest campus of El Centro College.

The purpose and objectives for this conference are to:
• Choose from several practical assessment techniques usable at the program and service level
• Identify elements of successful assessment programs and customize them to the culture of your college,
program and service area
• Use assessment results to continuously improve and /or establish new programs and services
• Identify a systematic approach to developing student services learning outcomes

Applying these concepts and skills will enable participants to:

•   Take appropriate action to establish effective student services learning outcomes to strategically move
student services
• Identify how student services learning outcomes can be used to improve student programs and services
• Write effective student services learning outcomes
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Did You Know?                                                                                              B S D eg r ees A war d ed in
                                                                                                        Eng i neer i ng / C o mp ut er Science


The Telecom Corridor Alliance                                                                   70000

THECB Perspective on Transfer

A presentation by Brent Donham, RLC                                                             30000

The Problem                                                                              0
                                                                                            1999 2000 2001 2002    2003  2004  2005 2006
The National Science Foundation predicts an annual need for 203,800 jobs                                      Y ear
in engineering, mathematics and computing occupations between 2000 and
The Need
The escalating need for engineers will not be met from the pool of college-ready students who have chosen to pursue a
career in engineering. There is a critical need for engineering transfer programs to provide a means for students who are
not academically or financially prepared to advance toward a university degree in engineering.
Statewide Transfer Options
Field of Study
• FOS curriculum is a set of courses intended to satisfy lower division requirements for an academic area
• Engineering FOS developed with intent to address all engineering disciplines
• Potential for up to 43 transfer hours depending upon receiving institution
Academic Core
• Every public college or university established an academic core within a range of 42-48 credit hours
• It is transferable between Texas public higher education institutions
Challenges and Shortcomings
• Field of Study (FOS)
         Except for 12-16 hours, the FOS curriculum is transferable if receiving institution requires courses
         Engineering courses in FOS are not required by UTD
         Only 24 hours from Richland would transfer to UTD
• Academic Core
         Students can be a Core completer without taking the appropriate level of math and/or science
         Difference between Accepted and Applied (e.g., College Algebra is accepted but may not be applied to BSEE)
         Transfer students were often uninformed and/or underprepared for an engineering program
Program Implementation
• Richland/UTD 2+2 Engineering Transfer
• Resulted in the creation of an Associate in Sciences with Emphasis in Electrical Engineering (ASEE)
• Replicates the first two years of BSEE at UTD
• UTD transferred four EE courses to Richland,                      Richland College-Engineering Course Enrollm ent
    which received THECB approval as “unique
    need”                                                        180
                                                                                                                              166 151
• Common syllabus, textbook, instructional mate-                 160
                                                                                                        138 135
                                                                 140                                                              144
    rials and labs to ensure same rigor and learn-

                                                                 120                                                    120              138
    ing experiences                                              100
• Automatic admission into the UTD College of                     80
    Engineering with a guaranteed block transfer of               60    43 37         43
                                                                  40           31 35
    62 credit hours                                               20                       20
Evaluation and Results                                             0
• Transfer programs at community colleges pro-
                                                                                   g 1

                                                                                   g 2

                                                                                   g 3

                                                                                   g 4

                                                                                   g 5

                                                                                   g 6

                                                                                   g 7
                                                                                Fa 001

                                                                             Sp ll 2 2

                                                                                    ll 3

                                                                             Sp ll 2 4

                                                                             Sp ll 2 5

                                                                             Sp ll 2 6

                                                                             Sp ll 2 7

                                                                               ri n 00

                                                                               ri n 00

                                                                               ri n 200

                                                                               ri n 00

                                                                               ri n 00

                                                                               ri n 00

                                                                               ri n 00
                                                                                Fa 00

                                                                                Fa 00

                                                                                Fa 00

                                                                                Fa 00

                                                                                Fa 00

                                                                                Fa 00

    vide access to engineering program for under-
                                                                             Sp ll 2







    served segments of the population
                                                                               ri n


• Advising is critical to the success of articula-
    tion/transfer agreements                                                                   Sem ester
• Ensure courses from the community college
    meet a distinct requirement in the BSEE de-                    UTD/RLC agreement implemented-Fall 2004
    gree plan
• It is recommended faculty, advisors and staff meet a minimum of twice a year to sustain and ensure the success of
    the transfer partnership
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New Articulation Agreements                                   (workshop-cont. from page 1)

DCCCD has signed new agreements with the
following universities:

Ashford University
Bellevue University
Texas Tech University B.S. in nursing
Paul Quinn College-renewal

DCCCD Is in the process of finalizing agreements

University of Houston-Conrad Hilton College-hotel and
Texas A&M University-Commerce-B.A.A.S. agreement
UT-San Antonio
UT-Pan American
Dillard University
Millsap University
University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Columbia University-N.Y.
Texas Woman’s University-B.A.A.S. in Culinary Science
& Food Service Management-(El Centro College)

Transfer Services is in the process of updating trans-
fer guides with:

Paul Quinn College
Texas Tech University
University of Texas-Arlington
Prairie View A&M University

                                                                         NLC students attending workshop 3

                                        For questions, comments or suggestions,

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